Behind Your Touch (2023) Episode 12

Sep 17, 2023

Mr. Cha walks inside his office without noticing the Shaman, leaving him outside where he breaks down. Ye-boon and Shaman have a conversation where he shares with her about his parents’ death that was caused by Cha. He tells Ye-boon that he wanted to kill Cha but failed to do so. Ye-boon understands the Shaman’s pain and doesn’t confide about the day to anyone.

Ye-boon starts to gather information regarding the re-development fraudery that cost lives including that of her mother’s. But all she finds is Cha Ju-man’s name everywhere. When she asks Ok-hee’s father about the case, she learns that Cha, who should have witnessed against the former assemblyman, didn’t come forward. This makes her want to know why Cha didn’t witness and help people.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol and Jang-mook keep crossing paths and they both settle down to explain the reasons. Over a rock, paper, scissors game, Jang-mook tells Jang-yeol about the redevelopment scam and about Sun-woo being the son of the lost chairperson. Jang-yeol then states his reason behind following Sun-woo (him believing he is the serial killer) to Jang-mook only to receive mockery.


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Later that night, the Shaman packs his bag and leaves for a prayer as he feels guilty for his move on Cha. Jang-yeol, on his way back home, sees Ye-boon sitting on the staircase. She requests him to check on the vehicle accident file dating to 2005 as she wants more info regarding her mother’s death. Cha’s assistant overhears this conversation and informs about it to him.


The following day, Jang-yeol picks up the accident file and visits the spot. Ye-boon joins him there and he tells her how everything given in the report aligns due to Cha’s testimony. Ye-boon wonders how the case would have turned out if Cha hadn’t testified. When she returns home, she finds Cha sitting at the dinner table, talking to her family members. When she joins them, all get a negative feeling from Cha, leading him to leave their place. Before leaving he triggers Ye-boon’s grandfather.

Through her pet’s memories, Ye-boon looks at how Cha manhandled her grandfather. When she confronts her grandfather regarding Cha and her mother’s death, her grandfather shuns her asking her not to meddle. This upsets Ye-boon and she goes to the seashore to clear her mind. Jang-yeol finds her there and gives her the needed comfort.

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When Ye-boon goes to Ok-hee’s house to sleep, she reveals about Cha and her mother’s death. The next day, Ok-hee plans to get Cha drunk and she successfully does it. This allows Ye-boon to read his memories and she indeed finds the truth regarding her mother’s death. Apparently, Cha was threatened by his upper men and so out of no chance, he drugged Ye-boon’s mother and pushed her car into the ocean. Ye-boon gets highly upset and takes the drunk Cha to his office, throws him on the sofa, and leaves.

Previously when Jang-yeol was following Sun-woo, the latter found out about it and sarcastically taunted him. Hence Jang-yeol made Dok-hee follow Sun-woo. At the police station, Jang-yeol and Jang-mook discuss regarding Sun-woo and the killings. When they dig deep, Jang-yeol comes up with a theory that all the victims betrayed people and this could be why Sun-woo killed them (since his mother was betrayed). But Jang-mook denies the theory by stating that Sun-woo didn’t know their stories. But Jang-yeol believes that if he is a psychic, he would have known.

Dok-hee calls Jang-yeol and informs him that Sun-woo left early (Dok-hee fails to notice priorly). This panics Jang-yeol and he rushes to Cha’s office only to find his dead corpse on the sofa and Ye-boon’s grandfather lying bloodily on the ground with the knife. The police arrive and declare Cha Ju-man dead while Ye-boon’s grandfather gets admitted to the hospital.


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Jang-yeol visits Sun-woo at his workshop and tries to argue with him but the latter subtly talks and proves he was at the workshop for the past hour. At the hospital, Jang-yeol asks Ye-boon to touch her grandfather and read his memories to see what happened but she declines out of fear. In the news, media posts that Ye-boon’s grandfather is the killer making Ye-boon and Hyun-ok worry. Jang-yeol then stresses Ye-boon to give it a try as he believes her grandfather is not the killer since he has Parkinson’s.


This new information shocks Ye-boon and she realises her grandfather indeed loved her but due to his illness, he suffered to express himself. At the hospital, Jang-yeol helps her get inside and she tries to touch her grandfather. He opens his eyes and holds her hand. The two share a brief moment before her grandfather passes away holding her hand. The police arrest the Shaman as the new suspect and the episode closes.

Behind Your Touch Episode 12 Review

This episode makes one wonder whether Sun-woo really is the killer. Because Jang-yeol’s theory of betrayal did apply since Sun-woo might be the psychic. Previously there was a scene where Sun-woo looked like he could read a person. What if he read the victims and understood their betrayals? However, why did he have to stab Ye-boon’s grandfather? What if he isn’t the killer but a psychic trying to find the killer?

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Since the shaman is arrested, there are chances that he could have killed Cha and stabbed Ye-boon’s grandfather out of fear. But again, why should he kill the rest? Speaking of the streamer Sia, he could have killed her after witnessing her attitude but why would he murder the other victims?

There is either someone hiding within Mujin in plain sight or the serial killer could be Sun-woo or the Shaman. Since there are only four more episodes to go, the killer will be known in the next two episodes. Hopefully, the reveal will be mind-blowing because so far the series is just too good!