Hide (2024) K Drama Episode 5

Apr 8, 2024

Episode 5 of Hide begins with Ha Yeon-joo telling Moon-young to finish what Sung-jae started. She has Yoon kidnap him and threatens to kill him if Moon-young doesn’t comply. Our frightened protagonist rushes out to get Bom from school before Yeon-joo can do something worse. She also finds out that Yeon-joo’s apartment belongs to KS Miracle which is most likely Geumshin’s subsidiary.

She asks for Shin-hwa’s help who reveals Jin-woo visited Ma Gang before he died. Yeon-joo sends Sung-jae’s burner phone (under Tae-soo’s name) to the law firm as another reminder till Moon-young gives in. Yeon-joo sends her on a trial run – giving money to a grifter and as a further goodwill, she lets Moon-young meet a beaten-up Sung-jae for a minute. Yoon wonders why she let the couple meet and Yeon-joo says messing with them is fun.

The actual task begins but it turns into several with Moon-young giving money and carrying out blackmail material to higher-ups who are in Yeon-joo’s pocket.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo and Detective Baek look through CCTV footage at Haean village and find some men taking “Hwang Tae-soo”. He calls Sung-jae’s burner phone and Moon-young answers. He shows up at her place believing Sung-jae is there. Their argument takes them nowhere till he reveals he needs Sung-jae to find his daughter. So, whatever he has done, has been for her with the promise that Sung-jae will find her. 

They are interrupted by Yeon-joo telling Moon-young to be a defence attorney for Haean’s arson suspect, Lee Bang-cheol. She promises it is the last task and he needs to be acquitted. All of his previous cases have been dropped. There is a witness and evidence, and the suspect is less than cooperative with Moon-young. She also figures that along with him, the other fires started in the area were probably by Chawoong Welfare beneficiaries to kick out the locals for Geumshin’s redevelopment.

Shin-hwa threatens her ex of a prosecutor just to get her hands on his Geumshin case files and she is furious to learn that Moon-young is defending a criminal even though she has no choice. Shin-hwa also reveals that Yeon-joo is Director Joo who works directly for Chairman Choi Moo-won. She handles his slush fund and is known for her lobbying expertise. 

Elsewhere, a worried Myung-hee (Sung-jae’s mom) talks to Moon-young about Sung-jae’s whereabouts and a shocked Cha Woong (Sung-jae’s dad) overhears. At that moment, Detective Baek shows up at the law firm to question Moon-young. The cops are tracking Tae-soo’s phone (SJ’s burner phone) and he is curious why its route overlaps with Moon-young’s. Thankfully, she is called away by Cha Woong who wants the whole story. 

At the Chas’, Sung-jae’s dad is furious by the situation as this can ruin their foundation, the law firm and his mayor’s election. But with Myung-hee’s pleading, he agrees to handle Geumshin. He meets with Geumshin’s chairman, Choi Moo-won, the old man living with Yeon-joo. Turns out, Choi had promised to fund the election campaign if Cha Woong housed some criminals as Chawoong Welfare beneficiaries. Choi had also promised that he would not touch Cha’s family but now he just laughs.

As for Moon-young, the arsonist trial begins with Shin-hwa as the prosecutor. However, Moon-young fabricates evidence and a witness to acquit the defendant. The case is dismissed and Shin-hwa is upset that Moon-young lied. Of course, Yeon-joo is delighted and as promised, sends Sung-jae home. He comforts Moon-young for the case and she takes him to the Chas who are babysitting Bom. The family has a tearful reunion as Cha Woong and Bom forgive Sung-jae.

At that moment, Baek gets a video analysis result. He’d sent the group photo of Tae-soo, Jin-woo and Sung-jae as evidence to confirm the CCTV footage was of Tae-soo. However, the results say the man is Sung-jae which confuses him. He calls Jin-woo who doesn’t answer as he is at Moon-young’s house.

Jin-woo recalls his meeting with Ma to whom he told the truth about Sung-jae. Ma is angry at being tricked and reveals that Director Joo introduced Sung-jae to him so she probably knows he is alive. He wants to take down Joo for messing with him and suggests to Jin-woo that to catch Sung-jae, he should find Joo.

While the Cha family is catching, Yeon-joo sends Moon-young a video of Sung-jae and his mom forcing alcohol down Tae-soo’s throat and beating him. She then calls and asks how Moon-young feels about being a murderer’s wife at the end of Hide Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Okay, we know Jin-woo and Moon-young probably cannot have anything but why is the chemistry kinda chemistrying? Especially now that Sung-jae is most likely a murderer. We kind of expected some kind of plot twist in Hide Episode 5, you cannot be a good man and be doing all those things he was doing for Ma Gang. Like bro, how did you get in so much trouble in the first place to go to him? 

Doesn’t help that his parents are also not exactly outstanding citizens. Cha Woong goes on about human rights and doing the right thing, but how can you be more worried about your election campaign than your son or the foundation? And the fact that he is working with the head of Geumshin, he most likely knows what kind of work his son was doing with Ma Gang