Recap Chinese Drama "A Romance of the Little Forest" Episode 7

Sep 22, 2022

Lv Jian asked when the beauty and Professor Zhuang were together. The beauty was a little embarrassed and couldn't tell; Lv Jian also heard that Professor Zhuang had a fan group, but it was a bit strange that he didn't leak any news. The beauty teased whether he was saying that Professor Zhuang was not worthy of him, but Lu Jian actually felt that it was right to say that. It happened to be heard by Professor Zhuang who came over, and Yu Meiren deliberately said loudly that it seemed that Professor Zhuang really wanted to thank him. She saved his life. Lu Jian was also very curious about whether Professor Zhuang's expression was so dull when he was with her, and the beauty said no. Professor Zhuang has quite a few expressions, but he likes to frown. At this time, Lv Jian realized that Professor Zhuang was already standing behind him, saying that he was very unrighteous. Yesterday, he said that he didn't know any peerless beauty, but today she has become his girlfriend. Zhuang Yu came over and said coldly that maybe we have different perceptions of beautiful women, which made them a little embarrassed, so Lu Jian asked to add that Professor Zhuang was obsessed with plants, and his understanding of other things might be a little bit worse. The beauty said that Zhuang Yu was like entering the room of Zhilan, and he didn't smell its fragrance for a long time. Zhuang Yu thought that she would give himself gold.

The beauty also teased whether he was jealous, but Zhuang Yu left before she could finish speaking. Tiantian sent her a message excitedly. This was her favorite scene in the TV series. At this time, the scene of inviting the heroine to dinner was playing on the TV. She quickly made a move to the beauty. The one who can speed up the contract relationship is the father Mom is playing a love scene in front of her, and she also told her to update the information at any time tomorrow. Here Jin Xi painted a picture for Tiantian, asking everyone to find a way to find her, and also made an excuse to sign her.

That day, the beauty and Zhuang Yu made an appointment to go up the mountain together. He had been waiting for a long time, but he couldn't enter the mountain because of the rain today, so he took him home for dinner. Parents have prepared a large table of meals in advance, and parents also ask a few questions from time to time during meals, but every time, before Zhuang Yu can speak, the beauty answers for him first. But Zhuang Yu almost made a slip of the tongue later on, but Zhuang Yu helped round it up. Dad Yu also asked Zhuang Yu what she liked about the beauty. Originally, the beauty thought she was going to reveal her secrets, but he looked at the beauty with affection and said: I like her simple and direct, dedicated, reckless, lively personality, clever in doing things, my parents listened Very happy later. After dinner, I went to the yard to eat fruit. My parents also showed him pictures of the beauty as a child. From the food, I could tell which one was her when she was a child. Yu's father and Yu's mother especially liked Zhuang Yu, the son-in-law.

After that, Yu Meiren also thoughtfully sent fruit to Zhuang Yu, so that he could buy one get one free for his return service, and accompany her to the Full Moon Wine tomorrow. However, Zhuang Yu told her that she had already used the opportunity to eat, and the beauty explained that it had been raining for the past few days, and he could not go up the mountain. It was so boring to stay at home alone. Unmoved. I could only tell him that she didn't want to go, and she thanked him for not exposing her, but Zhuang Yu still didn't say a word.

Yu Meiren was picking grapes with Tiantian. Jin Xi called her and sent her a picture to send her a missing person notice. After hanging up the phone, Yu Mei and Tian Tian were stunned when they saw this picture, how could they tell who it was. The beauty also shot a pastoral video in the grape shed.

The next day, the beautiful man was downstairs waiting for Zhuang Yu to come down, and told him that the beautiful woman had gone to the full moon banquet and asked him to take a leave. He also wanted him to visit the glorious history of the beautiful woman as a child. Although he refused at first, but later I still looked at the photos and listened to the beautiful man talking about her childhood. Zhuang Yu guessed that these were shown to him by his younger brother, because he knew that the beauty cares so much about the past and should not be seen by others. Later, Zhuang Yu still went to the full moon banquet, and called the beauty Xiaomei in public, telling everyone that Xiaomei's boyfriend was always with him.

The beauty also asked Tiantian to help take care of Zhuang Yu first, and then went to the toilet by herself.