Only For Love (2023) Episode 10

Nov 17, 2023

Zheng Shuyi dressed up beautifully and came to the concert venue to wait for Shi Yan's arrival. It turned out that Qin Shiyue appeared in front of him, and Qin Shiyue said that he invited her to watch the concert. Only then did Zheng Shuyi realize that he had mistakenly identified her. After receiving his WeChat name, he was annoyed that he was careless and righteous, but he could only attend Song Lelan's concert with Qin Shiyue. What Zheng Shuyi didn't expect was that Shi Yan was actually watching the concert.

During the concert, Zheng Shuyi and Qin Shiyue talked about her emotional affair with a scumbag. She said that the scumbag looked at money rather than people just because the other person had a rich uncle, and she discovered that the other person had a younger uncle after going back and forth. The uncle was not bad, and Qin Shiyue decisively supported Zheng Shuyi in pursuing this rich uncle.

After the performance, Qin Shiyue accidentally saw Yu You and decisively asked her mother Song Lelan for some limited edition records to give to Yu You. Yu You also saw Zheng Shuyi, and the two agreed on an interview time next week. Shi Yan, who accidentally saw the two of them, thought they were meeting to watch a concert together.

Because Shi Yan was jealous, he wanted to ignore Zheng Shuyi who was taking a taxi alone, but when he saw Zheng Shuyi's sprained foot, he felt soft-hearted and had to drive Zheng Shuyi to the hospital. When Zheng Shuyi arrived at the hospital, he deliberately blamed Shi Yan for his foot pain and being unable to walk. The domineering Shi Yan directly carried Zheng Shuyi to the hospital for examination. Zheng Shuyi deliberately exaggerated the pain to make Shi Yan feel distressed. However, Shi Yan overheard Zheng Shuyi and the doctor complaining about his callousness, so he simply asked the nurse to take Zheng Shuyi out of the hospital in a wheelchair. However, Zheng Shuyi was afraid that the cat would accidentally reveal that the foot injury was fine. He had no chance to be hugged by Princess Shiyan.

On the way back, Guan Ji asked Shi Yan to contact his ex-girlfriend for filming. Shi Yan directly complained about his ex-girlfriend's poor acting skills and not the good acting skills of the people in the car, which made Zheng Shuyi extremely embarrassed. After sending Zheng Shuyi home, Shi Yan came to have dinner with his sister Song Lelan and his daughter. He learned from Qin Shiyue that Zheng Shuyi had invited her to watch a concert tonight, and he knew that he had misunderstood Zheng Shuyi and Yu You. Qin Shiyue noticed that Shi Yan had a different attitude and guessed that her uncle must be in love. She decided to find out who her uncle was in love with.

Zheng Shuyi asked Shi Yan about the medical expenses of going to the hospital. Shi Yan took the opportunity to add Zheng Shuyi's WeChat message. Zheng Shuyi acted coquettishly and wanted Shi Yan to treat him to dinner tomorrow. Shi Yan thought of the banquet tomorrow night and decided to let Zheng Shuyi attend as a female companion.

The next day Zheng Shuyi went shopping to prepare clothes for the dinner, and unexpectedly ran into her ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou and his girlfriend Qin Lezhi while shopping. She informed Qin Shiyue of this matter, and Qin Shiyue decisively came to support. Zheng Shuyi and Qin Lezhi tried on the same dress in the same store. Zheng Shuyi looked better in this dress because of her fair complexion and slim figure, which made Qin Lezhi even more angry. But then he tried several clothes, but Zheng Shuyi wore them better. In order to overpower Zheng Shuyi's momentum, Qin Lezhi asked Yue Xingzhou to buy all the clothes he liked. At this time, Qin Shiyue came to the clothing store to support Zheng Shuyi and decisively bought the clothes that Zheng Shuyi had tried on. This move directly made Qin Le angry.

When Zheng Shuyi came home, he happened to see Shi Yan who came to pick him up. Shi Yan praised Zheng Shuyi for looking particularly good today, which made Zheng Shuyi feel happy. Zheng Shuyi arrived at the banquet venue and found out that Shi Yan had brought her to an elder's family banquet. She followed Shi Yan to the banquet, causing many people to speculate that she was Shi Yan's new girlfriend.

Qin Lezhi was dissatisfied that Yue Xingzhou did not buy clothes for him today. Yue Xingzhou had to explain that he was planning carefully for the future. He also said that after Qin Lezhi's uncle arranged for him to go to Mingyu to work, he would buy all the clothes Qin Lezhi wanted to buy. give her. Because Yue Xingzhou saw Zheng Shuyi today, he had second thoughts again. He took the initiative to contact Zheng Shuyi, which made Zheng Shuyi very distressed about this scumbag ex-boyfriend.