The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 21

Apr 8, 2024

After getting up in the morning, Shen Li walked out of the courtyard and saw that breakfast had been prepared. It was Xing Zhi's craftsmanship. She had tasted such exquisite dishes in the mortal world. Shen Li entered the room with breakfast and saw that Xing Zhi had just come out of a nearby courtyard. , Shen Li nodded slightly as thanks.

After breakfast, Shen Li walked around Xiyuan and often saw Xing Zhi entering and exiting a courtyard, but this was not Xing Zhi's palace. Shen Li was very curious and couldn't help but walked in and found that there were many memorial tablets placed inside. There are names such as Qingye, Luoxing, Guanyue, Qianji, etc. It turned out to be a place where tablets of ancient gods are enshrined. When those tablets saw someone coming in, they immediately hovered around Shen Li, as if they were very close. One of the tablets named Qianji played a past story for Shen Li. It was an interesting story from when Xing Zhi first arrived in the fairy world. It turned out that the young Xing Zhi was quite pretty. cute.

Xingzhi also walked in, and he explained that most of the gods here had experienced changes during their lifetimes, and now their bodies and spirits have been destroyed, and they have experienced hundreds of hardships in the human world. If he encounters changes in the future, he will also be deprived of his godhead. Without divine power and magic, it will disappear with the disappearance of Xu Tianyuan, and it will also affect the lifeblood of the spiritual world and fall together. When Shen Li heard the reason, she deeply felt the weight of the burden on Xing Zhi's shoulders. This was not only related to Xing Zhi's fate, but also related to the great cause of the entire Ling clan. She couldn't help but told Xing Zhi to live until the day he died.

Shen Li's words came from the bottom of her heart. She finally understood that Youlan had reminded her not long ago: Don't enchant Xingzhi, because there is only one god in the immortal world, Xingzhi, and it is related to the fate of the three realms. Shen Li didn't understand the meaning of these words at first, but now she finally understands! Xing Zhi couldn't help but confess to Shen Li, so he couldn't like her. Shen Li couldn't help but be moved. She used to blame Xing Zhi for being hot and cold, but it turned out to be this reason. Shen Li responded that she would keep her distance from now on and hoped that Xing Zhi would stop teasing her. Xing Zhi couldn't help laughing after hearing this.

The Hundred Flowers Banquet was about to begin. Shen Li went to the banquet for a stroll. Youlan introduced her to the flat peaches and fine wines in the fairy world. Shen Li confirmed that Youlan was not secretly causing trouble this time, so he picked up the flat peaches and ate them. After drinking a pot of fine wine, unexpectedly, Falling asleep. The wine in the immortal world is naturally different from that in the spiritual world. After she sobered up, Shen Li heard the music of the Nine Heavens Immortals, and it seemed that the Hundred Flowers Banquet was about to begin.

Shen Li was about to fly to Jiuzhongtian when he suddenly encountered countless huge fireballs heading straight towards Xiyuan, and they were very powerful. Shen Li realized something was wrong and saw several fireballs landing in Xiyuan, which immediately turned into a sea of ​​​​fire. These fireballs were obviously aimed at the courtyard where the tablets were placed. Shen Li knew the importance of these to the conduct and conduct, and immediately tried his best to protect the courtyard.

Jiuchongtian saw the change, and the soldiers in the fairy world reported that there was a fireball attack of unknown origin. Tianjun immediately led many heavenly soldiers and generals to rescue. Fortunately, Xing Zhi arrived in time, and Shen Li single-handedly protected the temple where the memorial tablet was enshrined. Everyone saw the charred scene in the courtyard and marveled. Just when everyone thought of Shen Li's situation, they saw Xing Zhi walking out of the ruins. , holding Shen Li, who was seriously injured and unconscious, in his arms.

Fulong usually only thought that Shen Li was as brave and strong as a man, but now he saw her as weak and motionless as a bird. After all, Shen Li was a weak woman, stronger than ordinary women. In full view of the public, Xing Zhi strode into the arms of Shen Li and sent him for treatment. A few days later, Youlan, who had been saved by Shen Li, went to visit her benefactor. After hearing the conversation between Shen Li and Xing Zhi, she asked to go out early and not to stay here again. He continued to recuperate, but behaved like a stubborn child, insisting that Shen Li fully recover before going back.