Sweet and Cold 2023 Episode 5

May 25, 2023

Jiang Leilei's husband took out several documents, saying that it was a regular contract, and Jiang Leilei hurriedly signed the documents under her husband's urging. Leng Siming asked Li Donghai's family to take care of Leng Nuan because he went out temporarily. Leng Nuan came to Li Donghai's house and happened to meet Li Chenyang squatting at the door playing games.

On the other side, Zhou Yu, Mrs. Zhou and Meng Haotian came to the club one after another, and Fang Hui came out to entertain them as the host. Fang Hui apologized to Meng Haotian, saying that she wanted Xiao Rui to go bankrupt, but later she felt that she still had to think about the future, so she held today's party. Fang Hui told Meng Haotian that although Xiao Rui was unwilling to withdraw the lawsuit, he was already stretched. Not long after, Yuan Wenbin's fiancée, Shen Chunyi, also came to the club, and she kept hinting at the sweetness between her and Yuan Wenbin in her words, and kept quarreling with Meng Haotian. Li Donghai's home, Li Donghai said that Leng Nuan stayed in Sioux City to prepare for the college entrance examination, and asked Li Chenyang to tutor her in her studies every weekend.

Yuan Wenbin and Leng Siming also came to the club, and Shen Chunyi took the initiative to go to the door to hold Yuan Wenbin's arm. Yuan Wenbin was a little surprised to see Meng Haotian here. Xiao Rui said that he has already handed over part of the equity to Fang Hui, and he and Fang Hui will work hand in hand in their careers in the future. At this moment, Zhou Yu took the initiative to invite Meng Haotian to cooperate in front of everyone, and everyone raised a glass and drank together.

Later, Fang Hui, Mrs. Zhou, Meng Haotian and Shen Chunyi got together to play mahjong. Shen Chunyi mocked Meng Haotian for wearing brand-name shoes, and Meng Haotian cleverly refuted. In the billiards room, Yuan Wenbin and Leng Siming chatted while playing. Yuan Wenbin said that as an ex-boyfriend, she knows Meng Haotian very well. She looks weak but is actually very assertive. Leng Siming thinks that everything is in the past tense, at least for himself Meng Haotian is very good.

Fang Hui pulled Meng Haotian away from the mahjong table, and sat down to talk with Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui asked Meng Haotian to withdraw the lawsuit in exchange for a contract. Meng Haotian said that he did not plagiarize, and reminded Xiao Rui that he was still on the verge of a crisis of trust.

At night, Meng Haotian walked out of the clubhouse and happily told Pai Video staff that Ruida had withdrawn the lawsuit. Leng Siming snatched Meng Haotian's mobile phone and wanted her to stay in the clubhouse tonight. Meng Haotian couldn't grab the phone, wanted to leave but accidentally sprained his foot. Seeing Meng Haotian walking stubbornly, Leng Siming stepped forward to carry her back to his room. Since he couldn't get a taxi, Meng Haotian decided to stay in the clubhouse and asked Leng Siming to help him get the room card.

Meng Haotian walked to the balcony and unexpectedly met Yuan Wenbin in the next room. Yuan Wenbin questioned the relationship between her and Leng Siming, saying that he had made the wrong choice back then, and Meng Haotian told him that he had long forgotten about it. After Meng Haotian walked into the room, Shen Chunyi walked to the balcony and hugged Yuan Wenbin. Yuan Wenbin was in a bad mood, so he shook off Shen Chunyi and left the balcony.

In the room, Yuan Wenbin asked Shen Chunyi why he was in the clubhouse today, saying that he hated her sudden appearance, and Shen Chunyi admitted his mistake. Yuan Wenbin emphasized that he hates others acting smart and does not want Shen Chunyi to have frequent contacts with wives, Shen Chunyi admitted his mistake again. Yuan Wenbin told Shen Chunyi that although he and Meng Haotian broke up, they were still friends and work partners, and hoped that Shen Chunyi would stop thinking about it. Shen Chunyi said that she had no sense of security and could not control herself. Yuan Wenbin told her to be more sensible, and then left the room.

The noodle restaurant opened by Mr. Yuan, Mr. Yuan said that Leng Siming came to Lingzhi to study interpersonal relationships, which really made things difficult for him. The old employees of Lingzhi and Yuan Wenbin have a conservative way of thinking, and he will inevitably collide with them. Leng Siming Ming didn't care. Seeing this, Mr. Yuan asked Leng Siming to eat at the noodle restaurant more often.