Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) K Drama Episode 2

Mar 31, 2024

Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 2 picks up where the previous episode left off. When Sun-young finds out that Pil-seung is having an affair with an older woman, she goes to her salon and makes a scene over there. Following this, she takes Pil-seung back to the house, where his entire family finds out about his love life.

Geum-ja then makes the mistake of accidentally telling Pil-seung that he is adopted. The revelation is too much for Pil-seung to digest, so he decides to run away from his home. Nevertheless, Do-ra and Sun-young are able to locate him in the end.

The next day, Pil-seung is still making an effort to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the issue. As a consequence of this, he gets into contact with Soo-yeon and is curious about his biological parents. He tells her that he was informed by his parents that they are unaware of his biological parents. Nevertheless, given that she is Sun-young’s closest friend, he questions her whether or not she is aware of anything. However, she tells him that she doesn’t know anything.

After this, Pil-seung tells her that his parents must be terrible people because they abandoned him. Soo-yeon passes out as a consequence of the overwhelming guilt she feels for abandoning Pil-seung since she is his biological mother. This happens after he leaves to go home when he walks away.

We then see Do-ra attempting to hide from Pil-seung. On the other hand, he becomes aware of this and confronts her. After that, she confesses that she’s too ashamed to face him after tattling to his mother the other day. She goes on to explain to him that she was the source of a great deal of trouble in his life and that, as a result of her actions, he learned something that he should not have known. However, Pil-seung assures her that he’s grateful to her as he respects his parents more. In addition to this, he confesses to her that the truth has provided him with the motivation to become more responsible.

On the other hand, Mi-ja runs out of sugar. She finds out that her card has been discontinued when she goes to a grocery store to make the purchase. Subsequently, she goes to Sun-young’s home to request sugar from her. When she doesn’t find anyone, she begins to steal sugar, meat, and fruits from their home. However, Geum-ja catches her in the act and confronts her. Nevertheless, Sun-young’s father takes Mi-ja’s side and says he asked her to take the things she’s taking.

It just so happens that Do-ra and Pil-seung are able to overhear the exchange. It is seen that Pil-seung is making an effort to cheer up Do-ra. In spite of this, Do-ra is embarrassed by her mother, and she expresses her feelings to her. Later that night, Mi-ja is all set to abandon her children. The grandfather, on the other hand, intervenes and takes her out for drinks.

On the other hand, Do-ra’s feelings for Pil-seung get more intense as he proceeds to protect her from bullies, take her on his bicycle, and treat her with kindness. Following that, we witness her revealing her feelings for him. In spite of this, he assures her that he considers her to be his younger sister and that she is not yet old enough to have romantic feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Mi-ja makes an effort to develop a deeper relationship with the grandfather because she is aware of his finances. She gives him a scarf that she crocheted herself as a thanking gift. In addition to this, Mi-ja develops a close relationship with him while they are out together at the movies. In the final moments of the show, the people from whom Mi-ja had borrowed money come looking for her. After the intervention of the grandfather, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The plot of the show is explored further in this episode. Pil-seung learns that he’s adopted. Mi-ja is caught stealing from Sun-young’s home. Do-ra confesses her feelings to Pil-seung. Mi-ja goes on dates with Sun-young’s father.

The plot of the show is intriguing, despite the fact that it appears to be a little bit implausible at this point. You are kept fascinated because the characters and their arcs are compelling. However, there is a potential that the show is attempting to romanticize a pedophilic connection, and this may cause some viewers to feel uneasy about the show.