Recap Chinese Drama "Thousand Years For You 2022" Episode 3

Sep 22, 2022

Faced with Lu Er's cross-examination, Lu Yan's answer was flawless, and he couldn't find the slightest flaw. Lu Er could only stare at him fiercely, warning him that if he dared to treat Deng Deng badly, he would take him as a question. But as soon as he turned around, Lu Er revealed his true form, and his hands and feet were trembling with fright. Lu Er couldn't help reminding Deng Deng that Lu Yan was too complicated, and it was really dangerous for her to marry him so rashly. But Dengdeng has already identified Lu Yan, and even if it is for his family background, he will marry him.

Daqian has always been unfamiliar with the fact that the head of the village is a woman. That night, taking advantage of the wine, he talked about his thoughts to the moon. A Xin suddenly appeared and asked him about Qingquan Village. Daqian was on the verge of drinking, and he confessed without hesitation. It is said that when Yu Dengdeng was less than three years old, he contracted a strange disease and lost his anger overnight. The owner of the old village asked God to worship Buddha and tell his ancestors, but he caught one by the lake in the deep mountains the next day. A life-saving bird. Legend has it that this divine bird is lingering with immortal energy, covered in golden feathers, and I am afraid that no matter how long it grows, it will be able to speak human words. The old village owner boiled the divine bird soup and poured it into Yu Dengdeng.

When Yun Xi's spiritual knowledge is combined, he will turn into a golden bird, but he is eaten by Yu Dengdeng. Hearing this, Lu Yan was angry and annoyed. God seemed to feel his anger, and a gust of wind suddenly blew. Fortunately, if the spiritual consciousness is not scattered, it can still be extracted from the host's body.

While Dengdeng was asleep, Lu Yan came to her room and wanted to probe her spiritual sense. Unexpectedly, Yu Dengdeng noticed it as soon as he started. Yu Dengdeng turned over and pressed Lu Yan under him, and wanted to take advantage of him. Seeing this, A Xin hurriedly used the spell to make Deng Deng dizzy. Yu Dengdeng fainted and died on Lu Yan, and Lu Yan also felt Yun Xi's spiritual consciousness.

Deng Deng woke up from a sweet dream and hurriedly talked to the sea about what happened last night. Just as he was talking, Lu Yan came, and the purpose of coming was to urge the wedding. Since Lu Yan opened his mouth, Deng Deng of course had to go to the city immediately to do it. Along the way, Lu Yan bought a lot of things. Deng Deng has always had a good face. Although he was shy, he still signaled to Lu Yan to buy what he wanted to buy. Between shopping, Deng Deng came to the photo studio, handed the wedding invitation to Uncle Ya, and told him to bring a camera to his wedding.

On the way back, Deng Deng always felt that his sedan chair was shaky and uncomfortable, so he asked to change it with Lu Yan. But she never thought that this move was actually a trap set by Lu Yan. The convoy came to a forest, and suddenly the smoke filled the air, making it difficult to see the direction. Deng Deng noticed the abnormality and quickly got off the sedan chair to check, but there was no one else around, only Lu Yan came from a distance. After some testing, Lu Yan couldn't retrieve Yun Xi's spiritual consciousness in Deng Deng's body. The two were about to leave, but a few savages flashed out of nowhere and surrounded them. Lu Yan was about to take action when Gu Beixi, who was hiding in the distance, fired a shot at the savage. Lu Yan noticed the abnormality and quickly protected Deng Deng so that Gu Beixi could shoot without any scruples.

After a while, the wild people fell to the ground one after another. I thought the matter was over, but the savage who was shot suddenly got up again, his face was hideous and a little scary. Deng Deng stood in front of Lu Yan without thinking, but he was bitten by a savage and passed out. Lu Yan knocked down the savages with one palm, and found that there were other spiritual races here. On the other hand, the brothers in Qingquan Village were also attacked. Fortunately, A Xin shot in time, which did not cause a major disaster.

Five hundred years ago, a hunter accidentally swallowed the spiritual consciousness of the spirit clan, causing the spirit clan to be furious. The spirit clan forcibly took out the spirit clan, but it dissipated. And the spiritual consciousness of the spiritual clan is extremely yin, and it is just like protecting the candle flame in the wind, unless the spiritual bones are taken out on the night of the full moon. But if the body dies, the spiritual consciousness will also disperse. That is to say, to protect Yu Dengdeng's life before the full moon. Coincidentally, there is an ancient keel hidden in the hot pot courtyard. It's just that the gate of the courtyard is restricted, and Lu Yan can't enter. Just when Lu Yan was at a loss, Deng Deng came to him. Lu Yan tested Deng Deng and learned that the Yu Family Ancestral Hall could only be opened on important festivals.