Blossoms in Adversity (2024) C Drama Episode 7

Apr 8, 2024

Shen Qi held herself up and wanted to see her off, but Shen's father refused and knocked Shen Qi to the ground with a stick. Lin Wan and the others waited for a long time, but there was no sign of Shen Qi. In order to not miss the time, Hua Zhi volunteered to drive to Shiliting. Because the clothes on the car were relatively light, Bao Xia simply lay on top of them to escort the car. Huazhi couldn't help but blush when she saw her grandfather's hands were scarred. She smiled and told Hua Yizheng that she had never shed a tear since the accident at home. In the distance, King Xian Gu Yangong, who was sitting in Dali Temple, was watching all this. He smiled and said to the people around him that Huazhi was more interesting than Hua Yizheng. After everyone put on cotton-padded clothes, they were put on shackles again. Hua Zhi looked at her fourth uncle Hua Pingyang but did not tell him that her fourth aunt was pregnant. Hua Pingyang secretly told Huazhi that the big locust tree in the back hill of Qingya Academy was planted when she was born. She should water it more often to loosen the soil when she had nothing to do.

When setting off, Gu Yanxi came over on horseback. He asked Hua Yi about the child who had followed him to the palace that year. Hua Yizheng didn't know Gu Yanxi's intention and didn't tell the truth. Gu Yangong thought that Gu Yanxi was here to stir up trouble, so he stepped forward to negotiate with Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi asked to have the prisoner searched on the grounds of a routine search, but Gu Yangong did not stop him. Chen Qing couldn't stand what Dali Temple was doing, so she searched extra carefully, and sure enough she found scraps of silver sewn into her clothes. Gu Yangong was very displeased when Qisu Si slapped Dali Si in the face in public. Upon seeing this, Hua Zhi quickly stood up and said it was the cotton coat she had brought. Seeing that it was a misunderstanding, Gu Yangong hurriedly made the matter a trivial matter, shackled Huazhi and returned to Dali Temple to receive ten spine staffs.

After sending Hua Yizheng and the others away, Gu Yanxi left alone. Dali Temple released Huazhi after beating her. Hua Zhi walked out of Dali Temple injured, but it happened to rain. Gu Yanxi did not wear a mask this time, and Hua Zhi recognized him as the man who spoke to her in front of the coppersmith's shop. Gu Yanxi took Huazhi to see the doctor. After applying the medicine, Huazhi did not go home directly, but went to Qingya Academy on the mountain with Gu Yanxi.

Huazhi told her current situation side by side, and Gu Yanxi didn't ask any more questions. Instead, he gave her a copper coin and asked her to use it to solve the troublesome matter at hand. Huazhi dug out eighteen jars of daughter wine under the big locust tree, which was the dowry prepared by Hua Pingyang for Huazhi. With the help of Gu Yanxi, Huazhi sold seventeen jars in exchange for one hundred and seventy strings of money. The remaining jar was given to Gu Yanxi as a thank you gift, and she also gave him two strings of money. Gu Yanxi escorted Hua Zhi all the way back. On the way, Hua Zhi could no longer hold on and leaned directly on Gu Yanxi's shoulder. She learned a lot and gained wisdom. There were many people in the family, including women and children, so she could only ask Gu Yanxi for help. She digs and sells wine. Gu Yanxi lamented that what he regretted most now was alienating the person closest to him, his mother, when he was young. Huazhi asked about Gu Yanxi's name, and Gu Yanxi said that her surname was Yan, and her only name was Xi.

Back home, Hua Zhi questioned her mother and second aunt. Her mother had never paid attention, and now she felt distressed and regretful. The second aunt still didn't feel that she had done anything wrong. The third aunt saw Hua Zhi being so friendly to her family. The theory also started to criticize and become more and more popular. Huazhi looked at them, her heart was broken, she said nothing and turned to leave. After Gu Yanxi returned to Qisu Division, he ordered to go down and keep an eye on the Hua family to prevent any more trouble. The pawn shop that collected the wine was only allowed to redeem the pawns and was not allowed to sell the wine. Wu Yumei is blooming. She is not an insignificant girl in the family. In order to find her, everyone in the family tried their best. No one mattered in terms of face or money. Home is not a place to be reasonable. After listening to Wu Yumei's words, Hua Zhi went back to the room obediently. Her family had laid out the quilt for her. Seeing everyone's concern, Hua Zhi's heart felt warm.