Strong Girl Nam-soon – K Drama Episode 13

Nov 19, 2023

The episode starts with a heartfelt moment between our two protagonists, where Hee-sik shares how he is sad about the fact that he let his team leader die. But Nam-soon reassures him and they share a romantic embrace.

On the other hand, Geum-joo is waiting for Na-yeong, her secretary, to present the news, but she texts Geum-joo that she is not feeling well and won’t be able to come that day. But, we see how she actually got knocked out, and that’s why she couldn’t make it. 

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 13 Recap and Review: Shi-oh Showcases All his Secrets To Nam-soon

Na-yeong then wakes up in her car and finds out that she has been drugged by the Shi-oh’s people and now she will have to do anything and everything he says.

 Other than that, the news that Shi-oh has been selling drugs and got assistance from major high reps of Korea became sensational information after it was broadcast on Geum Ju TV. 

Later, we also see Hee-sik getting berated by his superior for going against his order. But Hee-sik does not lose his cool, and he points out how he’s the one who is doing actual work rather than protecting drug lords like Shi-oh.

In the office, Nam-soon risks herself and gets Shi-oh’s phone so that she can copy all the data. She managed to put it back on his desk before he caught her but, she was seen by her superior when she was talking to Hee-sik on the phone about it. It is also shown that Nam-soon will get a proper tour around the lab where the drugs get made.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 13 Recap and Review: Shi-oh Showcases All his Secrets To Nam-soon

But another key situation that happens alongside, is that Shi-oh has selected some assassins to eliminate members of Nam-soon’s family. And the first target is the Joong-gan, whom the assassins think is the easiest of all.

Nam-soon continues her work of getting information out and even manages to learn that every month on the 25th at Busan port, her company gets shipments from Taiwan and the Philippines. This might be important information that can help later. 

Towards the end of the episode, many things happen, and it is most likely that Na-Yeong has worked just like Shi-oh has told her to. I suspect this because Geum-joo’s face was shocked when Na-Yeong was reading the news. There is another major revelation, but I think it’s better to leave that part so that you can watch the show to see for yourself.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 13 Review

This episode was really good as they rather nicely showcased the conflict between the two parties. Shi-oh is still very much in love with Nam-soon and believes in her to the point of taking her to the secret lab. We also see Shi-oh transforming into a master manipulator as he effectively blackmailed the secretary into doing his bidding. 

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 13 Recap and Review: Shi-oh Showcases All his Secrets To Nam-soon

Now, the only thing left for him is to find out who Geum-joo’s daughter is, and he might be able to do that very soon. Other than that, I love the pace of this series, as it doesn’t focus on random things for too long and offers a good blend of humour and drama. Strong Girl Nam-soon is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts about the series in the comment section.