Only For Love (2023) Episode 9

Nov 17, 2023

Qin Shiyue felt dizzy at the press conference, so she left the venue to breathe. During the break of the meeting, Jiangcheng Daily reporter He Boming came specifically to say hello and get to know Zheng Shuyi. The two added WeChat messages to each other. This scene made Shi Yan very jealous and called Zheng Shuyi away on the spot. Zheng Shuyi guessed that Shi Yan was jealous and came happily, but Shi Yan actually asked him about Qin Shiyue's whereabouts. Zheng Shuyi contacted Qin Shiyue and deliberately told Shi Yan that Qin Shiyue had left because seeing a CEO like Shi Yan Fear, unlike her elation and joy when she saw Shi Yan. Qin Shiyue accidentally met Yu You in the lobby. Seeing the graceful Yu You, Qin Shiyue was moved.

The second half of the Yunchuang press conference officially began. Qin Shiyue learned that Yu You turned out to be a strategic advisor to Kwan Capital, and she admired him even more. When Zheng Shuyi saw that Shi Yan had been paying attention to Qin Shiyue, he left angrily after the press conference. As a result, when they left the venue, they saw Qin Shiyue acting coquettishly towards Shi Yan, and Zheng Shuyi left in a hurry out of jealousy.

Shi Yan chased Zheng Shuyi to the parking lot. Seeing Zheng Shuyi who was awkward, Shi Yan directly held Zheng Shuyi's hand and said he would send her home. Zheng Shuyi fell asleep again in Shi Yan's car. When she woke up, she found that she had arrived at the door of her house. In order to thank Shi Yan for sending her home, Zheng Shuyi decided to invite Shi Yan to dinner. However, Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi wanted to take the opportunity to talk about a special interview. He directly rejected Zheng Shuyi's invitation.

Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan, who were depressed, wanted to invite each other's friends out for a drink to relieve their boredom, but Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji decisively refused at the same time. What they didn't know was that Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji happened to be together at this time. Zheng Shuyi's interview manuscript was praised by the editor. Xu Yuling and others were very jealous. Colleagues asked Zheng Shuyi to treat him to dinner, and Zheng Shuyi readily agreed.

Qin Shiyue found that she had misunderstood that Zheng Shuyi ignored her on the first day of work. At that time, she was angry and complained to Shi Yan. She felt guilty for this, but she was too embarrassed to apologize to Zheng Shuyi. She wanted to She asked her uncle Shi Yan for help, but Shi Yan's words hit her, so she could only put aside her pride and go to Zheng Shuyi to apologize.

Zheng Shuyi was concerned about the relationship between Qin Shiyue and Shi Yan. She now had some affection for Shi Yan, but Bi Ruoshan persuaded her friend that Shi Yan was destined to live in the turmoil. If a relationship was destined not to last, it would be better not to start, but Zheng Shuyi I think it’s good to just follow your heart.

Zheng Shuyi bought Song Lelan's concert tickets and wanted to add Shi Yan's WeChat message to invite him to watch it together. As a result, Qin Shiyue added Zheng Shuyi's WeChat message to apologize, causing Zheng Shuyi to mistake Qin Shiyue's WeChat message for Shi Yan's, and directly invited him to go to Song Lelan's concert. The other party agreed, and Zheng Shuyi was very happy for this. Guan Ji saw the news about Song Lelan's 25th anniversary concert and wanted to go to the concert with Bi Ruoshan. Bi Ruoshan thought of Zheng Shuyi's words and decided to follow her own heart emotionally. She also agreed to go to see Song Lelan's concert with Guan Ji. Performances.