The Legends of Changing Destiny 2023 Episode 6

May 25, 2023

Breaking the veins of the Seven Swords means that all the tendons and veins of the whole body will be broken, and it will lose three hundred years of cultivation. It is unknown whether he can continue to practice. But even so, Yang Lan was unwilling to slander others to protect herself. No matter how Ling Yunzi tried to persuade her, she always refused without fear.

When Pan Shi woke up and heard that Yang Lan was being tortured for him, he immediately rushed to the Houshan execution ground to stop him, but he was no match for Dan Tongzi, seeing Yang Lan suffer the pain of the six swords in front of the public. Before the key sword fell, Ling Yunzi secretly cast a spell to stop it, but Yang Yan suddenly killed him, and he did not hesitate to fight against everyone in Wankong Mountain for his sister.

Fortunately, Patriarch Xie Kong showed up in time to stop the turmoil, and Yang Yan left with his younger sister first. Pan Shi asked Master why he accepted himself as an apprentice but refused to teach art, which made Yang Lan become what he is now. Patriarch Xie Kong said that he hoped that Pan Shi would learn the way of enlightenment, and only by cultivating can he protect the people he wants to protect.

After returning to Ling Yanli, Yang Lan lay weak on the bed and refused to see her brother. Feng Ling passed the message to Yang Yan on her behalf, hoping that he could understand Yang Lan. Considering that his sister was fine, Yang Yan bid farewell to Lingyunzi and was about to leave when he suddenly heard thunder in the distance, followed by heavy rain. Princess Yao Cunxin of the Third Dragon took this opportunity to express her miss for Yang Yan, but Lingyunzi Feeling emotional.

Here, Bei Chen deploys a plan and pays close attention to the conscription. He accidentally learns that Tian Nei and Fairy Han Wei have a private life-long engagement. The marriage is formed and the moon tree blooms. When the Dongchuang incident happened, the Heavenly Emperor and all the immortals interrogated him. The sky was terrified, and in desperation, they blamed Hanwei for forgiveness.

Hanwei was sad that she had entrusted her to no one, so she drew her sword and destroyed herself in anger. Before she died, she told Nishang not to follow in the same footsteps. When she died, and the Moon Tree Marriage Flower completely withered, Bei Chen pleaded with the Emperor of Heaven to remember Tian Nei's devotion to his duties and contributions over the years, so that she could be exempted from the death penalty. The Emperor of Heaven readily agreed, and handed over Tiannei to Beichen with full authority, which sounded the alarm for Beichen.

Qingfengzi sneaked into the Wuji Temple and discovered the fission of the Tiandao Stone and the conspiracy of Hongmeng's heart demon. Just as Qingfengzi was about to contact Patriarch Jiekong, his mind was controlled by Hongmeng's heart demon. Fortunately, at a critical moment, he sent the message of "Fission of the Heavenly Dao Stone" to Wankong Mountain, and Patriarch Jiekong immediately set up an enchantment around it.

The two monsters captured by Yang Lan earlier had nowhere to go, so they hid in the woods and begged Fengling to take them in. Seeing that they were really pitiful, Fengling promised to arrange a shelter. At the same time, Hongmeng Xinmo appointed Wuji Boy to deploy outside Wankong Mountain to monitor the movement inside Wankong Mountain. This scene was seen by Master Jiekong.

But the problem is that Hongmeng's heart demon knows that Patriarch Xiekong can see Wuji boy's whereabouts, so why does he go to such lengths to do these things? After thinking for a while, Patriarch Jiekong ordered Qingyunzi to assist Dantongzi in taking charge of Wankong Mountain. Ling Yunzi participated in the deployment of the guard, and Fengling rushed in to ask Qing Yunzi to take the little demon in and choose a safe place for them. It is also because Fengling asks Qingyunzi for something, which makes Qingyunzi very useful, but Lingyunzi is ridiculed by Dantongzi.

Yang Lan thinks of a way to help Pan Shi break through the realm of God, that is to find Spike Grass according to the prescription, but Spike Grass grows in the extremely dangerous Puppet Valley. The two sneaked into the Puppet Valley together and almost fell into the sky during the period. Fortunately, Pan Shi hugged Yang Lan tightly, and an inexplicable ambiguity arose at close range. After successfully landing, Yang Lan was ashamed and annoyed, and scolded Pan Shi for offending her. If he hadn't been useful, he would have smashed him to pieces.

Feng Ling and Ling Yunzi were looking for Pan Shi and Yang Lan respectively, at first they mistakenly thought that Dan Tongzi was waiting for an opportunity to retaliate, and Dan Tongzi was so angry that he wanted to beat Lingyunzi violently. Considering that the incident happened suddenly and in this special period, the senior brothers put aside their grievances for the time being and ordered all the disciples to search for the whereabouts of Pan Shi and Yang Lan.

In the end, Ling Yunzi and others found the handkerchief left by Pan Shi on the edge of the cliff, and concluded that he had entered the Puppet Valley. However, the Puppet Valley is an ancient battlefield left over from the Lich War. The spirit of the undead in the valley has not dissipated, and the situation is unpredictable. It has always been regarded as a forbidden area, and entering rashly may result in invasion. Fengling didn't think too much about it, and jumped into the valley directly. Sure enough, she met Pan Shi and Yang Lan. Knowing that they needed wolf tooth grass, she decided to help find it together.