The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 19

Apr 7, 2024

Xingzhi went to Tianjun's place for a visit, and heard Tianjun ramble about how recently he fell in love with the jade cup from another great immortal. Because he really liked it, he kept thinking about it all day long, wanting to win someone's love, but he felt that it was not an immortal's doing. , it would be unbecoming, but I would really be unwilling not to fight for it. These words were exactly what Xing Zhi wanted. Why didn't he have this idea? It was so difficult for Heaven to let go of Jade Bei and for Shen Li.

Youlan returned to the fairy world. Many sisters in the fairy world went to visit her and asked about some of the brave men who had performed in the mortal world to dispel miasma. Youlan told about what she had seen in the spiritual world and couldn't help but mention Shen Li. Several little fairy envoys called her Shen Li seemed to have fallen in love with a mortal who looked exactly like a god in the mortal world, and later visited the mortal world many times. When Youlan heard that the mortal Shen Li once fell in love with resembled Xingzhi, she couldn't help but become more curious, so she went to find Fu Rong Yin confirmed that Fu Rong was helpless and confused, unable to explain the reason, which made Youlan even more uneasy.

Fulong started his idle life again in Jiuchongtian. That day at the Baihua Banquet, he saw Shen Li's name. After all, they were old friends. Fulong happily stepped forward to greet her and personally led the way, guiding her to various places in the fairy world. The fairy world has always been Being used to being in high places, it was inevitable that there would be some disdain in the eyes of visitors from the spirit world. Shen Li could feel it. She didn't want to be unhappy when she came to the fairy world for the first time.

Fulong and Shen Li decided to draw up a prenuptial agreement. After getting married, they should get along as brothers. Fulong didn't care who Shen Li had in his heart, and Shen Li didn't care who he hung out with. Fulong fully believed that Shen Li would be able to After putting the pen to paper, who knew that Shen Li didn't agree at all. She looked at Fulong and said word by word that although she did not sign this agreement, if she found out that Fulong had violated the agreement in the future, she would kill him without mercy and would never be merciful. , seeing Shen Li's firm eyes, Fu Rong felt a chill go down her spine.

Youlan once heard Xingzhi playing music on a leaf, and the sound was sad and sad. The fairy who was good at music at that time said that Xingzhi seemed to be in love, which made Youlan very unhappy. Soon she heard that Fulongjun's house A similar piece of music was also heard, but the rhythm was not sad and the playing was unfamiliar. It was obviously someone else. When she found out that Shen Li had just arrived at Fulong Mansion, Youlan rushed over angrily to cause trouble.

Fortunately, Fulong was still aware of the overall situation. When he saw a group of immortal envoys heading straight to the house and naming Shen Li for trouble, Fulong immediately stood in the way and said that Shen Li was just playing casually and was in the spiritual world and The relationship between Xingzhi and Xingzhi was very tense and impossible. Fulong tried his best to stay calm. Youlan was deceived and left with a group of female fairies.

There was an immortal who was infatuated with Fulong. Because he was jealous of Shen Li's alleged marriage, he deliberately poisoned Shen Li's soup. However, these tricks were quickly discovered by Shen Li. She drank her porridge calmly and calmly. Ask the female fairy if she really likes Fulong. If she has deep feelings for her, he will give up his position and take her to ask Tianjun for marriage. Who would have expected that this female fairy would have accomplices, and with another sneak attack, the silver needle pierced the back of Shen Li's hand. Shen Li had never seen anything like this before, and directly captured several female fairies.

Fulong heard his subordinates hurriedly reporting the emergency that had just happened. He hurried back and heard Shen Li said that he had killed the female fairies just now and made barbecue. The bright red raw meat was grilled. Shen Li thought Shen Li was using those immortals as barbecue ingredients, so he was so frightened that he vomited.