Queen of Tears K Drama 2024 with Kim Soo Huyn and Kim Ji Won Episode 8

Mar 31, 2024

The episode begins with a flashback to their dating era. Hyun-woo and Hae-in enjoy their date at an aquarium when the former observes that nobody is at such a popular aquarium. Unbeknownst to Hae-in’s true identity, they continue to enjoy their date as the camera pans to a sign outside the establishment – saying that the whole place is rented. We also find out that Hae-in had rented out the amusement park for one of their dates. 

Thinking of it as the universe on their side, Hyun-woo takes it as a sign to propose to her. Shocked at his gesture, she accepts the ring and they share a sweet moment. We come back to the rainy night in the present and Hyun-woo begrudgingly jogs her memory regarding the recent events. Everything comes back to her like lightning and she decides to file for divorce. 

The next day, Hyun-woo and his friend find themselves against Hae-in and her lawyer, the popular character Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki). They talk about his identity and mention his previous characters from dramas like Reborn Rich, Descendants of the Sun, etc. The funny conversation turns grim as Vincenzo suggests the reasons for divorce. In the end, Hyun-woo gives up and asks Hae-in and Vincenzo to go ahead with any reason that they see fit. 

In the next scene, Hae-in is taken back to another sweet moment shared with Hyun-woo when they travelled by train. She asks him why they couldn’t take a taxi and he tells her that this particular train goes around Seoul. So, on a tough day, he watches people get in and get off the train but the best part is the orange sunset painting the Han River. It gives him a reason to fight for another day. 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions

Gripped with reality, she decides to follow his day through the report given by the two bodyguards. She sits at the elementary school grounds where he usually runs and questions why he must run alone. She also goes to the batting cage that he frequents. Questioning his need to play here, she tries it out herself. Soon, she finds it fun and continues to play. 

She goes to the restaurant where he frequently eats soup rice alone. Just as she looks around, she hears Hyun-woo and his friend at the table behind her. She listens to their conversation while consuming the same food as him. His friend tells him to find the positives in the divorce but he says that despite everything, he wanted that life. He just wanted to be by her side. Hearing that line from him, she feels sad about the state they are currently in. 

In another scene, Eun-sung is told by Hyun-woo’s assistant that Hae-in’s medicine is for people with malignant tumours. Shocked at the news, he thinks of the time when he saved Hae-in from an aggressive as a child and she thanks him by tying his wound with a handkerchief. When she walks away, he picks up her necklace – which he keeps around his neck to this day. 

When she comes home, he stops her at the gate and inquires about her whereabouts. Feeling uncomfortable by his line of questioning, she tells him that she decided not to go ahead with the Hercyna store because Mr Hermann gave it to her because of him. He tries to convince her that in the end, she will be with him and not Hyun-woo. She shuts him down immediately, telling him that her divorce is not going to open any doors to her life for him. 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions

Hyun-woo’s mother and Hae-in’s mother meet to talk about their children’s divorce. While Hyun-woo’s mother tries to be diplomatic and kind, Hae-in’s mother remains crass and mean to her. To not lose her temper, she walks out of the conversation. Hyun-woo’s family wait for her as she looks dejected and sad at the way things ended. 

Soo-cheol finds out from Eun-sung that the resort cannot be made to 90 floors as the military base will no longer be moving from there, causing Soo-cheol to spiral. He approaches Hyun-woo for help and the latter solves the issue for him. The Hong family gathers for a solution when Soo-cheol walks in and tells them that Hyun-woo already found a solution that the military officials agreed to. 

Later, Soo-cheol and the Hong family fall into trouble yet again when the news of embezzlement and the investigation get out, causing key stakeholders to feel unsafe being a part of the company. Eun-sung offers to take over a few more shares to help out the family, which they immediately agree to. Hyun-woo tries to stop them but the Chairman insults him and throws him out of the legal director position. 

The Chairman also transfers the power of attorney to Moh Sol-hee. The team makes her understand that if she needs to take the blame for the embezzlement, she must have enough power. While the Chairman thinks it is her birthday gift to him, what he was signing was his death warrant. 

