Story of Kunning Palace (2023) Episode 13

Nov 17, 2023

Salt merchant Ren Weizhi was kicked out of the inn and slept on the street because he owed money. Everyone said he was a liar, but only You Fangyin stood up and expressed his belief in him and helped Ren Weizhi pay for it. You Yue went to You Fangyin's room and found hundreds of taels of silver. She thought she had stolen the money from home. He also heard that she had gone to the inn and wanted to deal with her with ill intentions. Ren Weizhi thanked You Fangyin for his gratitude. It turned out that he had developed a method of opening abandoned wells called bamboo tube wells. You Fangyin was entrusted by Jiang Xuening to cooperate with him, but Jiang Xuening meant that he would give up after 70% of the profit comes out. Ren Weizhi was shocked when he heard this. After all, this was too dark. You Fangyin had the same reaction when she heard Jiang Xuening say this. But in extraordinary times, Jiang Xuening had to use special means, and research and development was risky. She After helping Ren Weizhi take the risk, Ren Weizhi should give in. You Fangyin persuaded Ren Weizhi, but when she left the inn, she met You Yue. You Yue beat You Fangyin and Ren Weizhi, claiming that she was going to escape privately, and returned home with You Fangyin.

Jiang Xuening was very worried when he learned about this. According to You Yue's temperament, which is unfashionable and irresponsible, You Fangyin may not be punished. Jiang Xuening wanted to find a solution once and for all, so she asked Tanger and the others to find the two taels of gold hairpins given by their father the year before last. This time they relied on it to save You Fangyin. The next day, Jiang Xuening brought a gold hairpin as a gift, hoping that You Yue would not spread the news.

After You Yue accepted the gift, she thought she was smart and asked people to inquire. Then she found out that Jiang Xuening was doing business behind the family's back, so she also made up her mind and wanted to threaten Jiang Xuening to give her the principal. You Yue escorted You Fangyin to the inn, wanting to slander You Fangyin's reputation and lock her into Ren Weizhi's room, but Jiang Xuening came out at this time and slapped herself to show You Fangyin. You Fangyin thought You Yue had beaten Jiang Xuening, so she rushed out with a stool like crazy and chased You Yue. Jiang Xuening did not stop her. She wanted You Fangyin to figure out how to live well. You Yue was rushed to the lobby by You Fangyin, and Jiang Xuening took the opportunity to make the matter worse, claiming that You Fangyin, a concubine, had beaten You Yue and wanted to report the injustice to the official for her. You Yue didn't want to make the matter a big deal, but who would have thought that the Xingwu Guards would arrive in the next second, led by Zhou Yinzhi. Jiang Xuening gave You Fangyin a look, asking her to trust him, and then You Yue and You Fangyin were escorted back to the prison by Xingwu Guards.

You Fangyin was taken to a different cell, where Jiang Xuening and Zhou Yinzhi were waiting. The Qingyuan Mansion was a den of jackals. Jiang Xuening asked You Fangyin if she wanted to lose her reputation as a concubine and live here. You Fangyin nodded repeatedly, and Jiang Xuening told her to rest assured and take care of the rest. Jiang Xuening specially told Zhou Yinzhi not to let him go if the Qingyuan Mansion came to rescue him. Sure enough, You's father came to Zhou Yinzhi with thirteen thousand taels to rescue him. Zhou Yinzhi relented and agreed to let You Yue go, and You's father didn't want to care about You Fangyin's life or death at all.

Xie Wei had been waiting for Jiang Xuening all day, but he didn't see her coming after waiting for a long time, so he had to ask someone to check what Jiang Xuening had been doing these two days. Zhou Yinzhi kept three thousand taels and gave Jiang Xuening 10,000 taels. Jiang Xuening gave him half and asked him to give the rest to You Fangyin. You Yue was beaten by her father when she returned home. It was good that the Qingyuan House could maintain its current false reputation. He ordered You Yue not to step out of the door. Jiang Xuening was taken away by Xie Wei when he left Zhou Yin's house. Jiang Xuening complained that he didn't communicate with her, but Xie Wei had no way to refute.

Back in the mansion, Jiang Xuening took out a handkerchief. This kind of handkerchief was the unified standard of the Jiang family. Naturally, the one Shen Jie picked up belonged to Jiang Xuehui. Jiang Xuehui also roughly knew whose hand the handkerchief she lost fell into. She clearly knew everything, which made Jiang Xuening feel guilty. He didn't expect that she had been letting him go. Jiang Xuening decided to send a letter to Shen Jie and ask her to meet. It was up to Jiang Xuehui whether to go or not. Jiang Xuehui thought about it and decided to go.

Lu Xian went to teach You Fangyin how to do business. It was heard that You Fangyin gave Ren Weizhi all the money and quickly said that he would get all the money back.