Royal Rumours 2023 Episode 3

Mar 17, 2023

Seeing that the Hua family's Iris was recruiting workers, Pei Jihuai watched the fun, but she was selected by her, so he and the rest went to the Hua family to work, sweeping, moving trees and things. Pei Jihuai returned to Ankang Court after finishing his work, suffering from severe back pain. Pei Jihuai informed Ji Yuansu of Hua Liuli's movements one by one, but Pei Jihuai could only see the surface, thinking that Hua Liuli was just a weak and weak woman, and she would pour hot tea for the workers herself, serving people with kindness and kindness. . Pei Jihuai returned to Huafu to work not long after staying in Ankangyuan, but Hua Liuli dismissed him. Yuanwei was puzzled, but Hua Liuli and Song Guang had already discovered that Pei Jihuai's identity was different, and it was very likely that he was from the Prince's residence.

When Pei Jihuai returned to Ankangyuan, he was so depressed that he drank alcohol straight away. He was a dignified young minister of Dali Temple, but Hua Liuli dismissed him. That night, the Jinpo assassin stunned the guards arranged by Ji Yuansu near Hua's house, and sneaked into Hua's house secretly. The Huafu courtyard had already set up an array, these assassins encountered obstacles everywhere, only one person approached the house, and was finally arrested. The next day, Ji Yuansu looked at the memorial that his father had sent to him, and found that it was all trivial matters of the parents, so he threw the memorial aside after a glance. Someone came to report that an assassin had been caught in Huafu, and Ji Yuansu rushed to check immediately. Ji Yuansu was not stupid, he saw that there was a mystery hidden in this courtyard, Hua Liuli was still acting, Ji Yuansu reminded her that she would face the saint tomorrow.

Seeing Ji Yuansu's reaction, Hua Liuli also knew that these formations had been discovered by him, and she had to be more careful tomorrow. Ji Yuansu retrieved the potatoes from Huafu, Pei Jihuai looked at the cut surface of the potatoes and knew that Hua Liuli used the potatoes as a hidden weapon, which can be described as ingenious. Ji Yuansu further believed that Hua Liuli was not that simple, and that the beauty must have a deep city under her skin. On the day of entering the palace, the three scribes of the Jin Kingdom had already prepared the memorial for the participation of flowers and colored glaze. Hua Liuli was dressed plainly, deliberately made her face and lips pale, so that everyone would think she was weak. It was just unexpected that Ji Yuansu entered the carriage, saying that he was going to send flowers and colored glaze to the palace to face the saint instead of Iris. Iris had no choice but to hand Hua Liuli a few bottles of medicine to him, and then got off the carriage.

The king of England, Ji Yuanhao, wanted to go to court before Ji Yuansu, and galloped through the downtown area. To avoid him, the Hua family's carriage ran over a stone. Because of this stagger, Ji Yuansu slammed into Hua Liuli. , The two are very close, almost skin-to-skin. The palace people around the Holy One pass that Hua Liuli, the youngest daughter of the Hua family, entered the palace. Hua Liuli is careful everywhere, and her words are even tighter. She said that everyone treated her very well after she came to Beijing. She also specifically called Tian Shangshu and Yao Shilang, and it was difficult for the two of them to take out the memorial for a while. But they still have a second plan. Tian Shangshu took out the memorial of Lin Huizhi, a doctor of Yinqing Guanglu, and presented it to His Majesty. Lin Huizhi met Hua Liuli during his exile. Finally, let Iris overturn his meal.

This memorial delivered by Tian Shangshu is Lin Huizhi's impeachment of Hua Liuli for acting perversely and arrogantly. Yao Shilang and Tian Shangshu accused Hua Liuli of disrespecting the former court officials, and the ministers at the court talked a lot, while Ji Yuansu kept silent to see how Hua Liuli would respond. After hearing what the ministers said, the emperor also felt that Hua Liuli's move was inappropriate, so Hua Liuli knelt down, thinking about how to resolve it.