Blossoms in Adversity (2024) C Drama Episode 6

Apr 8, 2024

Huazhi pawned the last jewelry and asked Baoxia to get a table, red paper and pen and ink. Today is the first day of the year, and she wants to write peach charms and sell them on the street. This quickly attracted a crowd of people to watch. In addition to watching the excitement, the people also made all kinds of ridicule, but Hua Zhi didn't care at all. Just when he was being teased, Shen Qi came. He took a bunch of money and put it on the table, asking Hua Zhi to give her a calligraphy treasure. After finishing writing, Shen Qi praised her and took it and left. Everyone looked at Hua Zhi. The calligraphy was good, so they paid for it one after another. Although two people bought peach charms, they turned around and tore them up. They also said some insulting words to Hua Zhiqing's name. When Shen Qi heard this, she became angry and punched them. In fact, Huazhi knew that these people were just teasing her, but she didn't care, as long as she made money. Shen Qi said that she wanted to be friends and confidants with Huazhi since they first met in the coppersmith shop. Huazhi smiled and said of course, so Shen Qi left with satisfaction. All of this was seen by Gu Yanxi in the building opposite. Before leaving, he told Chen Qing to buy a peach charm.

At the door, Hua Zhi stopped Gu Yanxi and asked him about the location of the Chinese medicine store in the city. The Hua family was guilty, and others either dared not tell her or lied to her, so she had to ask Qisu Si. The direction of the drug store was the same as the direction Gu Yanxi went back, so Gu Yanxi took off her mask after getting on the carriage, and asked Huazhi walking outside the car if she had given up on herself because of her affair with the Shen family, and had exposed herself. Huazhi replied that Gu Yanxi had been wearing a mask all day. Be virtuous and observe etiquette. Gu Yanxi was not angry and asked her if she hated him. Hua Zhi said that they just obeyed orders and did things in public and private matters, and it didn't matter whether they hated her or not.

Huazhi went to buy a bunch of food and medicinal materials, and everyone finally had a full meal on New Year's Eve. Looking at the food in front of them, everyone was worried about the situation of the old lady and the old men. In today's Hua family, having a reunion dinner has become a luxury. After the meal, Huazhi took out a bag of fried plums and gave it to Wu Yuniang. This was exactly what she had been thinking about before. Fu Dong fried the red fruits with caramel and served them to Huazhi and Wu Yuniang. Everyone admired Fu Dong's craftsmanship. At this time, Xia Jin'e pulled Hua Ling in. She wanted Hua Ling to follow Huazhi to sell peach charms, but Hua Ling was too shy to sell on the street and tried her best to protect her collection of paintings and refused to sell them. Upon seeing this, Huazhi quickly smoothed things over and said that there are so many things to do to make money now, it just depends on whether you are willing or not. Xia Jin'e was used to making calculations before she left the cabinet, but she knew that doing business was a dirty trick and was not a long-term solution.

Shen Qi told Huazhi and Xia Jin'e that the Dali Temple trial had been completed, and then the Hua family men would be escorted to the North in batches. Before being exiled, they would have the opportunity to meet each other for a while at Shiliting. Lin Wan asked Xia Jin'e to arrange forty-three cotton-padded clothes to be worn by the men of the Hua family when they met. In order to buy wine and meat and prevent the men from going hungry on the road, Xia Jin'e sold three maids. Although Fu Dong belongs to Huazhi, the contract of sale is in the hands of Xia Jin'e, including the other remaining maids. She will not be merciful when she has to. Gu Yanxi told Shaoyao that those doctors would not come again in the future. At this time, there was a cry outside the door. Gu Yanxi followed the sound and saw that the servants were carrying a body covered with white cloth. The leader said it was Feng Xiao. He was ordered to rectify the palace and deal with the slaves who were disrespectful to the late princess.

Standing in the yard, Gu Yanxi thought of the happy scenes with her mother when she was a child. At this moment, a figure suddenly ran over. Gu Yanxi chased after him and found paper money stained with blood on the ground. In order to find out, Gu Yanxi arranged for people from Qisu Division to sneak into Prince Ling's mansion quietly. Xia Jin'e gave the only oranges to Wu Yuniang, but she didn't want them, so Xia Jin'e gave them to the second lady. The eldest lady and the second lady still had a little money on them, so they took it upon themselves to sew it into their clothes and bring it to the flowery man.

Under Gu Yanxi's questioning, the slave Dong Laozhang who burned paper and spread blood in his mother's yard spoke up. On that Lantern Festival, he heard a sound like a firecracker, and then the princess's yard caught fire. He also I heard the princess calling for help.

It turned out that when Hua Zhi came to express condolences to the princess with Hua Yi, she met Gu Yanxi at the mourning hall. When chatting, Hua Zhi said that she had lost her way in the palace and strayed into the princess's yard. Later, an old man sent by the princess sent her to visit her. Grandma took it out. But her mother has always lived alone and has never had a nanny around her. Combined with what Mr. Dong said today, Gu Yanxi felt that there was something hidden in it. But at that time Huazhi was dressed as a child servant, and Gu Yanxi didn't ask her name. When Shen's father learned that Shen Qi was going to see off the Hua family, he was furious and beat Shen Qi with a cane until she vomited blood.