The Chairman tries to remove him from the building too but Hae-in comes in time to rescue him. She asks him why he needs to go through such humiliating incidents and rather just live his own life but he says that she is more important and he is alright with any kind of ill-treatment. Dazed by his confession, she stands there as he walks away. Beom-ja finds him and they talk about the divorce. She suspects that he has a mistress but he insists that Hae-in is the only woman in his life. Later, they talk about Moh Sol-hee and her ambiguous past. They also think that Eun-sung has a connection to Sol-hee. 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions

They meet up with Beom-ja’s trusted private investigator and they find out that Sol-hee’s son was moved to the Evergreen Hope Orphanage where the Chairman and Sol-hee would give multiple scholarships. Shocked by the revelation, they go to the Hong Family’s hunting cabin to speak with the caretakers. They mention a child similar to Eun-sung’s look and personality. As they talk about that child, Hyun-woo connects the dots. 

The scene cuts to the family preparing for the Chairman’s 80th birthday where Beom-ja finds out that he gave her mother’s ring to Sol-hee. She reveals Sol-hee’s truth to him but blinded by love for Sol-hee, he does not believe her. Enraged at her behaviour, Beom-ja attacks Sol-hee and the Chairman hits her for the first time. Shocked at his gesture, she leaves the house. 

Turns out, the fight was a ploy to get some hair follicles of Sol-hee to match with Eun-sung. Hyun-woo comforts Beom-ja as the rest of the family celebrates the Chairman’s birthday. Soo-cheol thinks that his gesture will help him be an heir to the family, which he tells Da-hye. Griped with sadness and guilt of betraying him, she just smiles at him as he walks away. 

At the event, he reveals a monkey resembling his grandfather which will be sold at the resort in the form of keychains, pictures and even NFTs. Embarrassed at his gesture, the family ask him to stop while the Chairman fumes with anger. During the party, Da-hye leaves for the US with their child. Soo-cheol tries to find her but instead sees a letter where she apologises for running away. Saddened at the situation, he tries to go to her but he falls for his bike and cries for his son. 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions

The Chairman and Sol-hee are playing a game when Hyun-woo calls him to tell him that he did a DNA test to match Sol-hee and Eun-sung and it had a 99.99 per cent match. He tries to confront her but begins feeling uncomfortable. He falls to the floor and Sol-hee drops the act. She tells him that she will be taking over the company with her son – thanks to the power of attorney. Drugged out of his mind, the Chairman falls into a coma. 

The family try to see him at the hospital but Sol-hee stops them. Hyun-woo tries to fight the power of attorney document but since it was done legally, there was nothing they could do. The rest of the family also finds out about Sol-hee and Eun-sung’s relationship, shocking them to no end. Soon, Eun-sung and Sol-hee took over Queen’s Group – due to the 68 per cent shares held by Sol-hee given to Eun-sung. Soo-cheol, Hae-in and their father lose their positions in the company. 

We go to Hyun-woo’s hometown as his father feels sad over all the events that transpired. While his friends try to blame Hyun-woo for the situation, his father lashes out at them for their insensitive remarks. He tells them that he feels sad for his son who is stuck in the situation. Right then, Hyun-woo comes to them. His family look happy to see them and tell him not to go back to that awful family. 

Right then, Hae-in comes out of the van along with the rest of the Hong family who want a place to hide during the investigation and the media trial going on. The two families face off against each other as the episode comes to an end. The epilogue takes us back to the restaurant scene where Hae-in overhears Hyun-woo’s conversation. As they leave, she cries at the fact that his statement makes her want to live. It is obvious that these two still love each other a lot. 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Review 

What. An. Episode! This episode is probably the best one so far! From Song Joong-ki’s surprise guest appearance to the lore of Eun-sung and Sol-hee, we were thoroughly entertained! This episode also showed us how our two main characters loved each other to no end. Their dedication to protecting each other is absolutely delightful to watch. 

Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo takes the cake as he brings back his iconic character in the best way possible. It was a beautiful refresher to see him back on-screen again. Kim Soo-hyun continues to wow us with his acting skills as he shows another side of himself – the calculative attorney. Hyun-woo’s need to protect Hae-in also extends to her family, even if it means to be humiliated by them. 

Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in is one of the best K-drama decisions as she shows her emotions extremely well for someone who pretends to be calculative and cunning. From walking around to see how Hyun-woo lives his day-to-day life to having his back even when he is not around – she is surely one smitten kitten! 

Queen of Tears Episode 8 Recap and Review: Kim Soo-hyun Suspects Park Sung-hoon’s True Intentions