Recap Chinese Drama "My Girlfriend is an Alien season 1" Episode 4

Sep 22, 2022

Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng Hospital coexist in one room, cold food poisoning, continuous fermentation

Chai Xiaoqi gave him a cold meal, but he did not refuse it. Instead, he gave the whole meal. Chai Xiaoqi arranged the lunch box to leave, and did not forget to let the party cold hit the five-star praise. Chai Xiaoqi’s forefoot just left, and the body was cold and discomfort occurred. Jiang Xue came to Fang Leng’s office and saw the rice on the table before she knew that the cold seafood was allergic. Fang Lengzhi’s name shouted Jiang Xue’s name, and Jiang Xue repeatedly tried to find out if he remembered himself. At this time, Xiaoqi was forgotten to return to the office because of the car key. And took the party cold to rush to the hospital. Xiaoqi wanted to use super powers, but as long as he was around, he couldn’t make super powers. Xiaoqi was forced to walk out of the company with his side cold and just took a taxi. The car has not been going for a long time, and the traffic is blocked. Xiaoqi looked at the motorcycle in the distance and decided to use the car to go to the hospital.

Xiaoqi carried the party cold, and suffered a car accident on the road. At this time, the earth was caused to cause Fang Leng and Xiaoqi to escape. The party was so confused that he couldn’t believe the facts in front of him. He took the hand of Xiaoqi and decided again and again. Xiaoqi did not hurry, but when he was in the bag, he was safe and sound, and the two of them arrived safely at the hospital.

Fang cold fainted in the past, Xiaoqi worried about the cold condition, and asked again and again this is peace of mind. Dr. Zhang advised Xiaoqi to leave early, but it does not mean not pursuing legal responsibility. Xiaoqi just left, and Fang Leng woke up. Jiang Xue worried about the cold condition of the party, and came to greet him, but he was rejected by the party and he left without talking a few words. The chairman of the board knew that Fang Leng had entered the hospital and went to visit with Zhou Ayi. Aunt Zhou’s younger brother told the party’s chairman that Zhou Ayi indicated that he was looking for a Chinese medicine conditioning. The chairman of the board recognized her statement and arranged for the matter to be dealt with by Zhou Ayi.

Chai Xiaoqi looked at the party cold, when two doctors broke into the door, Xiaoqi was flustered and left. When I was cold, I realized that the doctor was not normal. The cold condition continued to deteriorate. Then they poisoned the cold medicine and made him lose his mind. Fortunately, Xiaoqi rushed back in time, which succeeded in saving Fang Lian’s life.

Chai Xiaoqi returned to the store, and Chai sister did not know the truth. Xiaoqi told Chai Jie that Fang Leng had just eaten his own food before entering the hospital. Chai sister refused to believe that the abalone, lobster and other medicinal materials were listed one by one. Xiaoqi told Fang Leng that it was seafood allergy, and this was in the hospital. Chai Jie persuaded Xiaoqi Day and Night to accompany her party, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. In the evening, Xiaoqi took the quilt and swayed to the cold ward. Fang cold grateful that Xiaoqi saved his life, and did not intend to pursue her responsibility, let her go home early to rest. Xiaoqi turned his head and was ready to leave. He looked at the back of the cold and lonely, and his heart suddenly mixed. On the grounds of danger on the road, Xiaoqi persuaded Fang to stay here for one night.

In the evening, Xiaoqi looked at the cold and sleeping, and his mouth was slightly upturned. Xiaoqi gave the party an illusion of starry sky, and the entire ward was colorful and full of starry illusions. Fang Leng was attracted by everything in front of him, and the two were in this room, calmly opposite. Fang Leng looked at the innocent little seven in front of her eyes, tentatively holding her hand and holding her in her arms. The starry sky dissipated again, but the condition of the two is undergoing subtle changes.

Fang Lie came to the hospital to find a cold, but Fang Leng did not answer the phone, Fang Lie had to turn around and leave. At this time, Jiang Xue just came to the hospital and saw Fang Lie’s sound and shadow, and followed Fang Lie all the way. Fang Lie said that Jiang Xue did not look at the road while driving, but he was shocked to see Jiang Xue coming back again. Jiang Xue should blame Fang Lie for blaming himself, hoping to win his forgiveness. Fang Lie did not put it in his heart. After the two of them chilled, they returned to each other.

Dr. Zhang informed that the cold is about to rain, which will cause the memory of Fang Leng to lose memory again. If you forget her, you will forget yourself. Xiao Qi said that if someone left himself, he would selectively forget him. After listening to the cold, I was very lost, but I still accepted it silently. Fang Leng came to the memory management room and wanted to repeatedly determine the heterosexual population in the near future. Fang Leng directly opened the memory of Xiao Qi, and the picture in front of him could not be dissipated in the cold mind. Dr. Zhang came to propose to avoid the heavy rain, otherwise the condition will be more severe and affect the body function. Fang Leng vetoed his point of view and decided to avoid it for a while. The strange man called Jiang Xue, saying that he had found the memory management room of Fang Leng, and only destroying it would make the party forget everything. Jiang Xue made him not allowed to act rashly, and he was not allowed to move without her instructions.

Xiaoqi returned to the store, and Chai sister told Xiaoqi store that she was forced to close the door, and she planned to go out for a few days on vacation, leaving Xiaoyiyi to watch the store in the store. Xiaobu gradually wakes up, it swears that Xiaoqi should not be emotional to the beautiful man. If you want to reopen the store, you can only find the party to help, only Fang Leng clarified to the reporter, this can make the rumors not break. Xiaoqilai came to the company to find a cold, and Fang Leng refused to chat with Xiaoqi and hurried away in a car.

The cold poisoning continued to ferment, and many reporters surrounded the third floor and three floors. Xiaobu tempted to persuade Xiaoqi to leave, but Xiaoqi firmly indicated that he would clarify the matter, otherwise it would not affect the store. Xiaoqi was alone in the encirclement of the reporters. Fang Leng saw the news on the TV station and risked death to find Xiaoqi in the store to solve her urgent needs.