Wonderland of Love (2023) C Drama Episode 12

Nov 17, 2023

Suddenly news came from Yingzhou that Cui Yi fell ill. Cui Lin was very anxious, so she planned to lead a team of Qingqi with Liu Chengfeng to rush to the rescue first. Unexpectedly, this was indeed Cui Li's trap. When Qingqiu reached the halfway point, Cui Li's army suddenly appeared with their faces covered. The Qingqi was ambushed, caught off guard, and suffered heavy losses. Liu Chengfeng was stabbed and fell to the ground. His confidant Chen Xing died on the spot trying to save him. Cui Lin was also hit by an arrow in the chest. At the time of crisis, Li Ni arrived in time after receiving the news. He rushed into the rain of arrows and rescued Cui Lin. When Cui Lin saw Li Ni, she seemed to catch a ray of light and seemed to want to say something to him, but she couldn't.

After rushing back to the military camp, Taozi hurriedly prepared to pull out the arrow for Cui Lin. Cui Lin was sweating profusely from the pain, and the sweat mixed with blood slowly flowed down and condensed inside and outside the armor. Cui Lin felt as if she was stuck in a quagmire at the moment, unable to move or speak. Taozi held her breath and concentrated, piercing Cui Lin's flesh with the dagger, trying to remove the arrow. Li Ni put his hand into Cui Lin's mouth and asked her to bite him so that she wouldn't bite her tongue in pain.

Sun Jing called King Liang to the palace and threw the letter from Li Ni in front of him. The King of Liang opened the letter tremblingly and saw that Li Ni had no regard for his own life and death, and even uttered wild words about attacking Kyoto and proclaiming himself emperor. He was so angry that he foamed at the mouth and fainted on the spot. Over there, Mrs. Xiao took the opportunity to send a message to Mrs. Wei, saying that Li Ni had sent someone to bring the head of Duke Zheng. Furious, Mrs. Wei found the unconscious King Liang and strangled him to death in a moment of rage. When Sun Jing arrived, King Liang was already stiff and had no breath. Helpless, he had no choice but to block the news and ordered his people to secretly push King Liang to the outskirts and burn him.

That night, the palace people carried King Liang out to prepare for burning. Suddenly someone suggested that this place was extremely gloomy and it would be better to divide the property and leave quickly. The palace man did not think much, accepted the money and left. After that, the body of King Liang was dumped. When King Liang woke up, he saw Li Ni kneeling beside his bed. He was trembling with anger, still brooding over the unfilial letter. Li Ni told the truth and bluntly said that what he said in the letter was just to anger Sun Jing, so that Li Daitao could rescue him. But the king of Liang was still furious and cursed Li Ni for gambling with his life.

Li Yi couldn't argue, knowing that no matter what he did, he would not be favored by his father, so he got up and left. He was walking in despair and happened to meet Gu Waanniang. Gu Wanniang wanted to win Li Ni's favor, so she offered to serve Liang Wang. Li Ni was well aware of his father's temper and was worried that Gu Waanniang would be wronged, so he rejected her kindness. Afterwards, Li Ni came to Cui Lin's room, squatted beside her bed, and gradually fell asleep.

When Cui Lin woke up, she saw Li Ni sleeping next to her. She endured the pain and gently tucked the quilt in to prevent Li Ni from catching a cold. Li Ni slowly woke up and joked that Cui Lin wanted to secretly kiss him. Cui Lin was speechless by these words and turned her head away from him. Cui Lin thought about it and felt that this ambush was very strange, so she was very worried about the situation in Yingzhou. But Li Ni persuaded her that based on her current situation, she must not act rashly, otherwise not only would she not be able to save Yingzhou, but she would also risk her own life. Cui Lin was not an ignorant person. She knew that what Li Ni said was true, so she calmed down and cultivated herself.

Hearing that Cui Lin had not eaten much since she had been taking medicine since she was a child, and Tao Zi would always find some honey to feed her, Li Ni hurried out to find some honey. Pei Yuan saw that he was in a state of embarrassment and ran up the mountain without knowing lunch. He couldn't help but persuade him that he was now the commander-in-chief of the Zhenxi Army and had to think twice before doing anything, let alone having close contact with the Cui family army. But Li Ni turned a deaf ear and even began to wonder about the relationship between Cui Lin and Liu Chengfeng.