Royal Rumours 2023 Episode 1

Mar 17, 2023

In the winter of the 30th year of Changlong, there was a great battle between Jin State and Jin Po. General Hua Yingting and his wife Chang'an Hou Wei Mingyue led the Hua family army to capture Jin Po General Awa alive and defeated Jin Po. The officials of the court were afraid of the Hua family's power, so they used their meritorious service to cover the master's head and played frequently. Emperor Changlong, in order to calm the rumors and calm people's hearts, used an imperial decree to seal the Hua Liuli, the youngest daughter of the Hua family, as the county head, and asked her to go to Beijing first to feel Yujing is prosperous. Having said that, everyone knows that once Hua Liuli enters the capital, she will become a proton. Before Hualiuli arrived in Yujing, many people in Yujing were already very happy. The three civil servants, Tian Shangshu, Yao Shilang and Zhu Yushi, were ready to buy a copy of Hualiuli.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was going to welcome Hua Liuli with the three adults, but Hua Liuli's carriage had already entered the city, but His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was still missing. Jinpo's five assassins wanted to assassinate Hua Liuli, but only four came. Hua Liuli appeared in a weak posture, everyone was amazed, they didn't expect Hua Liuli to be so weak. When the assassins attacked, Pei Jihuai had received the instruction from the crown prince Ji Yuansu in advance, so he mingled among the common people and shot down the two assassins without leaving a trace. Afterwards, Ji Yuansu led people to arrive, the assassins fled when they saw this, and there was another little five assassin who arrived too late, but bumped into His Royal Highness and was surrounded by his men, who caught him and beat him hard.

Hua Liuli pretended to be fainted by the wind, and Ji Yuanshou went into the carriage to find out, but found nothing unusual about Hua Liuli, but he ordered his attendants Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba to take Hua Liuli to the house in the western suburbs of Yujing. , did not let her go to prepare for the next Hua's house. The maid Iris didn't know why Ji Yuansu did this, so she asked Hua Liuli if she had offended him. Hua Liuli said frankly that she just learned to write when she was a child, and wrote many letters to her father's princes and ministers, and she and Ji Yuansu are veritable pen pals. When we saw each other today, Ji Yuansu also found that this fragile Hua Liuli was completely different from the person in the letter. They arrived in the western suburbs, where the houses were wild and desolate.

When Hua Liuli saw the word Huafu on the plaque, she knew that this was the old house of the Hua family, and the plaque was handwritten by her grandfather. It's just that after the Hua family left Beijing and rushed to the battlefield, the old house was defeated like this. Yuanwei is very afraid of this place, but Hua Liuli thinks it is much better than a tent. Living in a corner may not be a bad thing, it is better than being watched everywhere in Yujing. Hua Liuli asked Yuanwei to dress herself according to the popular hair accessories and costumes in Yujing in the book, and then the two went out through the dog hole, avoiding the guards at the door, and went straight to Jinling Garden in Yujing. They heard two women chewing Huajia's tongue behind their backs in Jinlingyuan.

Iris is not calm, but Hua Liuli needs to pay more attention. She refuted a few words about Tian Jiamin, the daughter of Tian Shangshu, and then accepted the mediation of Jin Lingyuan's servant, and stopped arguing with them. Many of the faces in Jin Ling Court are Ji Yuansu's informants, and if there is any trouble in Jin Ling Court, Ji Yuan Su will know. He soon learned about Tian Jiamin's dispute with others, and he immediately got up and said he wanted to go out to get some air. Yun Han, the musician of Jinling Garden, appeared in plain white clothes, with a handsome appearance and elegant figure, and he acted like a banished fairy, making many women in Jinling Garden scream.

Hua Liuli was also a nympho, but she soon sobered up. Iris's eyes were already staring, so Hua Liuli went to find a musician to inquire about the situation of officials in Yujing. Not long after she came out, she met a man wearing a mask. Musician, the voice is a little familiar, she still walked forward with the musician.