The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 14

Apr 2, 2024

Tianjun received Feihe's letter from Xingzhi, and he could still calmly hear that Fulong was bullying the girls of Bicang Palace, such as misbehaving in the spirit world, being arrogant and domineering, but when he heard that Fulong was openly molesting women in the spirit world, he became very angry. Yell, Fulong did something so shameless and embarrassing to the fairy world. Tianjun was so angry that he informed Fu Rong that he must return to the fairy world within three days.

Fulong knew in the spirit world that he had gotten into trouble. In order to get the fairy world to cancel the engagement, he went all out to make a scene. Late at night, Fulong staggered back after being drunk, but saw Mo Fang going back alone. He was going to play tricks on him. After a moment, Mo Fang kicked him to the ground. Fulong, who was in the immortal world, couldn't beat Mo Fang. Seeing that Mo Fang had no intention of stopping, Fulong immediately used the thirty-sixth strategy.

The next morning, Ling Zun called Shen Li to the house and reminded her that Fu Rong escaped from the spirit world to the fairy world last night for unknown reasons. Thinking that the spirit world must have been slow to treat Fulong, the Spirit Master ordered Shen Li to return to the human world to find Fulong. The Spirit Master also specifically asked Shen Li to find Fulong and not to come back in a hurry. It would be better to spend more time with Fulong in the human world. , enhance understanding. Naturally, Ling Zun hopes to bring about a good relationship between Shen Li and Fulong Qin Jin, but he doesn't know that these two people don't care about each other at all.

Shen Li came to the mortal world and heard that Furong had landed at the location of Jinxiu City. There happened to be a wedding held nearby. The scene was really lively, with lanterns and colorful decorations. People around kept clapping and applauding and sending blessings. The newlyweds looked happy when they saw them. , Shen Li is also very envious, and really hopes that she can live like a couple in the world until they grow old together.

Unknowingly, she came to the small courtyard where she and Xingyun once lived. The courtyard was very depressed and lonely, and the only bouquet of pear blossoms was in bloom. Shen Li recalled that when she became a phoenix, Xingyun often stood there Calling her to eat under the tree, the scene was so warm. Now that we are separated from each other, we can never go back.

Shen Li went to Jinyue Mansion again. Outside Jinyue Mansion, she heard that the storyteller said that the heroic Gu Chengjin finally took the position of the city lord with his wisdom and bravery. His inner chamber member, Ye, worshiped Buddha and practiced Buddhism after he came back from the dead. The green lantern withered scroll ends this life. Gu Chengjin, however, had a deep love for Ye and did not get along with any woman. After Ye's death, he was depressed all day long and died a year later. It was such a deep and meaningful relationship. Shen Li was very moved when she heard it. Even plants and trees have feelings, let alone people.

I still remember the moment when I was drenched in the human world. It was Xingyun who picked her up and took her home. Shen Li came to the creek again and stared at the river in a daze. It was raining naturally, and she was just as wet as Shen Li. The mood, Xingzhi also came at this time. Shen Li told him about his experiences in the mortal world. At that time, he was deeply impressed by Xingyun. After all, they were not the same kind and could not be together at all. In the end, Shen Li confessed that she had guessed that Xing Zhi was Xing Yun in the human world, but she no longer cared, as the Xing Yun in her impression had gone far.

Shen Li asked Xingzhi why he went down to earth, leaving the gods in heaven alone. Xingzhi’s explanation was that he was bored, so he went down to earth to experience ordinary people’s lives. Later, the reason why he concealed that he was not Xingyun in the spiritual world was because of his feelings for Xingyun. She has no emotions. Xing Zhi deliberately distorted the truth, which made Shen Li heartbroken. She thought that Xing Zhi was as disgusted with her as she was with Fulong, so he retaliated rudely. In the future, she would become Fulong's wife, and her relationship with Xingyun would end here. until.

Shen Li was about to go find Fulong. On the way, he suddenly saw a group of people arresting the Earth Immortal. gone. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Shen Li decided to investigate the whereabouts of the missing immortal first.