The Legends of Changing Destiny 2023 Episode 8

May 25, 2023

Since Panshi broke through the bottleneck, the Taoist temple has regained its tranquility. On this day, Qingfengzi returned with a frosty and lifeless face, but unfortunately, everyone did not notice the strangeness. Lingyunzi came here to apologize to the elder brother, and started a long speech, until Qingfengzi opened his mouth, Lingyunzi finally stopped.

Although the rock is already in the state of accepting the gods, the delusions in his body have not been cleared, so for the next period of time, he has to be shackled and restricted in freedom. Feng Ling came to deliver food to Pan Shi as usual, but he couldn't help him yearn for freedom. Instead, Yang Lan found the key to undo the shackles, and explained to him the practice of the Way of the Walker.

Seeing the frolicking scene between Yang Lan and Pan Shi, Feng Ling couldn't hide her disappointment and left, sitting alone by the river, annoyed that she would only hinder Pan Shi, and could not compare to Yang Lan's help to him. For a moment, canaries flew from all directions, silently surrounding Fengling, comforting her wounded heart.

That night, Hongmeng Xinmo observed the blood moon, and then activated his demon energy. The gold and silver boys of the Wuji Temple cast spells to destroy the barrier of Wankong Mountain, causing the surrounding monsters to go crazy. They fought with the disciples of Wankong Mountain and completely disrupted the defense of the ancestor of Jiekong. Qingfengzi, whose mind has been controlled by Hongmeng's heart demon for a long time, pretended to visit his master, but in fact secretly assassinated him when he let down his vigilance. Fortunately, Patriarch Xie Kong had already expected it, and had notified Ling Yunzi before that to prepare a countermeasure.

Feng Ling was controlled by Hongmeng's heart demon, and deliberately lured Panshi to go to the Puppet Valley, and jumped into the alien space without hesitation, and his eyes suddenly turned blue, just like a canary. Pan Shi lost his mind for a moment when he saw this, and followed her forward in a daze. At the very moment, Yang Lan appeared and grabbed Pan Shi, summoning his mind back.

However, Fengling clung to the rock and insisted on dragging him to the end of the alien space, Yang Lan also refused to let go. While the two sides were tugging at each other, Panshi suddenly saw Canary and his friends from the monkey clan, and reminded him not to follow Fengling. Because of this, Pan Shi woke up the wind chime, and the next second, a surging air burst out, almost swallowing the three of them.

At the same time, Patriarch Jiekong and Qingfengzi fought several times, and finally Qingfengzi's soul was scattered, Hongmeng's heart demon suffered a backlash, the attack was indirectly blocked, and Wankongshan was finally out of crisis. Ling Yunzi, Yang Lan and the others set up Fengling and talked about what happened last night. Panshi looked at Fengling in a coma, his mind was full of those blue eyes, and he was curious about her relationship with Canary.

Fairy Nishang personally sewed golden clothes and soft armor for Beichen, but Beichen avoided seeing her, and later flatly rejected her kindness and asked her to leave with her things. But when the neon clothes were crumbling and about to pass out, Bei Chen subconsciously held her in his arms, and accidentally discovered that the white jade hairpin she had treasured for thousands of years was the gift he had given her back then. Taibai Jixing saw this scene, and couldn't help but come up with a plan.

Now Kunlun Mountain is in the hands of Baimei Daoist, Patriarch Xiekong and him through letters, arranged for Ling Yunzi to take Yang Lan and Pan Shi to Kunlun Mountain to stay for a while. It should be an apology as a gesture of goodwill, and the second is to put an end to Hongmeng's heart demon's coveting of Panshi.

Patriarch Xie Kong called Pan Shi over, and was relieved to see him improving rapidly while still cultivating his mind. He gave him a cloud stick as a weapon, and promised him that if he practiced hard in Kunlun Mountains, he would learn it when he came back. Any kind of magic. Panshi proposed to learn Jiuzhuan Dafa and Meteor Cloud, but he was shocked that Master Jiekong would readily agree, and couldn't help but share the good news with Fengling.

But before leaving, Lingyunzi warned Fengling not to be emotional with Panshi, because he and Yang Yan belonged to the same kind of person, and in the end there were nothing more than three results, namely a hero in the world, a scourge in the world, and death. So in Ling Yunzi's view, no matter which one is full of blood and killing, there are many bones under the feet of the road of practice, which is why Qingyunzi and Dantongzi are so afraid.

After Lingyunzi, Yang Lan, and Panshi set off, Patriarch Jiekong immediately asked Dantongzi to quickly open the Mitian Formation to hide the whereabouts of Lingyunzi and the three of them, while Qingyunzi wanted to erase all traces of Panshi. A while later, Zi Xin, a disciple of the Wuji Temple, came to visit, and the Patriarch Xie Kong deliberately avoided seeing him, and played chess with the Wuji Holy Venerable.

Zixin followed the disciples of Wankong Mountain to visit the Taoist temple, and used Xuantian beads to sense secretly along the way, but there was no golden light, no trace of rocks, only a faint blue light in front of the disciples. After Hongmeng Xindao learned about it, he was thoughtful. At this moment, Patriarch Xiekong told Qingyunzi about the general situation, saying that if there is a fission in the heavenly way, he will have another round with the saint, betting on the future of the common people, and dying epigenetic.