The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 20

Apr 7, 2024

Fulong thought that Shen Li had made those fairies into barbecued meats, and was worried about how to report to Tianjun. He looked up and saw several fairies hanging high on the roof, with braziers burning at their feet. The fairies were screaming in shock and their faces turned pale. Fulong tried his best to say good things in front of Shen Li, hoping that Shen Li would let the fairies go for his sake. Although the fairies were loosened, their chattering was still very annoying. At this moment, Tianjun came.

As soon as Shen Li arrived at Fulong Mansion, he was subjected to poisoning, silver needles, sneak attacks, incense and other despicable frame-up methods. Tianjun's face turned red and white after hearing this. Hearing that Shen Li was unwilling After continuing to live in Fulong Mansion, he immediately agreed and found a quiet courtyard in an easy-going manner. Shen Li just wanted to get rid of Fu Rong as soon as possible, so as to avoid the jealousy of those fairies who didn't know what trouble would happen again. She wanted to be quiet, but who knew that the place Tianjun found for her was Xingzhi's mansion.

With an uneasy mood, Shen Li came to Xiyuan. Those lively little catfish spirits pulled Shen Li's clothes and insisted that she go down to the lotus pond to play with them. Shen Li saw these cute little elves, although they were naughty. Zilaisu didn't treat her as an outsider at all. He pulled her clothes to the lotus pond and splashed water together. Shen Li had not been so childlike for a long time. When a group of little children splashed water on her, she was also led to fight back and splash water on them.

When Xing Zhi returned home, he had never heard such lively laughter and laughter. He followed the sound and saw Shen Li having a water fight with the elves. It was quite interesting. Shen Li noticed Xing Zhi and immediately glared at him. Every time They always met in the form of falling into the water. Last time, he was a phoenix in trouble. In order to vent his anger on Shen Li, Xing Zhi deliberately pretended to spank the elves. He also asked those catfish spirits to take good care of Shen Li from now on.

Early in the morning, Shen Li was bothered by a group of catfish spirits and had a headache. She ordered the little catfish spirits to return to the lotus pond quickly. She was a little surprised when she heard the conversation between the two people. Normally, she thought they were not familiar with each other, but through their conversation just now, it was clear that they had feelings for each other. She was so shocked that she even dropped the fruit basket in her hand.

Youlan said that she would take Shen Li to the marrow washing pool for purification. Since it was the etiquette of the fairy world, Shen Li followed Youlan to find out. She found that the fairy world was always surrounded by fairy energy, and a lot of spiritual power was scattered around, which was very important for improving cultivation. There are benefits. Shen Li walked into the marrow washing pool and felt that the immortal power in her body was being restrained. She thought that maybe the gods were afraid of the forces in the spiritual world.

Suddenly there was a howl, and Shen Li saw an irritable divine beast charging straight at Youlan. Youlan's magical power was simply not enough to fight against it. If she didn't take action, she might lose her life, so Shen Li took action and subdued the irritable beast. Just when he was about to be punished, an immortal envoy came and said that this was the white spirit beast raised by Xingzhi, and it was specially brought to accompany Shen Li. For some reason, his temperament changed drastically when he passed by this place. Shen Li stopped pursuing it, and she already understood in her heart that it must be Youlan's secret manipulation that caused the Bai Ling beast's temperament to change drastically.

After Shen Li left, Xingzhi scolded Youlan for her small actions. Youlan knelt down and admitted her mistake, tearfully reminding Xingzhi to keep him away from Shen Li, because according to the rules of heaven, all heavenly kings are not allowed to be emotional. Xing Zhi had no expression on his face and responded coldly that she was overthinking it and that he and Shen Li were not familiar at all.