Hi guys,

We hope to create more useful features for you guys who love drama. And here is some simple tutorial of those new functions. Hope you will have fun staying with us.

  1. Bookmark, subscribe
    - Mark some drama you like.
    - Group them in a personal
    - Or share your pleasure to everybody
    - First, you must click to "login" button

    - Register your account or sync it with your available Facebook/Google account.

    - After that, you will come back to Home Page Dramacool. At the same time, "login" button has changed to Dramacool symbol. It means you have registered successfully.

    - Bookmark any your favorite dramas now  by click on button "Favourite" under the video. The heart turns to blue color, and your bookmark process has done.(Note: click it again to remove bookmark that drama)

    - Then check it again by dragging the mouse to Dramacool symbol and click "Bookmark list". Now, your favorite drama is listed on your personal folder of Dramacool. However, if you want to share it with your friends, you also tich the line "Share this list with friends" and coppy that link, send to anybody you like.

    - Finally, don't forget subscribe then by clicking the subscribe button under the video or use subscribe symbol on bookmark list directly.(Note: click it again to remove your subscribe)

  2. Report video's error.
    - From now on, besides reporting video's error through email, facebook, you also can report it here.

    - Click to the button "! Report This Episode". This time, you just tick off the error, which you find out from that video and click "Send". We'll check any try to fix it soon for you.
  3. Download openload

    - We added more servers (openload) for you to choose. And now, we also provide more downloads (Download Openload) for you to choose.

    - But this server belongs to Openload, not us. Therefore, you may get some pop up ads when watching from this server. The ads are not our and we do not have control over it.

  4. Chasing upcoming drama or episode

    - If you have any question about these new functions’ usage, please let us know. All of your questions or suggestion will help us so much in improving our site and serving everybody. Many thanks and love you!