Incomparable Beauty 2023 Episode 20

Sep 17, 2023

Zhang Qing seldom worked overtime since her mother came to Beijing. When she needed to work overtime, she worked overtime at home. She accidentally saw the content of WeChat chatting between her mother and younger brother Zhang Qiang. Only then did she know that she was being plotted by her mother and younger brother. Beijing is to find out if they have any money, and they want to use some money to renovate the house in their hometown. Zhang Qing collapsed instantly. She had a quarrel with her mother, which happened to be heard by Yu Jiaen at the door of the house. Zhang Qing has spent all her savings to buy a house for her younger brother. She will not let her family treat her like this anymore. One is to sever the relationship between mother and daughter and she will go back to her hometown now, and the other is that she will continue to live for a few days and never mention the renovation fee.

Zhang Qing's mother was so angry that she went back to the bedroom to lie down. After Yu Jiaen tentatively made a phone call with Zhang Qing, she went back when she knew she could go home now. During lunch time, they went out to eat roast duck together, and happened to meet Hao Chenshi and Xu Yao downstairs. Hao Chenshi's large-scale wife chasing scene turned into a large-scale car rollover scene. He first recognized his mother, but unexpectedly, he was mistaken for Xiao Li. However, this did not affect the few of them eating together.

On the way, Zhang Qing's mother kept asking Hao Chenshi how much the car cost, what job he did, and whether he had bought a house in Beijing. Zhang Qing hated his mother's face very much. When several people were eating together, Zhang Qing's mother deliberately called her real name Zhang Chunfen at the dinner table. Zhang Chunfen left angrily. Yu Jiaen wanted to help Zhang Qing speak, but was refuted by Zhang Qing's mother. Zhang Qing's mother went out to chase her daughter without a coat. Hao Chenshi chased her out to deliver the coat, and heard the conversation between Zhang Qing's mother and daughter. Zhang Chunfen was not just a rustic name, but a past that she tried her best to get rid of. Hao Chenshi knew that Zhang Qing's current life was hard-won, and he might have an unhappy family of origin, so he didn't stay away from Zhang Qing, on the contrary, he loved her even more.

The dinner broke up badly, and only Xu Yao and Yu Jiaen were left. Fortunately, the two of them had settled down. After they were full, Xu Yao went to pay the bill, and the medicine in his jacket fell out. Yu Jiaen checked the name of the medicine and found out Xu Yao has a mental illness, which was probably caused by the failure of starting a business. She suddenly softened, and her attitude towards Xu Yao was actually a little gentle. After coming out of the restaurant, Yu Jiaen took the initiative to invite Xu Yao to take a walk together. Yu Jiaen told Xu Yao that she will always be a friend he can turn to for help.

Li Nianhuan proposed to her parents that she would go to Beijing to work, but she was educated by her father. Originally, her father had arranged for her a future path, but now she is so self-willed. Fortunately, Li Nianhuan's mother supported her daughter this time. She knew The daughter spent the first half of her life obeying her family's arrangements. After all, a person must have a chance to be self-willed. Since the child wants to go to Beijing, why can't he try it? Although his own child has little experience, he is not a waste. Li Nianhuan's mother warned her husband that if he disagreed with Li Nianhuan's going to Beijing, he would get a divorce. In the middle of the night, Li Nianhuan's father reflected on his behavior. He wrote a long paragraph to Li Nianhuan. As a father, he was ashamed. He didn't ensure a good marriage for his daughter, so he wanted to pave the way for her in the future, but he ignored the child. He has grown up and is a person with independent personality. He agreed with Li Nianhuan to go to Beijing to do what he wanted to do.