The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 18

Apr 7, 2024

After hearing Shen Li's explanation, Lingzun said that he didn't know the evil man named Fu Sheng at all. After Shen Li left, Lingzun immediately ordered his men to go down to earth to capture Fu Sheng. Once discovered, he would be killed immediately without reporting to the immortal world. .

Luotian Goddess Youlan went to Mo Fang and asked him to tell her the entire experience of Xingzhi coming to the spirit world and Xutianyuan. Shen Li didn't like Youlan when he first saw her. When he saw her being aggressive and instructing Mo Fang at will, Mo Fang was taken away by force immediately. Youlan started acting like a young lady, her tone was full of provocation, Shen Li pulled Mo Fang's wrist tightly to leave, Xingzhi saw this, he really couldn't see Shen Li being interested in other men, so he immediately stood up to protect Youlan .

Shen Li loved and hated Xing Zhi at the same time. She felt that Xing Zhi was sometimes cold to her, and sometimes deliberately seduced her, hot and cold, which was really annoying. In order to remind him, she deliberately held Mo Fang's arm and raised it. And go.

Shen Li had just held his arm, and the distance was so close that Mo Fang's heart beat faster. He knew that it was impossible for him and Shen Li, so he tried to keep a gentleman's distance. Shen Li handed General Zixia's token to Mo Fang and asked him to give it to Zixia's widow. Soldiers protect their families and countries. There will always be times of danger, and sacrifice is inevitable. Shen Li asked Mo Fang not to be too cautious. Too much self-blame.

Seeing General Zixia's widow burst into tears after taking the relics, Mo Fang felt very unhappy, so she drank in a wine shop that night to soothe her sorrows. Shen Li also felt sad, so she invited the undeserving soldiers to have a drink with them that night to remember their previous sacrifices. of soldiers.

Late at night, Shen Li was drunk, and Mo Fang carried her home. The two of them hadn't been this close for a long time. Mo Fang couldn't help but lamented that he wanted time to stop at this moment forever, but Shen Li drunkenly responded that she was willing to let her go. Time will always stop at this moment, it is best to go see the stars now. Mo Fang always obeyed Shen Li's words and actually carried her to the rooftop to watch the stars.

The wind on the roof gradually woke up Shen Li from her drunken state, and she realized that she was lying on the roof of her subordinate's house watching the stars. It would be so embarrassing once this incident was spread, but it would be a bit reckless to leave now when she had just reached the roof. Shen Li Just as he was thinking about finding a suitable excuse to leave this place, he suddenly heard Fu Rong's voice. Fu Rong deliberately angrily said that Shen Li had an affair with his subordinates late at night. Shen Li was not afraid of Fu Rong, but after hearing Xing Zhi The voice was indeed tense.

Fulong kept chattering, but Shen Li hated his noisiness, so she gave him a hard look. Fulong proposed to break off the engagement again, and Xing Zhi agreed on the spot. This time it was Shen Li's turn to be unhappy. She scolded Xing Zhi in person for his rashness and irresponsibility. He was the one who messed up the relationship, and he was the one who broke up the engagement at will now, but now in the spirit world, she was the only one who had the final say on breaking off the engagement, and now she did not agree to break off the engagement. Xing Zhi never expressed his feelings to Shen Li, which made Shen Li's heart always hang in doubt, and now he even said hurtful words. Shen Li insinuated that now the miasma in Xutianyuan has been eliminated, and there is nothing wrong with the spiritual world. Xing Zhi should return to his position as soon as possible. He said it so clearly that Xing Zhi had no choice but to respond and take You Lan back to the fairy world tomorrow.

After Xing Zhi left, Shen Li was always distracted. She often recalled the scene when she and Xing Zhi went to Xutianyuan to clear away the miasma. At that time, she clearly felt that Xing Zhi cared about her, but she often saw him treating others coldly, and she didn't know which side he was. He is truly the God of Action and Zhi. Seeing that Shen Li was in a trance, the Spirit Master thought that Fulong left the spirit world and caused Shen Li to miss Xiangsi, so he specially found a mission to send her to the fairy world.