Strong Girl Nam-soon – K Drama Episode 14

Nov 19, 2023

Shi-o gets highly mad after knowing Tsegtseg is Nam-soon and plots bigger plans. Na-young returns to the news station and looks perplexed. Geum-ju notices it and learns about Shi-o’s plans. She immediately makes use of her connections and saves Na-young’s little sister. As they planned, Geum-ju TV airs news regarding Doogo, and how the legal system is still dormant. Hee-sik and his team go to Geum-ju’s home where they’re provided with a secret bunker to work on the case.

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Nam-soon and Nam-in find their father hanging out with the bodyguards. They also learn that they’re leaving for Busan. The next day, at the press meeting, Shi-o says that the jacket news was a hoax given out by Geum-ju in vain. At Busan, Nam-soon calls Hee-sik and asks him to upload the video of the lab even if it costs her cover. Meanwhile, Hee-sik also receives the list of Doogo VIP clients. Nam-gil is recruited by the detective team to reveal the crimes of the judge who is handling Shi-o’s case. Hence the judge who is also into drugs is removed from the case, replacing him with the honorable Justice Lee.

On the other hand at the broadcasting station of Shi-o’s client, Hee-sik and his teammates plant the video evidence of the drug lab and air the news conveying about the drug business. This causes a big ruckus in South Korea and the detective team gets arrested for leaking such important videos.

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As they reach their guest house, Nam-soon finds joy when her Mongolian mother calls her name. All of them spend their time together and Nam-soon feels content with her family. The next day, Nam-soon and her Mongolian mother go out to explore Busan while Geum-ju visits the harbour to check on the import. To her surprise, she sees Song Bread standing there. They go to a cafe where he tells her that he is an orphan who sold chocolate pie in Russia and that he has no clue about Shi-o.

At the same time, Bong-go and Nam-in come to the cafe. Bong-go sees Geum-ju and Song Bread and misinterprets that they both are dating. He leaves the cafe and starts crying to his son as he can’t handle the fact his ex-wife is dating someone else. Joong-gan tries to legally split from her husband however he strongly declines. We then see Hwa-ja aka Myung-hee hanging out with her gangster guys. However, she looks completely different and seems to be living a happy life.

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She tells her mates that ever since her mother, Geum-ju started paying her school fees and helping her to live a good life, she’s finding solace. She then waves bye to them and leaves but sadly gets stabbed by a man. Then Shi-o comes to her bleeding body and looks at her with wrath. He watches her die slowly showing no mercy. Shi-o’s people also kidnap Jun-hee but thankfully Joong-gan saves him from them. Hee-sik and his team get released and they’re also assigned back to the drug case.

Shi-o hears about the new judge’s rule regarding arresting all of the drug ring people. He consumes the drug and kills the judge. He also uses Hwa-ja’s mobile to text Nam-soon that he has killed Hwa-ja and the next target is Nam-soon. Nam-soon becomes furious after reading the text and awaits Shi-o’s next move.

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Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 14 Review

Though Shi-o trusted Nam-soon and got betrayed by her, he isn’t a good man to start with. He is so ready to kill anyone and show no mercy if they go against him. His moves are extremely vile but little does he know he is against not just one but three strong women all ready to whack him out. Hwa-ja’s death brought sorrow as she just started to live a clean life. Sadly, Shi-o killed her and made her good future impossible.

Joong-gan and Jun-hee’s romance is such a unique concept and has been adding a comedy flavour. It’s also nice to see old people falling in love, showing love has no age. Overall the series is doing really well and has a neat plot. Let’s see what the finale holds!

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