Dear Mr Hermitage (2023) Episode 3

Sep 17, 2023

Su Shiyu's carefulness was really useless in front of Lin Wei, but Su Shiyu was not discouraged, and tried his best to create opportunities, and even followed him to find the abbot to debate the scriptures. Lin Wei kept saying that Su Shiyu couldn't bear the hardships in the mountains, and advised her not to waste time on such fruitless things, but obviously, Su Shiyu didn't listen to Lin Wei's words.

Early the next morning, Su Shiyu stood at the door to greet Lin Wei, and then borrowed the bathroom at his home. Seeing that Lin Wei was cooking, Su Shiyu volunteered to help, but the result was a mess. Su Shiyu, who was hungry, looked around for restaurants, only to find that Lin Weizhong's mulch had been damaged by a dog. The two overheard that the instigator of this incident was a villager who was not used to Lin Wei. When the two sides quarreled endlessly, the village head appeared. It turned out that the village head was an uncle who Su Shiyu had accidentally helped before. Lin Wei didn't pursue this matter, so neither did the village chief. More than 90% of the village relies on growing coffee beans for their livelihood, but Lin Wei's obstruction of tea plantation seems to have something to do with his mother.

Lin Wei went to the canteen to get a message from the shop. Seeing that he was going down the mountain, Su Shiyu volunteered to see him off. Lin Wei refused again, but the bus broke down, so Lin Wei had to take her car down the mountain. Su Shiyu waited for him in the car until Lin Wei's matter was resolved before sending Buddha to Xi to send him back. In the middle of the night, Lin Wei brought mosquito coils, which solved the problem of many mosquitoes in the mountains.

For the next period of time, Su Shiyu has been working hard to integrate into Lin Wei's life and develop his habits, but Lin Wei opened the door that day and found that Su Shiyu had disappeared. When the bank called, Su Shiyu had no choice but to come back to collect the debt. After Bai Ruan's reminder, Su Shiyu thought that he could help Lin Wei and save the hero. Lin Wei's problem is that he has a bad relationship with the villagers, and the tea seeds are always destroyed, so Su Shiyu helped Lin Wei organize a party for the villagers. Lin Wei was a little surprised to see Su Shiyu appearing again. He really didn't believe that what Su Shiyu did was useful, but Su Shiyu still warmly invited him to join in, and the result was surprisingly good.

At the end of the party, Su Shiyu took advantage of the drunkenness to face the difficulties and kissed Lin Wei, and then lost consciousness when he turned his head. The next morning, Su Shiyu woke up at the door of his house, but Lin Wei was not in the house, and he was nowhere to be seen. When Su Shiyu was looking for someone, Lin Wei was holding his breath in the water. He had to admit that he was moved by Su Shiyu. Hearing Su Shiyu's voice, Lin Wei went into the water again to hold his breath. Su Shiyu suddenly sat on the bank to deal with work, and Lin Wei couldn't hold back before he surfaced. Su Shiyu took a picture of him with his mobile phone in a wicked way, but accidentally fell into his arms.

After being seen by the passing aunts, Su Shiyu and Lin Wei soon received condolences from the seven aunts and the eight aunts. Su Shiyu was so hungry that his stomach hurt, and finally decided to cook for himself, Lin Wei didn't intend to help. The village head and Uncle Hua heard the rumors in the village, and came to Lin Wei angrily, saying that they had seriously affected the atmosphere in the village, and asked him to move away as soon as possible.