The Legends of Changing Destiny 2023 Episode 7

May 25, 2023

The puppet valley is surrounded by cliffs, but wolf tooth grass grows in the cracks of the wall, and the wind chimes don't care about their own safety. They climbed up and finally picked up herbs, but they fell heavily to the ground in the next second. The three of them were almost swallowed by quicksand, and Panshi rescued Yang Lan subconsciously, putting him and Fengling in danger, but fortunately, Lingyunzi rescued him in time.

After making sure that everyone was safe and sound, Ling Yunzi finally felt relieved and couldn't help complaining about Yang Lan's presumptuous assertions. Feng Ling wakes up and sees Pan Shi who is guarding the bed, and hugs him excitedly, while Pan Shi comforts him patiently. Yang Lan sees this scene and feels uncomfortable.

Yao Cunxin's escape from Baihai coincides with the Tanabata festival in the world, and he can't help but miss her husband Yang Yan, so she teases the shrimp soldiers and crab generals and flees to Yuelao Temple. Looking around, the temple was full of incense, and faithful men and women worshiped sincerely. Yao Cunxin found that most of these people were old couples and young wives or old wives and young husbands.

Because of this, Yao Cunxin drew his sword and slashed at the altar, smashing the Yuelao statue to relieve his anger. Yuelao appeared out of nowhere and questioned Yao Cunxin's intentions, and the two sides fought hard. Originally, Yao Cunxin was not Yuelao's opponent at all, but Yang Yan secretly helped him all the way, and Yuelao fled angrily when he was defeated.

Then Beichen came to Yao Cunxin, persuading her to obey the emperor's order and return to Baihai, otherwise today's incident will definitely spread to the heavenly court, and Yang Yan might be affected. Sure enough, Yao Cunxin missed Yang Yan, no matter how reluctant he was, he had no choice but to hold back his thoughts and return to Baihai. When Yao Cunxin left, Bei Chen emphasized to Yang Yan that they were not friends, let alone enemies, and that he should not know about his secret assistance to Yao Cunxin.

In order to fulfill Fairy Hanwei's dream, Nishang came down to earth to light the river lanterns for her at the Qixi Festival. Beichen passed by the lantern banquet, watching the graceful dance of the high stage dancer, suddenly recalled the past. In the vast sea of people, it is a pity that things are different and people are different. Even if Nishang and Beichen meet again, they can only look at each other from a distance, and it is difficult to stay together.

With the passage of time, Yang Lan has prepared all the required materials, and the breakthrough period is close at hand. Panshi changed into a new set of clothes, and the scars all over his body were undoubtedly exposed. Every scar represented an unbearable past, but he didn't take it seriously at all, as if he had been used to it for a long time, and he didn't accept the wound medicine handed by Yang Lan.

It was early morning at this moment, and Yang Lan filled the large wooden bathtub with water, took out a red bead named Huoling and threw it into the water, and asked Feng Ling to add more than half of the wolf tooth grass until the rock sat in the barrel. The potion splashed, and the burning sensation spread all over his body. With his remaining consciousness, Pan Shi closed his eyes to absorb the spiritual energy.

After a long time, Pan Shi gradually became unable to hold on, Yang Lan gave him the elixir to maintain his physical strength, so that he would not collapse completely. The disciples hid outside to watch the fun, and they fell asleep waiting. Yang Lan took advantage of this to chat with Feng Ling, exposing her to take the Broad Spirit Pill to improve her cultivation last time to save Panshi. Although this kind of thing boosts people's motivation in a short period of time, it will lose three years of cultivation after that. Yang Lan didn't know whether to say she was stupid or infatuated, so she gave her her special elixir, which can still reduce the amount of the elixir. damage.

Qing Yunzi heard that his younger brother Pan Shi was going to use Spike Grass to break through the bottleneck, so he naturally had more worries in his heart, and felt that his master always showed dangerous tricks when educating Pan Shi, and not necessarily everything was for Pan Shi's sake, it was really true It puzzled him a lot. At the same time, Ling Yunzi reported the matter to Master Xie Kong, but he didn't know whether this time was a blessing or a disaster. Master Jie Kong believed that everything has its own destiny. If he is a knife, the more it is tempered today, the more it will be unsheathed in the future The sharper it is.

The wooden barrel was steaming, and Pan Shi gradually showed pain, insisting that Yang Lan increase the dosage of herbal medicine. Yang Lan threw all the Spike grass into the water, only to see Pan Shi rushing out of the barrel, as if he had symptoms of madness, and under Yang Lan's signal, he chased and killed his fellow disciples all the way.

Feng Ling wanted to step forward but was stopped by Yang Lan. Yang Lan said that the demon nature of the walker was aroused, and it had to be practiced to pave it. Dan Tongzi was bitten by Pan Shi after failing to suppress him, and wanted to kill him in a rage. Fortunately, Patriarch Xie Kong appeared in time to dissolve Pan Shi's demonic nature. Patriarch Xie Kong reprimanded Dan Tongzi sharply, and Qing Yunzi was not spared, and both of them were punished to kneel and think about their mistakes. Through this incident, Dantongzi and Qingyunzi had a great realization, and Qingyunzi even prepared a good pill to send to Panshi.