Back From the Brink (2023) Episode 21

May 26, 2023

Although Yanhui tried to find a tacit understanding with Bai Xiaosheng, she would be willing to do it if she could only get the Nether Gift by becoming a lover, but Bai Xiaosheng really didn't understand Yanhui's preferences, even with Tianyao's assist, Bai Xiaosheng didn't agree. He gave some gold to Yanhui, but Bai Xiaosheng took her to the casino. He won a lot of money, but Yanhui lost everything. This made her feel very unhappy, even though Bai Xiaosheng wanted to win She was not happy when the money that came was distributed to her. The next day, Yanhui handed Bai Xiaosheng an IOU to distinguish the gambling debts owed to him. Bai Xiaosheng still felt good about himself, thinking that Yanhui had changed his attitude towards him. Yanhui felt that his time was running out. Wanting to try again in the secret realm, Bai Xiaosheng immediately agreed.

Huan Xiaoyan and Zhuli discovered that the compass had never been turned on since they arrived in Qingqiu. Huan Xiaoyan suspected that Zhuli could not control it at all. Zhuli accidentally triggered the mechanism, and the compass was turned on and flew away. Where there was black air, the two followed all the way behind, only to find that the compass had flown to the place where the Great Lord of Qingqiu was retreating, which made them puzzled. Could it be that the Great King had something to do with the black air. When the two wanted to go in to investigate, they were stopped by the guards. It turned out that Zhao Yu gave them the order. When the two wanted to force their way in, Zhao Yu suddenly appeared. He grabbed the compass and used his true energy to destroy it. , Zhuli and Huan Xiaoyan fought desperately, but the compass broke in two, and Zhuli was heartbroken. Zhao Yu drove them away on the grounds that he could not disturb the big country major.

Bai Xiaosheng took Yanhui to enter the screen again, but found that the screen was flickering and dark, and the state was extremely unstable. Tianyao had been paying attention to the movements of the two of them. He followed and wanted to help Yanhui get back the Nether Fu. After Fu healed his body, he would disappear immediately. Yan Hui couldn't refuse his sincerity, so he agreed to go with him. Bai Xiaosheng had complaints in his heart, but he couldn't disobey Yan Hui. The three of them entered the secret realm together and found that it might collapse at any time. It is best to quickly take out the Nether Fu. Yan Buhuo was puzzled to see that the three of them came together this time. He concluded that the three of them were emotionally related, so he asked a question To test the tacit understanding of the three, if one of the three knows what the other two are going to do together, Yan Hui's promise is to turn around and leave, Bai Xiaosheng wants to break up the other party, and Tian Yao chooses to bless them, Yan Buhuo's answer was the same as Tianyao's, but the three of them didn't have a tacit understanding, so Yan Buhuo could only choose to refuse them to continue to pass the level.

Yanhui couldn't get the Nether Fu, which was unacceptable to Tianyao. He took out the red flame dragon tooth and threatened Yan Buhuo. Yan Buhuo could tell at a glance that he was the Linglong Tianyao, but even so he couldn't change the rules. Yao had no choice but to send him out of the secret realm. Although the method was inappropriate, the three of them passed the first level. Bai Xiaosheng had been failing in the first level before, and he hadn't seen what the second level looked like. They saw an eight-character prompt on the second level. , "After walking this road, you can pass the level", it seems simple on the surface, but there is a mystery hidden in it. The three of them entered the passage one after another, but found that no one around them was there, and what appeared in front of them was a forward passage, so they had to grope their way forward. Not long after, Xuelin, the wife of the lord of the country, appeared in front of the three of them, persuading them to return the same way, otherwise they would be trapped in it, and said that their companions had already returned. Moving forward, only Bai Xiaosheng chose to retreat.

Firm belief and trust in their companions allowed Tianyao and Yanhui to pass the level smoothly, and they reappeared in the secret place of the first level, but soon after they found that each other slowly disappeared, and then the two entered their own illusions. Yanhui appeared at the gate of Chenxing Mountain, and the elder brother ran out to greet him. Then Tianyao beheaded the disciples of Chenxing Mountain with a fierce look on his face, and Ling Xiao asked Yanhui to kill Tianyao with the Nether Fu in his hand. Tian Yao came to the top of the snow-capped mountain, facing the child of Yan Hui who killed the dragon elves, Chang Lan also took the Nether Talent to ask Tian Yao to kill Yan Hui, Yan Hui was the first to find out that something was wrong, and the master and senior brothers usually did not treat him like this Her own, she guessed that this was the third level test, so she stepped forward and embraced Tian Yao to break it, while Tian Yao used her body to block Yan Hui's sword, and used the same method she used to stab Yan Hui back then. Give it back to her, and then he kissed Yan Hui, and the two used this almost identical intimacy mode to break through the illusion and pass the third level smoothly.

As a reward for clearing the level, Xue Lin finally appeared and explained the meanings of these levels one by one. The first level is compassion, the second level is trust, and the third level is trade-offs. Finally, she gave the Nether Fu to Yanhui , I hope that the two can practice hard and finish the unfinished business between her and the king.