Watch: Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yool, And Kim Kyung Nam Stay Playful While Filming Intense Scenes On Set Of "Connection"

Jun 6, 2024

SBS’s “Connection” has shared a making-of video!

“Connection” is a crime thriller starring Ji Sung as Jang Jae Kyung, a well-respected detective who is the ace of the narcotics unit. Jeon Mi Do stars as Oh Yoon Jin, an opinionated and outspoken reporter who works at a newspaper. Kwon Yool portrays prosecutor Park Tae Jin, who is known as the brain among his friends, and Kim Kyung Nam stars as Won Jong Soo, the vice chairman of Geum Hyun Group, who has both money and power.

The newly released making-of video unveils the secrets behind the intense scenes of the previous episodes.

In the observation room scene, Kwon Yool and Kim Kyung Nam demonstrate their professionalism while watching others being investigated for Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo)’s death. They initially exchange hearts, showcasing their playful side, but seamlessly transition into their characters’ serious roles once the cue is given. Despite their villainous on-screen personas, off-screen, they reveal their mischievous and humorous sides. For instance, Kwon Yool exaggeratedly bends his legs to accommodate a shorter makeup artist, jokingly saying, “This is more me teasing you than being a gentleman,” eliciting laughter. Meanwhile, Kim Kyung Nam, engrossed in sightseeing on set, doesn’t notice the camera and, when he finally does, immediately pretends to be busy reading the script.

Ji Sung also shows his quirky side behind the scenes. He shares jokes with his fellow narcotics unit members and demonstrates a tender affection toward a child actor, engaging with the child at his level and finding him adorable. During scenes with Jeon Mi Do, Ji Sung lightens the mood by suggesting her character needs more exercise. These lighthearted moments provide viewers with a refreshing break from the intense drama, adding a touch of joy and relief.

Check out the full making-of video below!

The next episode of “Connection” will air on June 7 at 10 p.m. KST.



source: Soompi