Recap Chinese Drama "Thousand Years For You 2022" Episode 2

Sep 22, 2022

Qingquanzhai came to Xinji Sedan, trying to make up for those losses. However, Yu Dengdeng fell in love with Lu Yan, and wanted him to replace the young master of the Lu family into the Qingquan Village. As she said that, she still caressed Lu Yan's face recklessly, but she was forced out of the hospital with a look from him. Yu Dengdeng felt that things became more and more interesting, and he made up his mind to marry Lu Yan.

A group of people quietly climbed to the roof of Xinji Sedan, trying to inquire about the situation inside. I don't know where a cloud of black mist flew straight towards Yu Dengdeng. It happened that Deng Deng vomited a mouthful of blood, scaring the black fog away. Afterwards, Yu Dengdeng secretly came to Lu Yan's room, intending to stun him and carry him back to the cottage. Unexpectedly, things went so smoothly. When Lu Yan woke up, he was already lying in Yu Deng Deng's room.

At night, Yu Dengdeng went to the courtyard to see Lu Yan, but as soon as he entered the door, he saw the sea being thrown out of it. Yu Dengdeng angrily wanted to go in and ask for his guilt, but he didn't expect Lu Yan to come over. Seeing Lu Yan, Yu Dengdeng's anger was extinguished in an instant, and a smile appeared on his face. Lu Er, who has always been articulate, was speechless in front of Lu Yan. Several people were talking, but Lu Yan didn't mean to give in. Yu Dengdeng was so angry that he had to take out the marriage certificate he signed and sealed, threatening him to marry if he didn't. But Lu Yan was still unyielding and left without saying a word. Yu Dengdeng was burning with anger, and no longer "pity fragrant and cherish jade". But she seemed to have forgotten that she was not Lu Yan's opponent.

When the two were fighting, Lu Yan accidentally saw Yu Dengdeng's dagger engraved with the word "Yu", and was stunned for a while. Yu Dengdeng noticed that something was wrong with Lu Yan, and quickly stopped, but the dagger had scratched his hand recklessly. Several people persuaded each other with good words, but Lu Yan did not respond. Suddenly, Lu Yan agreed to stay.

When Gu Beixi, a patron of Nanfengzhai Village, learned that Yu Dengdeng was going to get married, he had mixed feelings in his heart, and he was at a loss for a moment and went out of his way. The whole stockade knew that Gu Beixi was interested in Deng Deng, but the person involved couldn't see the slightest feeling.

Daqian took Lu Yan to visit Qingquan Village, and told him not to go to the hot pot courtyard. Qingquan Village faces a cliff in the east and mountains and rivers in the west. It is open to evil in all directions, and small fortunes are broken. It seems that the layout is vulgar and chaotic. Just thinking about it, A Xin suddenly came in. Yu Dengdeng was not annoyed, and even held a banquet.

At the banquet, Yu Dengdeng gave all the meat to the sea and ate the glutinous rice cake with relish. Lu Yan suddenly recalled the past, the first time Yun Xi ate glutinous rice cake, he passed it to him. Lu Yan moved his chopsticks to start, but he was stopped by the sea unexpectedly. Hai Hai motioned for the others to bring a bowl of porridge and a bowl of pickles, and put them in front of Lu Yan deliberately. Seeing that Lu Yan was a little annoyed, Yu Dengdeng explained on the side that if he wanted to eat something delicious, he had to pay more. Having said that, Yu Dengdeng also attacked Lu Yan, causing him to split the table in half in a rage.

In fact, Yu Dengdeng knew that the reason why Lu Yan agreed to stay was because of the emblem on the dagger of Qingquan Village. At this point, Lu Yan had no choice but to cooperate with Dengdeng. Seeing that Lu Yan cooperated properly, Yu Dengdeng also answered his questions very frankly. After chatting for a long time, Lu Yan felt that the identity of Yu Dengdeng's father Yu paralyzed was very suspicious, and there must be some secrets hidden in Qingquan Village.

As night fell, Lu Yan quietly came to the hot pot courtyard, trying to find some clues, but was caught by Lu Er. Not only did Lu Er not stop him, he even invited him in to check it out. There are many remains of ancient mythical beasts in the courtyard, but there is no breath of Yunxi.