Dear Mr Hermitage (2023) Episode 2

Sep 17, 2023

Su Shiyu tried his best to make a strategy to win Lin Wei, and her friend Bai Ruan asked her to think about her own advantages. Lin Wei is an extremely outstanding person. He graduated from a prestigious foreign university and was included in the Forbes Under 30 elite list. This also means that Lin Wei has no time to fall in love. There are still 27 days before the one month given by Lin Dong, Su Shiyu carried her makeup bag and went out to attack Lin Dong early in the morning.

Today is the day when Lin Dong and Lin Wei came together to pay homage to Lin's mother. Lin Dong mentioned that Lin's mother hoped that he could return to the company and lead Haowei Coffee one step forward. In fact, Lin Dong's situation is not very good. Now the company is in chaos, and Jin Xingchen is almost pushing him out. As soon as the words fell, Jin Xingchen also came, and satirized Lin Dong's hypocrisy both openly and secretly. Su Shiyu took the PPT to attack Lin Dong, but Lin Dong drove him to attack Lin Wei. Su Shiyu first apologized and thanked for what happened before, but in the end he accidentally hurt Lin Wei. Su Shiyu hurriedly took advantage of the opportunity of helping him put on the Band-Aid to get close to Lin Wei, but she suddenly realized that it was not Lin Wei who was captured but herself. Director Lin was very satisfied with this. After all, he thought that Lin Wei was different from Su Shiyu, so he simply asked Su Shiyu to live on the mountain for a few days, and asked her to send Lin Wei back by the way. Lin Wei's obsession is to grow Eleven Lixiang and taste the original taste again. Su Shiyu waited for a long time before Lin Wei came out of the cemetery, but he rejected Su Shiyu's invitation and walked back on his own.

Su Shiyu drove down the mountain depressedly, but who knew that the car broke down on the road. During the rescue time, Su Shiyu took a dragon fruit from the field and pressed the money under the stone with bricks. Lin Wei passed by and took a look, and Su Shiyu accidentally injured his forehead again. Su Shiyu begged Lin Wei to accompany her to wait for the rescue, but was misunderstood by Lin Wei that she did all this for the sake of cooperation. Su Shiyu admitted angrily, but she said that Lin Wei is an ordinary person, and she will definitely fall in love with her . Lin Wei repaired the car, but when they left, the atmosphere between the two was a little delicate.

The studio was put up with a rental list, Chen Xiangxiang appeared to pretend to be mocking, and Shuyue stepped forward to help Su Shiyu go back at the critical moment. The company has not billed for three months, and the rent has to be paid. In fact, Shuyue has always wanted to resign under the urging of his mother, but he never had the chance every time.

Shuyue and Su Shiyu came to Linwei's hut together. His house has no lights, but uses kerosene lamps, and everything looks back to basics. Su Shiyu wanted to get to know him, so he set up a tent in front of his house, calling it a camping place just in front of Lin Wei's house. Su Shiyu gave Lin Wei a pastry as an apology for the last car repair, and then used an excuse to have a meal. Even if Su Shiyu couldn't eat Lin Wei's simple food, he had to eat it hard. Bai Ruan sent her condolences and sent her a love book by the way. In order to take down Lin Wei, Su Shiyu still used his sneering tricks.