Recap Chinese Drama "Thousand Years For You 2022" Episode 5

Sep 22, 2022

According to the rules, Lu Yan had to serve the big rooster with tea. Lu Yan thought it was ridiculous, how could he be so humiliated as a big man. At this time, those who opposed Yu Dengdeng stood up and roared, and Dengdeng was annoyed, saying that if he did not want to, he would not do this ceremony. But the man insisted on doing things according to the rules of Qingquan Village. He wanted to say something else, but his throat seemed to be blocked, and he couldn't make a sound.

When night fell and the ceremony was over, everyone gathered together and had a good time. Lu Yan sat on the main table, his face was cold and there was no smile at all. When some guests saw Lu Yan like this, they couldn't help but murmured behind their backs. Seeing this, Deng Deng quickly stepped forward to help Lu Yan out of the siege, picked up the wine cup and drank it all at once. A Xin was worried that if Zhao Dengdeng drank like this, Yun Xi's spiritual consciousness would be damaged. Lu Yan felt that this statement was reasonable, so he stopped Deng Deng's wine glass and drank it for her.

After drinking and eating, everyone surrounded the two newcomers into the bridal chamber. Seeing that the couple closed the door, those people still refused to leave, lying beside the door to watch the fun. Deng Deng put his feet against the head of the bed, slowly shook the head of the bed, and made a "squeak" sound. Lu Yan didn't understand why she acted like this. Deng Deng explained that if he did not do this, those people would look down on him in the future, and if he was looked down upon, Qingquan Village would be suppressed. Lu Yan felt a little moved when he heard this, so he took the initiative to take the job. Maybe out of sympathy, maybe out of guilt, he asked Denden what he wished.

Deng Deng only hopes that there will be less snow in Shu. She recalled that year, when there was a particularly heavy snowfall in Shu, she and her mother were building snowmen, waiting for her father to come home for the New Year. That was her only and last memory of her mother. If she had to have any wishes, she hoped that she could go back to the past and take a good look at her mother. Lu Yan sighed, then raised his glass to comfort Deng Deng.

Gu Beixi managed to escape, and as soon as he came out, he ran to Deng Deng and Lu Yan's bridal chamber. Here, Deng Deng wanted to have sex with Lu Yanhua, but unexpectedly something happened outside. A few people looked old in an instant, motionless like a scarecrow. Unexpectedly, someone came in at this time, and insisted that Qingquan Village took the opportunity to harm people in other cottages. Deng Deng stood up to deal with them, but unexpectedly those people suddenly moved, but they were all like monsters.

At this time, Gu Beixi had already arrived, and Lu Yan hurriedly asked him to take Deng Deng out. A Xin drove everyone out, allowing Lu Yan to deal with the monster without any scruples. After a while, those monsters were subdued one by one. Seeing this, everyone opened their mouths in shock. Lu Er thought that Lu Yan was a hunter, and hurriedly knelt down to salute. When the others saw this, they also knelt down.

The matter was finally resolved, but the people from the other cottages thought the excitement was not big enough, so they blamed each other and became suspicious. Gu Beixi had no choice but to announce to everyone that Qingquan Village was with him, and if anyone touched a hair, he would not let him go. Gu Beixi recalled the past, he did not believe that Lu Yan was a hunter, and guessed that what he was drawing was actually Deng Deng.

In order to let Lu Yan help Qingquan Village to tide over the difficulties, Deng Deng pulled his cheeks forward to show his hospitality, but Lu Yan remained unmoved. Deng Deng became angry and had to threaten to go down the mountain alone to investigate the monster. Lu Yan was worried about Deng Deng's physical damage, so he had to agree to be with her and let her take off her clothes. Deng Deng thought what Lu Yan was going to do to him, he hesitated for a long time before starting to do it. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan seemed to be unable to wait any longer, so he personally helped her unbutton her.