Back From the Brink (2023) Episode 23

May 26, 2023

Yan Hui politely rejected Bai Xiaosheng to tell him not to have too much hope for her, besides, she doesn't want to get involved in the next relationship now, the matter of Tian Yao is enough to bother her. Leaving Bai Xiaosheng's residence, Yanhui found Tianyao waiting for him outside, Yanhui asked him why he was here, Tianyao explained that Bai Xiaosheng beat him himself, and used a bitter trick to deceive her sympathy, Yanhui felt that the Bai Xiaosheng's character is capable of doing such a thing, but Tianyao's change also surprised her. After all, the former Tianyao didn't bother to explain such things. Tianyao said that he was afraid that Yanhui would misunderstand him, and Yanhui felt that Tianyao It was implying that he liked her, but thinking of what Tian Yao had done before, when she refused to show her love, she judged that she must have thought too much.

Due to Zhao Yu's obstruction, Huan Xiaoyan and Zhuli were restrained everywhere. Huan Xiaoyan laughed at Zhuli, a prince of Qingqiu, but got mixed up to this extent. Zhuli had already planned, and the villains hiding in the dark would definitely want to get You Ming. With the gift, they can sit on the sidelines and wait for the rabbit, without worrying about thieves not coming to the door. Huan Xiaoyan looks at Zhuli with admiration. Early the next morning, Yan came back to check on Bai Xiaosheng's residence, and found that he was even more serious than yesterday. Bai Xiaosheng lied that his real body was controlled by the master of black energy, so he had been tormented by the black energy, and Yan replied that he believed it was true. He comforted him by saying that he would help him get rid of the black energy when he mastered the Nether Fu, Bai Xiaosheng secretly laughed, this bitter trick really worked.

Bai Xiaosheng begged Yanhui to go to the cold spring, and Yanhui took him with him. Anyway, she and Tianyao had nothing to hide, and Tianyao was unhappy when he saw it. Yanhui was shivering from the cold, so he began to look for the stone that made him warm yesterday. Tianyao couldn't bear it, so he used his kung fu and showed his real body to warm Yanhui, but Bai Xiaosheng saw the flaw, and Bai Xiaosheng deliberately trampled on it. In order to relieve the hatred in his heart, he was unexpectedly warned by the Lord of Black Qi in the next second, and Bai Xiaosheng was so scared that he left quickly. But Tian Yao fainted because of expending a lot of physical strength, Yan Hui hurriedly stepped forward to check and helped him to the shore.

Yan Buhuo mistakenly thought that the two were being lazy, and he understood what was going on when he saw Tianyao's weakness. He told Yanhui that Tianyao would suffer unbearably pain on the night of the full moon because of his incomplete health. The ice spring came from the source of the Heihe River. Being the most yin and cold thing, Tianyao still exercised his kung fu to warm the goose back in his frail condition. It would be strange if he didn't faint, but he is fine, just rest for a while and he will be fine. After listening to Yan Bupu's explanation, Yanhui was deeply moved, and gradually felt Tianyao's sincerity towards him. She blamed Tian Yao for being too stupid for keeping herself warm regardless of her physical condition.

Another entourage of the Lord of Black Qi met with Bai Xiaosheng and wanted to replace him to complete the task. Bai Xiaosheng wanted to get in the way and didn't want him to easily get the Nether Gift, but he was not as strong as the other party, so he could only let it go. Huan Xiaoyan and Zhu Lilai acted as Yan Buhuo's guards. On the one hand, they protected You Mingfu, and on the other hand, they wanted to use this bait to find the thief hiding in Qingqiu. Zhao Yu sent a message to Zhuli on Chang Lan's behalf, he went to the study, Zhuli couldn't resist, asked Huan Xiaoyan to guard the door, and he would come back as soon as he went.

Yanhui didn't want Tianyao to help her to keep warm, so she put on cold clothes to soak in the cold spring. She also reminded Tianyao that if Tianyao wanted to fake the marriage, she should give up the idea as soon as possible. Step into the same rafting again, with the main road facing the sky and walking on each side. The man in black stunned Huan Xiaoyan and rushed into Yan Buhuo's room. Yan Buhuo was not an idler. Maybe it was the guard of the palace, because he could come and go freely in the palace. Fortunately, he left a hand and left a mark and smell on the man in black. As long as the man in black appeared, he could easily identify it.

After Yan Buhuo learned that Zhuli was called away by Zhao Yu, he became suspicious of Zhao Yu. In fact, his judgment was correct. The man in black was Zhao Yu. Mark, and tomorrow he has to attend the wedding ceremony, Zhao Yu is thinking about how to deal with it. The next day, Yan Buhuo stood guard in front of the palace early, not letting anyone who entered the palace go. Tianyao held the marriage letter he asked Yan Buhuo to honor Shi Mo last night, with an unstoppable smile on his face On the other side, Yan Hui was still sleeping in. Huan Xiaoyan woke her up and got up to wash and dress up. Seeing the gold, silver and jewelry sent by Tianyao, Yan Hui was overjoyed and let Huan Xiaoyan put makeup on her face It turns out that the face looks good but it looks like a dead person. Thanks to Chang Lan's doctor who came to deliver the wedding clothes, she found that she hastily changed Yan Hui's makeup to avoid making a fool of herself in public.

Zhao Yu spoke ill of Yan Buhuo in front of Chang Lan, wanting Chang Lan to interfere with Yan Buhuo's inspection so that he could take the opportunity to pass, but Chang Lan told everyone to abide by the rules. The capital of the country celebrates Tian Yao's wedding. The camellia floated to the other side, Ling Fei was furious after hearing this, and decided that Qingqiu was deliberately protesting against the Taoist sect. Regardless of everyone's objections, she immediately ordered all Taoist sects to kill Heihe and attack Qingqiu.