The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection (2024) K Drama Episode 2

Apr 1, 2024

Episode 2 of The Escape of The Seven: Resurrection starts with La-hui pinning photos of the people she will include in her revenge story, saying that none of them, including herself, deserve happiness. She then joins K to shoot the documentary for TIKITAKA’s new app, “Children Home, “which will use GPS chips to ensure that no children go missing without a trace. 

To increase public acceptance of the new app and drive TIKITAKA’s stock price, K and his minions stage a fake abduction of Myoung-ji’s daughter Erica, and the police use the app to find her.

After the successful rescue, more parents show up to register their children, and the app gets the mayor’s approval as the official children-tracking app for the police. Myoung-ji is furious during the meeting, and she threatens to expose everything if they ever use her children in their plans again. The abduction gets Mo-na thinking about her daughter Ha-na, wondering if she is alive or dead. 

Do-hyuk’s plan to make K’s life as Mathew a nightmare through the documentary of his life as Lee Hwi-so is working. La-hui is silently helping by planning all the visits to orphanages for renovations and donations. K detests making the documentary since he cannot live as he wishes with cameras on him every other day.

After one of those tiring days, La-hui asks K why he is starting a database with children’s fingerprints through the Children Home app and says that La-hui will know about the reason when the time is right.

Meanwhile, Michelle drops the teaser for the movie “Dear D.” Mo-ne is furious since she thought it would not be released, as it was just a plot to get back at Sungchan Group. She tries to talk to K about it, but La-hui receives the calls instead and asks her to come to her house if she wants to talk. Mo-ne meets up with Michelle and tries to plead with her not to release the movie, insisting that he is helping the killer, K, who is now Lee Hwi-so.

Michelle feigns ignorance to her claims and tells Mo-ne that if she wants to prove that Lee Hwi-so is K, she should bring her daughter and prove it using DNA, but Mo-ne cannot do that since her daughter is missing. On the way out of the restaurant, Mo-ne bumps into the new character this season, Hwang Chan-sung, and he gives her his card. Later, Mo-ne kneels before La-hui, promising to do anything she asks as long as she helps her talk to K and stop the movie’s release. 

La-hui talks to Mathew, but she plans to continue the movie’s release. Instead, she comes up with a plan to use it, expose Mo-ne, and then bury her properly. She suggests that they can be free from blame by saying that Mo-ne duped them too, but after they found out, they planned to cast her in the movie as the bully to let the people see her role in Da-mi’s death. 

In their following discussion, we get an insight into the new character Hwang Chan-sung. He is the CEO of TIKITAKA’s biggest competitor, Save, which owns 95 percent of the portal site market. Save’s level of influence as a social media platform exceeds that of TIKITAKA, and K does not like coming in second. Therefore, he wants to take over Save and merge it with TIKITAKA to get his hands on the weaknesses of everything in the country.

As a result, he will be able to control everything and everyone, becoming the most powerful man in the country without the restriction of 5-year terms like the president. Consequently, La-hui now understands that he introduced Children Home to get personal information on every citizen in the country. 

TIKITAKA Studio releases the second preview of Dear D, and Mo-ne decides to go on the offence against La-hui. After seeing the preview, she storms into her office and overhears her on the phone, trying to meet with Save’s CEO, whom she had bumped into at the restaurant and got her card.

Later that night, she goes to K’s place and offers him a deal he cannot refuse. She proves she can make a meeting with Chang-sung by calling him on her phone and putting it on loudspeaker, and K promises to handle the issue with Michelle.

However, La-hui figures out that Mo-ne will do something to Michelle, so she sends Ju-ran and Chul-woo to kidnap and keep her safe until the premier event the following day, but Ki-tak and Do-hyuk rescue her.

In a twist within a twist, La-hui expected or knew that Do-hyuk would rescue Michelle, but when she wakes up, she is determined to leave again and play her part in the upcoming expose of K as Shim Jun-seok. She hands the final version of the documentary to Do-hyuk and asks them to play it during the premiere of Dear D. Seemingly, they plan to commence during the premiere, and if everything goes well, Do-hyuk can return to the world.

The stage is set at the premier event, and La-hui thinks she still has everything under control, and the people will get to see Dear D and realise that Mo-ne is the bully. She has also invited schoolmates from Da-mi’s high school to be her witnesses. However, Mo-ne is unfazed since she knows K is on her side and will ensure the movie is not released. 

K arrives at the premier a little late, and he gets a call from Michelle asking to meet on the fourth floor since she has proof that K is not Lee Hwi-so. Meanwhile, Ki-tak and Do-hyuk get ready to play their part, and it starts with Do-hyuk wearing the real Shim Jun-seok’s mask and ensuring that Mathew and his minions see him. 

Michelle confronts Mathew, and he is confident that she has nothing on him. However, we learn that Michele had no plan to release Dear D, and the premier was just a stage to lure out Mathew. Michele and Mathew get into a fight, and she jumps from the fourth floor after screaming out that Shim Jun-seok is trying to kill her.

The light falls on Mathew, and it shows that she pushed her as a video clip in the screenplay where K curses at children and talks about Lee Hwi-so torturing him even from the grave.

Ki-tak uses smoke to distract the people and carry Michele out of the building, and La-hui sees them leave in an ambulance. She heads to the CCTV room and asks for the footage that shows Shim Jun-seok in the building stalking Michele. When the police arrest K, the people and the press are convinced that he pushed her, but La-hui comes to his rescue at the last minute with the footage that shows Jun-seok in the building with his real face and not the plastic surgery. 

She shows it to the police and says that the one who pushed Michele was Jun-seok, not Mathew. She shows the police the footage, and K’s minions support her claim, saying that they all saw him and that he did not have plastic surgery. Everyone is confused since they had previously said that Do-hyuk is Jun-seok after plastic surgery, and La-hui apologises, saying that she was wrong them and Min Do-hyuk is innocent.

K has no choice but to support her since there is no way to explain the CCTV footage. In addition, he vows that when Min Do-hyuk comes out of hiding, he will use all his resources to clear his name and arrest the real Shim Jun-seok. 

The police apologise to K and release him as the news of Shim Jun-seok’s reappearance starts to circulate, saying that the real Jun-seok committed another crime and never had plastic surgery, which means that Do-hyuk is innocent.

On his way home, K wonders about the man pretending to be Shim Jun-seok, but he is relieved either way because he thinks that Do-hyuk is dead. He finds the man waiting for him in the driveway and gets out to confront him. The episode ends with Min Do-hyuk removing the Shim Jun-seok mask and thanking K for revealing him to the world.  

The Episode Review

If you watched that episode and your mouth did not fall agape, and you started screaming and clapping when you finally understood Do-hyuk’s plan, you need to rewatch it. Season 2 started on a high note, and this episode just sent it off the roof. The build-up is impressive, and the revelation is mind-blowing.

Unlike K, who has to use deep fake to hide his identity, afraid he will be exposed, I am overwhelmed and pleased that the scriptwriters gave Do-hyuk his identity back. Setting the stage for a fight between the truth and the lies and Do-hyuk fighting as himself against a maniac with three falsely created identities makes this season worth the wait.