The Science of Falling in Love 2023 Episode 5

Mar 16, 2023

Originally, Su Chengcheng had promised his classmates to pass on the cheat sheet, but Xiao Yuhe's appearance completely disrupted the plan, the girl who wanted to cheat gave Su Chengcheng a look, and Su Chengcheng secretly complained, this deadly enemy will not publicize his personal revenge.

As a result, during the exam, the student who asked for a cheat sheet kept sending out secret signals. Su Chengcheng shook his head and explained that he would not be able to answer the last two questions. Xiao Yuhe saw clearly on the podium, he didn't want anyone to disturb Su Chengcheng's exam, Su Chengcheng used the microphone on the podium to remind the girls who wanted to cheat to abide by the discipline of the examination room.

At the end of the exam, Su Chengcheng was afraid that Xiao Yuhe would cancel her grades for cheating, so he hurriedly blocked Xiao Yuhe's way and asked if she was included in the cheating list, explaining that he really didn't do anything. Xiao Yuhe kept silent on purpose, coldly, and then walked away. Su Chengcheng was still very bad at first, but suddenly saw a basketball guy next to him bump into Xiao Yuhe, and Xiao Yuhe fell into the trash can by accident, Su Chengcheng laughed so hard , This scene should be the most embarrassing time for Xiao Yuhe, and Su Chengcheng recorded the whole process of Xiao Yuhe struggling while sitting in the trash can, and posted it on the official account. The video was uploaded ups and downs. Yu He covered his mouth and smiled. Finally, God let the humble Su Chengcheng vent his anger.

On this day, the senior brother asked Su Chengcheng to help take care of the monkeys in the laboratory. The monkeys are very rich in neurons, and of course they are an indispensable part of the laboratory. Su Chengcheng was very curious when he heard that, and immediately took a basket of bananas to feed the monkeys. Unexpectedly It was this monkey who was too much of a thief. When Su Chengcheng was feeding bananas, he took the key in the basket, threatened Su Chengcheng with his teeth and claws, then opened the cage and escaped smoothly.

The senior sister heard that Su Chengcheng went to feed the monkey and hadn’t come back for a long time. When she rushed to check, she found that the monkey had put the key in its mouth. It took a lot of money to raise this monkey, not only in money but also in time. The teacher severely criticized Su Chengcheng and reminded him that a vote would be held soon.

In order to continue to stay in the laboratory to earn credits, Su Chengcheng started to please every comrade in arms in the following days, all kinds of delicious snacks, all kinds of snacks to win over, just to win a precious vote, seeing Zhang Xixi playing Xiaoxiao , and always failed to break through the barriers, Su Chengcheng, who couldn't hold back, immediately showed his skills and helped Zhang Xixi succeed in breaking through the barriers.

Su Chengcheng went to the laboratory to get the materials, but the teacher in charge had already applied for incomplete materials and refused to distribute them. It would be very time-consuming to find the teacher again without signing. Su Chengcheng was hesitating whether to go out, but found that Xiao Yuhe did not get the application at all The materials were borrowed. Su Chengcheng was not convinced, and asked the teacher why Xiao Yuhe could do it. The teacher said that Xiao Yuhe was a graduate student and had been in the laboratory for many years, but Su Chengcheng's face was very strange. The teacher asked Xiao Yuhe if he knew this girl, and Su Chengcheng had no choice but to tell Xiao Yuhe Yuhe gave his eyes, Xiao Yuhe replied coldly, he knew him but he was not familiar with him. This answer made Su Chengcheng's teeth itch with anger, this is the person he mistakenly thought was the best date, so bloody, so ruthless!

Su Chengcheng took several large bags of bedding for the laboratory. Originally, Xiao Yuhe kindly pushed the car to take Su Chengcheng back, but Su Chengcheng deliberately got angry and told him to leave quickly, don't let the dog take the mouse. As a result, after waiting for a long time, I finally received the moped from the uncle, and I pedaled three times back to the laboratory. I don't know that the good guy even made a small video of Su Chengcheng kicking three rounds. Many people are going crazy saying that Su Chengcheng is so hardworking, he is really a promising young man in the contemporary era. Su Chengcheng can't laugh or cry about this, anyway, Xiao Yuhe It's completely cold now.