The Legend of Shen Li (2024) C Drama Episode 13

Apr 2, 2024

Xingzhi thought that Shen Li had recovered the weapon and asked her to accompany him around the market, drinking tea or eating some special snacks. Furong was unwilling to be alone and visited the flower house in the spirit world. The oiran here was outstanding in appearance and enchanting. He first danced a seductive and sexy dance in front of everyone, and then started selling wine as a consignment. In order to taste the most delicious wine, Furong Delicious food, even spending huge sums of money to get drunk.

In the early morning, Rouya hurriedly went to Shen Li to inform Fulong that he had not returned home all night. Shen Li took Mo Fang to find someone, but Fulong deliberately hugged the oiran's leg in order to cause trouble. The oiran cursed Fulong, and Shen Li was also surprised when he saw that Fu Rong was getting more and more aggressive now, so Shen Li wrote a letter to the fairy world, telling the truth about Fu Rong's behavior in the spirit world.

Xingzhi questioned why Shen Li didn't write to Ling Zun and tell him. Shen Li didn't want to do this. She knew the importance of this marriage to the spirit world. Although she didn't like Fulong, she didn't want Ling Zun to be disappointed again. When Xingzhi heard Shen Li's thoughts, he felt bad. Who told him to mess up and be so irresponsible in the first place? Now he really feels the pain.

Ever since Lingzun returned the Bihai Cangzhu to Shen Li, Shen Li began to feel palpitations, which lasted for several days. This night, she felt a severe fever all over. Rouya first went to find Fulong, but Fulong was not in the room. Rouya He had no choice but to go to Xing Zhi, who felt Shen Li's pulse and used his magical power to cool her down. Seeing that Shen Li was in better condition, Xing Zhi stood up and said goodbye. When he came to the yard, he vaguely felt that Shen Li seemed to have been poisoned by a ruthless poison.

The last time Fulong hugged the oiran's leg, he was beaten by Mo Fang. Although Mo Fang always had a black face, Fulong found this person very interesting. After that, whenever he had free time, he would go to the military camp to find Mo Fang. Shen Li saw She didn't stop when she reached Fulong, thinking that she couldn't always let Fulong lead the way, she should change from passive to active, and deliberately said in front of Fulong that Mo Fang was hers! Furong was simply shocked after hearing this. Her daughter-in-law, who had not yet married, said that a certain man was hers. What a shame. Furong immediately shouted to Xingzhi that she wanted to break off the engagement. Furong was also in the military camp, which Shen Li didn't expect. Fulong said that he happened to be passing by and had the freedom to wander around anyway.

When Xingzhi heard Shen Li calling Mo Fang hers, she couldn't help but become jealous. Then she saw that Shen Li treated the soldiers in the military camp very well, and even put their arms around each other. She couldn't help herself. She heard that Shen Li was going to be in the military camp. They compete here, and whoever beats her will be rewarded with wine. Xing Zhi went to the ring to compete with Shen Li. Shen Li was surprised by Xing Zhi's actions. However, he could not defeat Xing Zhi even after ten moves in a row. Xing Zhi was as light as a swallow, and he was mastering every move with lightning speed. The potential victory convinced everyone. Xingzhi did not ask for a drink, but asked Shen Li three questions.

He asked Shen Li what his relationship was with the soldiers who had just talked freely. The two soldiers didn't understand what kind of medicine was sold in Xingzhi Gourd. They already had families, and he was obviously their prince. Shen Li answered truthfully that he was a colleague, but when Xing Zhi pointed at Mo Fang and asked about the relationship between Mo Fang and her, Shen Li immediately understood that he had just called Mo Fang hers, so Xing Zhi had some objections, but not long ago he had just After rejecting Mo Fang, this time in public and not causing trouble to Mo Fang, Shen Li had no choice but to claim that they were colleagues. Xing Zhi got a satisfactory answer, and everyone went to have a drink with the prince. Furong thought that Xing Zhi was solving his own doubts, and took the initiative to thank Xing Zhi. Hearing Xing Zhi calmly say that he had written a letter about what Xing Zhi said and did in the spirit world. When he told Tianjun, Fu Rong was like a wake-up call and was speechless for a moment.