Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) K Drama Episode 1

Mar 31, 2024

Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 1 opens with Mi-ja, Do-ra’s mother, taking Do-ra for a singing gig. We see her performance doesn’t go as planned, so she receives less money. Following this, Mi-ja asks Do-ra to take care of her younger brothers, Do-sik and Do-joon, while she’s out for a couple of days. We also learn that Do-ra owes someone money and is attempting to avoid the person by staying away from home.

The scene then switches to Do-ra, who’s attending school. Her teacher then gives her some food coupons, as she belongs to a single-parent household. Although Do-ra feels embarrassed to take the coupons in front of her classmates, she has no choice but to take them.

We then see Do-ra taking some food items home after doing grocery shopping. However, a wheel of her cart breaks, and she drops a few boxes. Luckily for her, a kind young boy, Pil-seung, comes to her rescue. He then carries the boxes to her house to help her out. At this point, it’s clear that Do-ra is infatuated with him.

We then see a couple of goons enter Do-ra’s home. They threaten to take Do-joon away if Do-ra’s mother doesn’t pay up. We then see Mi-ja take her three kids away and move to a different home. Luckily, Do-ra runs into Pil-seung yet again, who happens to be the landlord’s son. This truly makes Do-ra happy because she believes he’s her prince.

Meanwhile, Pil-seung’s mother, Sun-young, seems to have a good friendship with Soo-yeon. We see Sun-young prepare a dish for Soo-yeon’s father-in-law’s memorial. While at the memorial, Soo-yeon’s father-in-law’s partner, with whom he had an extramarital affair, shows up and creates a scene. She pushes herself on the family, and the patriarch Jin-taek allows her to stay after her son Jin-dan requests him.

We see Do-ra growing increasingly infatuated with Pil-seung. Meanwhile, Do-ra observes Pil-seung engaging in a romantic relationship with an older woman. When Do-ra finds out about this, she confronts him and makes him promise that he won’t go out with her again.

When Do-ra stays out late one day to spy on Pil-seung, she leaves her brothers alone at home. Meanwhile, Mi-ja is seen working as a server in the restaurant. At home, Do-joon tells his older brother, Do-sik, that he’s hungry. When Do-sik is about to serve him, he spills hot food on his leg and injures him. Following this, Mi-ja scolds her children, and they promise to behave. While this is happening, Pil-seung overhears the conversation and feels bad for Do-ra.

The following morning, Pil-seung offers to drop Do-ra off at school. This gives her the impression that he likes her too. When Do-ra is returning from school, she spots Pil-seung with the same older woman as he’s taking her out on his motorbike. Following this, she tells Pil-seung’s mother, Mi-ja, about this. 

At first, Mi-ja doesn’t believe Do-ra. However, Do-ra takes her outside the salon, where the older woman works. Following this, Mi-ja begins hitting the older woman who’s dating her son, who’s in high school, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The first episode introduces us to our primary characters and provides a glimpse into their lives. While the protagonists are still in high school, we witness their first meeting, as well as the situations that surround them interacting with each other. A peek at our protagonists’ families is also provided, and we are able to see the position that they are in. It seems as though Mi-ja’s friend Soo-yeon has some kind of special relationship with Pil-seung. However, the episode only makes passing references to this and doesn’t delve into it further.

Throughout the pilot episode, the plot of the show has already been quite engaging. As a result of the story’s ability to completely submerge you in the narrative, you are able to empathize with the characters. Furthermore, the amount of drama in the show is just right. You can tell that the show is going to be a lot of fun to watch because the quality of the presentation is so high, and your anticipation is building.