Story of Kunning Palace (2023) Episode 14

Nov 17, 2023

Jiang Xuening sat down next to Zhang Zhe. Zhang Zhe felt a little uncomfortable and his ears turned red. The two were together when Xue Shu and Yao Xi encountered her. Yao Xi scolded Jiang Xuening and cried and asked Zhang Zhe why he broke off the engagement. Zhang Zhe protected Jiang Xuening and said that he had never thought of marrying her, but was forced by the Yao family. Just got engaged with him. Zhang Zhe asked Jiang Xuening to leave with the jade. Jiang Xuening was surprised that he broke off the engagement with the Yao family. Zhang Zhe said that he did not like trivial matters in the capital. The matter between him and Yao Xi had nothing to do with Jiang Xuening, and he hoped that she would not worry about it. Jiang Xuening was in a daze. In this life, she would not be a queen but a good person. Would she be able to match him?

Ren Weizhi returned to Shu yesterday and said he was going back to his hometown to build a well. Lu Xian was very angry that he didn't get the money back, so he could only send people to chase him to Shu and keep an eye on him. In contrast, Lu Xian wanted to know what Jiang Xuening knew about the inside business, but You Fangyin refused to betray Jiang Xuening to death. Jiang Xuening took a break and returned to the palace, specially bringing a gift of shadow puppets to Shen Zhiyi, but she hoped that Shen Zhiyi would let her out of the palace. Shen Zhiyi firmly disagreed and could not exempt Jiang Xuening from piano lessons. Jiang Xuening had no choice but to ask her to summon Jiang Xuehui into the palace.

Jiang Xuening gave all the gifts given by Shen Zhiyi to Zhou Baoying and others. Xue Shu and Yao Xi were very unhappy when they saw this. The Queen Mother tried her best to bring Shen Jie and Xue Shu together. Xue Shu knew that he did not like the Queen Mother doing this, so she said some sympathetic words. Seeing Jiang Xuehui entering the palace from a distance, Shen Jie's eyes suddenly lit up, and Xue Shu's fists clenched again.

Jiang Xuening said that she arranged for Jiang Xuehui to enter the palace because Xue Shu regarded Shen Jie's sweetheart as herself and gave herself the means that should have been used on Jiang Xuehui, so she asked her to come in to block her. However, Jiang Xuehui was not angry and understood Jiang Xuening. It's just a poisonous mouth.

Yan Lin's crown ceremony invitations still had to be sent out. Although no one dared to come in the current situation, Yan Lin still made the decision to send them out. The Holy Emperor still asked the Ministry of Rites to carry out the crowning ceremony for Yan Lin, and handed over the case of rebelling against the party to Zhang Zhe. Xue Shu targeted Jiang Xuehui in class, but she did not expect that Jiang Xuehui's piano skills were very high, which shocked everyone present. Xie Wei specifically named Jiang Xuening to learn more. After class, Xie Wei took Jiang Xuening to class alone. Yao Xi ran to Jiang Xuehui to provoke her, but Jiang Xuehui couldn't bear it and scolded her back.

Jiang Xuening was absent-minded while playing the piano, so Xie Wei asked her to have some snacks and some tea. There was peach slice cake in the box, and Xie Wei said it was sent from the imperial kitchen. Jiang Xuening actually didn't like it as a snack, but instead remembered the peach slice cake that Xie Wei had given him on his way to Beijing. Xie Wei talked about what happened in the court again, hoping that Yan Lin's crowning ceremony would not cause more trouble. Jiang Xuehui ran to Xie Wei to complain about Jiang Xuehui's slap in Xue Shu's face. Xie Wei's face didn't look good, and he tested her to see if she had eaten food or snacks. The box in his hand was the peach slice cake that Jiang Xuening liked to eat. It wasn't very good. Sweet. Jiang Xuening also noticed that Xie Wei was the only one who called her Miss Ning because only the word Ning belonged to her.

Yao Xi accidentally picked up Jiang Xuening's sachet, but overheard that Xue Shu and the Queen Mother conspired to drop the sachet on the roadside. After being picked up by Xue Shu, she wanted to trouble Jiang Xuening, but she learned from Zhou Baoying that it was Yao Xi picked up Jiang Xuening's. So Xue Shu took the sachet to find Jiang Xuening, and said that she had not deliberately targeted her at first, and expressed her willingness to help her beat Yao Xi. However, Jiang Xuening refused. She did not like to use her hands on others, and she was not willing to join Xue Shu's group.