The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection (2024) K Drama Episode 3

Apr 8, 2024

Episode 3 of The Escape of The Seven: Resurrection starts where we left off, with K finding out the person with Jun-seok’s face is Min Do-hyuk. Do-hyuk fearlessly confronts K and tells him to enjoy himself as he pretends to be Lee Hwi-so because it will be over for him now that he is back.

K calls La-hui after Do-hyuk leaves, informs her about Do-hyuk’s reappearance, and asks everyone to meet at his house. Jin-mo and Mo-ne have a secret meeting before heading to K’s house, trying to get on the same page about Do-hyuk and Ha-na being alive.

At the meeting, K is furious and is certain that someone among them betrayed him. They all first suspect Jin-mo and Mo-ne since they have worked with Do-hyuk before, and the blame game leads to quarrels among them. La-hui silently watches in satisfaction as they fight and bicker among themselves.

K receives a call and asks Luca to turn on the television. A program about living in the world plays, and the interviewer conveniently finds Do-hyuk’s hiding place. During the interview, Do-hyuk tells his side of the story about his mother and the death of Lee Hwi-so’s wife. He denies being Chairman Shim’s son, saying that he only knows the mother who raised him and his brother, and they both died in a fire.

Through the interview, Do-hyuk wins people’s sympathy and corners K into giving him a job at TIKITAKA when he mentions that they had a talk, and K promises the same. 

Do-hyuk successfully returns to the world amid overwhelming public and media support, which catches the attention of Save’s CEO Chang-sung and asks his assistant to look into it. Meanwhile, Kang Ki-tak is worried about Do-hyuk working as TIKITAKA, but he insists that he has to do so to gain access to LUCA’s firewall. Ki-tak reminds him to look into Ha-na so they can find her whereabouts before K. 

The following day, Do-hyuk starts working at TIKITAKA and is welcomed by La-hui and Mo-ne. He continues playing the ignorance card, pretending to be excited about the opportunity to work at TIKITAKA while being thankful to Chairman Lee for taking care of him.

Once in the elevator, as Mo-ne escorts him to his workstation, his demeanour changes to ice cold, and he condemns Mo-ne for her selfish deeds and betrayal. Mo-ne holds that even if they were to turn back time, she would still choose to save herself. Mo-ne confronts Do-hyuk when he mentions Ha-na, and then Ju-ran leads him to his workstation.

Elsewhere, Mi-young makes her way into Sungchan Group’s offices past angry protestors who throw eggs at her for a meeting with K. Mi-young casually mentions that Jun-seok is allergic to eggs when K sneezes due to the strong smell on her clothes. However, she quickly changes the subject so he does not catch on.

She knows him and remembers Do-hyuk telling her to sell all of Sungchan Group’s subsidiaries but to keep S Talk at any cost. Therefore, she talks about wanting to make a quick sale so she can leave town, and K catches on to her intent to increase the selling price. She doubles the asking price and tells K that as long as he pays her 100 million, she will sign the papers as soon as possible. She then tries to flirt with K and silently prays that he takes the bait. 

Meanwhile, Ju-ran introduces Do-hyuk to his workplace and gives him a smartwatch. She tells him that whenever he is in danger and presses the alarm button, K will arrive promptly at his location to save him. K is watching Do-hyuk from the CCTV cameras in the workplace as Do-hyuk presses the button, saying he is testing to see if it works.

K gets the SOS alert and realises that since the media are filming Do-hyuk, he must rush to his location. However, it takes ten minutes for the K to arrive, making DO-hyuk whine that he does not trust all the cameras and returns the watch. Therefore, K instructs that all the CCTV in the Children’s Home office be taken down, which is what Do-hyuk wants to operate under the radar. 

Do-hyuk continues to play the ignorant dumb card, pretending he does not even know how to use the computer, as he only uses a PC to play games. Ju-ran is convinced that Do-hyuk is a dimwit, but when everyone steps out for lunch, he starts running a program that posts various articles online questioning K’s identity as Lee Hwi-so. The overwhelming articles on the internet catch the mayor’s attention, and he starts the plan to alienate K by asking his wife to stop spending time with Myoung-ji and telling Jin-mo to resign. 

K and his minions discuss the articles, and Ju-ran convinces them that Do-hyuk is not responsible. Regarding the issue with the mayor, they devised a plan to frame him for bribery and force him out of office since Jin-mo’s resignation would affect their plans. The team uses the fingerprints database gathered through Children’s Home to enact their plot.

