Blossoms in Adversity (2024) C Drama Episode 8

Apr 8, 2024

After Huazhi fell asleep, Lin Wan was worried about her health, so she specially asked someone to bring the remaining three beauty pills to her. Her mother, Zhu Yingzhen, covered Huazhi with a cloak distressedly. Although the second lady Qi Huilan looked up during the day, She refused to give in, but she knew that Huazhi was wronged, so she put her son's three remaining candies on Huazhi's pillow. When she woke up, Huazhi saw a lot of things on her pillow. Although everyone was harsh or even harsh on her on weekdays, she still loved her deep down. As Gu Yanxi said, the closer the people are, the deeper the gap will be. It's like there is a layer of paper between us. Only when the paper is broken can we see each other's sincerity. After thinking about it clearly, Hua Zhi went to see Lin Wan. She told Lin Wan that she wanted to take charge of the family. According to Daqing's criminal law, as long as 21.5 million yuan, the forty-three people of the Hua family who were exiled to the North can be redeemed. Everyone was instantly stunned when they heard this astronomical figure. Even if Hua's family sold all the land before it was raided, it would not be enough to reach this figure. However, Hua Zhi felt that as long as she believed that everything depends on people, she would be able to do it.

Xia Jin'e still felt that Huazhi was talking nonsense, because they still hadn't had enough food to eat. After hearing this, Huazhi took out a handout from her arms and gave it to Bao Xia, asking her to buy food for this month and give the rest to the others for the month. When everyone was stunned, Hua Zhi went on to say that she would also give monthly payments to the ladies and ladies in the future. After saying that, she turned to Lin Wan and said that she would be in charge of the family for three months first, and if she did not do well, she would personally return the account book to Xia Jin'e. .

The marriage with the Shen family must be handled as soon as possible. After understanding Huazhi's attitude, Lin Wan personally took Huazhi to the Shen family to cancel the engagement. Father Shen thought that the Hua family would talk about the marriage, so he avoided seeing them. So Mrs. Shen met them, never expecting that they came to cancel the engagement, and even wrote an IOU to her for the gifts they had received casually. After Shen Qi heard this, she limped out and chased him out. Hua Zhi told him that he was the best person and that although they broke off the engagement, they were still friends. Chen Qing reported this matter to Gu Yanxi, and cleverly handed her daughter's wine back to Qisu Division.

Huazhi gave half of the wine money to Wu Yuniang and told her that she just wanted to understand and do what she wanted to do to protect the people she wanted to protect. One day, she would gain true freedom and not rely on anyone. Can travel across mountains and rivers and travel around the world. And the entry point for all this is the red fruits made in the winter. After thinking about it, Huazhi arranged for the maids to pick fruits, clean them, remove the cores, and boil the caramel production line. The plan was easy to implement but not easy to implement. Most of the maids had never done such menial work before, so they soon began to complain perfunctorily. As a result, in the same batch of red fruits made in the end, some were too sour and some were too sweet and the quality varied. Later, some maids were directly called away by Xia Jin'e to do things, and they didn't even have time to make red fruits, so Huazhi had to participate in it personally.

Gu Yanxi checked all the people in the Hua family and even in the branch who were of the same age, but still found nothing. He still couldn't find the boy servant who was talking to him. Gu Yanxi led the horse through a field of red fruits, and unexpectedly saw Huazhi picking red fruits. Huazhi told Gu Yanxi about her current situation as the head of the family. During the conversation, Granny Lin, the old woman in charge of Linzi, came. Huazhi specially gave her some cakes and money, and told her to eat well. Gu Yanxi asked about the Hua family's male servants and was a little disappointed when she learned that none of them were left.

While the maids were handling the red fruits, someone came over and said that the third lady asked them to do something. Because their identities and contracts were all in the hands of the third lady, they did not dare to disobey. Hua Zhi personally delivered food to Lin Wan and said that she wanted to return the girls' marriage contracts, and Lin Wan agreed. Huazhi brought everyone together, and after Xia Jin'e handed the body deeds to Huazhi in public, Huazhi told everyone that she took these body deeds to give them freedom, so she directly divided the body deeds with everyone.

After regaining his freedom, Mi Qiu said goodbye to Huazhi. Yingchun went to ask Huazhi about her plan, and Huazhi told her that she would start her family's business by selling red fruits, expand the business step by step, and redeem her grandfather and the others. Without the constraints of physical bonds, everyone worked with extra vigor, and the red fruits they made were especially delicious. After seeing this, Xia Jin'e came up with a plan and went to Lin Wan's room with the quilt in her arms at night.