The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 22

Apr 8, 2024

When Youlan saw that Shen Li and Xing Zhi were arguing, she immediately reported that Shen Li and Xing Zhi should go to the Lingxiao Palace. After Shen Li went there, she heard the Lord God talk about the attack on the Ling clan five days ago, and the Ling clan in that battle. The people of the tribe suffered heavy casualties. Ten generals were killed instantly, and countless other soldiers died in the battle. The spirit master was also seriously injured and is still unconscious.

Hearing that this incident happened five days ago and she was only informed now, Shen Li couldn't help but feel a little angry, but thinking about it again and again, she felt that this incident was very strange. It seemed that the fire attack on the immortal world was a feint, and the other party's real goal was It should be the Eldar. Shen Li softened her tone and immediately said goodbye to the fairy world and returned. Xing Zhi looked at Shen Li's leaving figure with a feeling of loss. He knew clearly that he could not have feelings for Xing Zhi, but he had no choice but to do so.

Shen Li returned to the Ling clan, which was devastated. The only injured soldiers were covered in blood, and it was too horrible to look at. Ling Zun was lying unconscious on the hospital bed. His subordinates reported that the doctor's diagnosis was that he had suffered from miasma. Shen Li saw Ling Zun's body. There is a wound on the neck that has turned purple but has not scabbed for a long time. The subordinates reported that there were only more than 300 people who came to attack the Spirit Tribe. However, these people were extremely powerful. Although their height and appearance were the same as ordinary people, no sword could pierce their skin. Only a few people who knew some Taoism injected magic into their swords. Only one or two of them can be hurt. Shen Li thought of the man in black he met not long ago. The man was menacing and the walking corpse was like a puppet.

Five days have passed and the fallen generals have not been buried yet, because after the Eldar ordered the war, the soldiers were buried first before the generals. Shen Li paid homage to the fallen soldiers one by one. Thinking of the old voices and smiles, she felt really sad. Suddenly she heard that Mo Fang was also devoured by the enemy in the war. She was even more furious and asked the soldiers to do their best to search for them. In order to see the corpse, she held a grand memorial ceremony and vowed to avenge this revenge.

In the dark forest, Fu Sheng heard the report from his subordinates and searched the spirit world but still could not find the whereabouts of the Bihaicang Pearl. Now that Shen Li has returned to the Spirit Clan, the Spirit Master has obtained the antidote, and the miasma is gradually suppressed. Now he wants to attack the Spirit Clan again. I'm afraid it's not easy. Fu Sheng scolded his men for not doing things well. In the last battle, only a few puppets died, so he was not afraid. He was also preparing to continue making puppets for a larger-scale attack. In order to increase his mana, Fu Sheng asked his men to find a few for him. A capable young man comes to suck it.

Fu Sheng's target was the Bihaicang Pearl. He guessed that the spirit master had given the pearl to Shen Li. A large-scale attack would inevitably be blamed by the master. Fu Sheng asked his men to cover up the news and prepare secretly.

Soon, the patrol in the spirit world reported that the men in black who came to attack last time were heading straight in the direction of Xutianyuan, killing, wounding, and robbing all the way. Several generals of the Spirit Tribe thought of their friends who had just died, and began to gear up to separate and counterattack. Shen Li reminded them not to act rashly, as the barrier of Xu Tianyuan would not be broken, and this time she would personally lead the troops to meet the thieves.

Residents living on the edge of Xutianyuan held a grand blessing ceremony for the generals of the Spirit Tribe. Unexpectedly, just after Shen Li left for the expedition, Xutianyuan was attacked by a sneak attack. Some villagers were frightened and fled away when they saw the demon's face. It was sunny just now. The sky was instantly covered by dark clouds, and the demons were approaching step by step. Seeing that these villagers were in danger of losing their lives, at the critical moment, Shen Li led the spirit tribe generals to come on the wind. Wherever the spear in Shen Li's hand touched , the monster instantly turned into cannon fodder. The little boy who was still crying in despair just now saw Shen Li stepping on a red cloud and flying towards him. He was so invincible that he even forgot about the danger around him.

Fu Sheng finally met Shen Li, but this time his palm was also stabbed by Shen Li and he did not gain the upper hand. Shen Li reminded him not to run rampant in the spirit world, but first to ask if she was willing to use the weapon in her hand.