Later, Do-hyuk is on his way home from work when Medusa interrupts a call with Ki-tak. The voice tells Do-hyuk about the plan to frame the mayor and asks him to expose the secret chats between K and his minions. The voice also tells him it wants Do-hyuk to kill K and La-hui. When Do-hyuk asks why he has to follow the voice’s instructions, whoever is on the other side controls the traffic lights, and Do-hyuk almost gets into an accident. The voice says that Do-hyuk has to obey and keep their interactions a secret from Ki-tak. By the end of the call, the scene reveals that Medusa is La-hui. 

Mo-ne arranges a meeting between K and Chan-sung, but he humiliates K during the meeting without giving him a chance to talk. He offers Mo-ne a job as Save’s model. Mo-ne asks him to make an offer, and she will consider it when Chan-sung suddenly gets a call telling him about the mayor’s scandal. He excuses himself, leaving K utterly furious, swearing to punish anyone who ignores him.

Meanwhile, Jin-mo talks to the press about the mayor’s scandal and subtly insinuates that he might be guilty. He loudly thinks about his intentions, saying that he is using K to get the mayor position and then use his power to get his revenge on K. Later, the mayor heads to Save for a meeting with Chan-sung, but K’s men hijack and blackmail him to having a meeting with K where he shows him his son’s secret chats that show that he is a bully. K threatens to release the secret chats and destroy his future unless the mayor confesses to accepting bribes, resigns, and returns the money that K gave him. 

Elsewhere, Han-na trips and falls down a cliff when she is out in the forest chasing after butterflies. Her grandmother finds her, but after a snakebite, she is rushed to the hospital. The nurse asks her to register Han-na’s details, but remembering Mo-ne’s warning, she refuses, making the nurse call the police and child protection services. Mo-ne receives a call from the police station, and her mother tells her about the predicament. She rushes out of the house, lying to La-hui, saying she is heading to the massage parlour, and La-hui follows her.

At the police station, La-hui overhears Mo-ne, telling the police that the child’s name is Han-na, and La-hui overhears it. She immediately calls K and tells him about the news, taking the chance to eliminate Mo-ne. Her mother is devastated after losing Han-na, and Mo-ne promises to find her. Meanwhile, Chul-woo is tailing Do-hyuk but manages to dodge him before getting a call from Medusa telling him where to find Han-na and get to her before K and his men. 

After checking the security cameras at the hospital and following Ik-ho’s number plates, Do-hyuk and Ki-tak figure out where Ik-ho took Han-na. They race to arrive at the location before K, ambush Ik-ho and K’s men, and then take Han-na. K arrives moments later and is frustrated at his men’s incompetence.

K is certain that their information was leaked, and someone is communicating with Do-hyuk and sending Mo-ne’s brother, now his driver, to bring her. Meanwhile, Han-na wakes up and directs Do-hyuk and Ki-tak to the old house where her grandmother awaits. The teary reunion between grandmother and granddaughter reminds Do-hyuk of the times when her mother would wait for him to arrive home from school and their deaths, which makes him emotional. 

To save Han-na from K, Do-hyuk posts a video showing Jun-seok daring K to find Ha-na within twelve hours or she dies. He had discussed the plan with Han-na and her grandmother, and she agreed to play along, understanding that keeping her safe and living happily with her was necessary. Min Do-hyuk hacks into TIKITAKA’s system, sending K a message since he has not found Han-na and Jun-seok, and the employees gossip about it.

K tries to use LUCA to locate Do-hyuk, but the latter has already gained access to the system and shuts LUCA down. La-hui makes K believe that someone is working with Do-hyuk, and he is convinced it is Lee Hwi-so since he is the only one capable of hacking LUCA’s system. La-hui delights that K is tirelessly trying to fight shadows of himself as Jun-seok and a dead man, Lee Hwi-so. 

At the end of the episode, K and La-hui ask Mo-ne about Do-hyuk’s location. Mo-ne insists that she knows nothing about Do-hyuk, and La-hui convinces K to kill Mo-ne. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard, and in the final scene, La-hui takes Mo-ne’s photo from her revenge wall, crumples it, and throws it away.

The Episode Review

Although La-hui’s inside information comes in handy in helping Do-hyuk’s plans, it is unsettling to think that La-hui gets a chance to redeem herself after all the evil things she did in season 1. Her being Medusa brings conflicting feelings and anxiety about the possibility of Do-hyuk being disadvantaged in the upcoming episodes since La-hui can easily trample on anyone for selfish desires.

Regardless, watching Do-hyuk retaliate and using K’s techniques against him is satisfying. Chan-sung adds tension and mystery since he is like a trump card, and we are unsure how it plays out. Did K kill Mo-ne? Who will be La-hui’s next target in the upcoming episode?