Nothing Uncovered (2024) K Drama Episode 4

Mar 27, 2024

Nothing Uncovered Episode 4 starts with a flashback. We see Jung-won telling Tae-heon about her father’s cold case while he’s on a stakeout. She says she passed out and didn’t see the killer’s face although he was right there. She then promises to catch criminals and expose them on her show. They also decide to count this stakeout as their first date and she kisses him.

Back in the present, Tae-heon interrogates Jung-won about her necklace. He also knows about the mistaken text message from the therapist’s clinic. Jung-won insists she didn’t go and says she would never kill someone the way her father was killed. Nevertheless, Tae-heon makes her write her movements of the day down.

Meanwhile, Woo-jae visits Yu Yoon-jeong, Jung-won’s therapist. They have a closer relationship than one would expect and Woo-jae asks her for help.

While thinking about losing her necklace at the crime scene, Jung-won almost crashes her car. Myung-soo, who was following, offers help but she refuses. He calls Tae-heon and informs him of the same.

At home, Jung-won goes through the photos of Eun-sae’s body that she had taken. There’s no necklace in Eun-sae’s hand. She asks Zeus to find the police’s crime scene photos. In the morning, Zeus sends them. There’s a necklace in Eun-sae’s palm in these photos, but no pendant.

At the police station, Tae-heon confirms that Eun-sae had bought her own necklace and did not steal Jung-won’s. Now they need to focus on finding Woo-jae’s mystery woman, who was also seen entering Leaders Palace on that night.

As Tae-heon predicts, Woo-jae comes to them and demands to know why Jung-won was interrogated. Tae-heon confronts him about the third woman, saying that Eun-sae knew about her as well.

At the news station, Jung-won’s boss says that their show might get replaced. Jung-won arrives to see protestors outside her office but her boss warns her in time. He tells Jung-won that the CEO has decided to replace the show and leaves.

While going through Eun-sae’s call records, Tae-heon finds that she called Song Hyo-sung, Mo Hyeong-taek’s secretary. This was just three days before she died. The two detectives interview the secretary. He says he came across Eun-sae being threatened by a stalker and stepped in. She took his number and later called him to invite him for a meal, to say thank you.

Jung-won tries going to the CEO’s house but meets Noh Jin-ho instead, who says the boss is asleep. Jung-won then gets a call from her colleague who tells her about Chairman Seol’s connection with her company’s CEO. She visits him and asks him to speak to the CEO. Chairman Seol agrees to do it if she stays alongside Woo-jae till the case is done. As Jung-won walks out, Woo-jae is waiting for her. He asks about her police interview but she doesn’t explain anything and berates him for pretending to care.

Eun-sae’s manager reaches out to the detectives and says that Eun-sae wanted to hire a bodyguard before she died. They tell her about Song’s story about the stalker and she remembers a similar incident. The manager recognises him from the roster of security employees at Leaders Palace — a man named Kim Min-chul. Tae-heon sees Woo-jae’s name marked on his calendar. The detectives find Kim Min-chul and nab him. He says he went to high school with Woo-jae and asked him for a loan.

Jung-won approaches her workplace and this time, speaks to the reporters. She puts on a front of support and love between her and Woo-jae. In the office, Kang In-han tells them that the show is not cancelled. But her colleagues seem betrayed by Jung-won’s abrupt change in behaviour.

Later, Jung-won gets a call from Hye-won, the woman working at the therapy clinic. She explains why she had to tell the police about the text message and then says she was close with Eun-sae. After the call, Jung-won follows her on Instagram.

Tae-heon meets Jung-won in her hotel room and demands to know why she lied. He even assumes this is part of a plot where both of them killed Eun-sae. He then sees the photo of Eun-sae’s body on Jung-won’s laptop but she closes it before he can get a closer look. He then sees a red coat in the room and tells Jung-won about the other woman Woo-jae was seeing, who wore a red coat while entering Leaders Palace.

While taking more of her stuff from her house, Jung-won comes across Woo-jae. He says he’s joined his father’s company so his father will help Jung-won. He tells her to not go back to the hotel. She tells him to sleep in the bedroom and agrees to sleep on the sofa.

While he’s asleep, she searches for something. He catches her but she says it’s just one of her flash drives. She goes to the parking lot and puts a tracker on Woo-jae’s car. She then listens to audio recordings of Woo-jae from the flash drive she had hidden.

The next day, Jung-won tells Woo-jae she’s giving him a chance. She’s really using it to investigate him though. Later, Jung-won admits this to her therapist. She plays a recording of Woo-jae telling someone to not let anyone find out that they were at the crime scene. She needs to find out who he was talking to.

She admits she’s telling Yoon-yeong this as insurance, in case something happens to her. Yoon-yeong gets a call and steps out. While she’s away, Jung-won spots a red coat on a hanger. She takes a picture of it. Just then, Tae-heon sends her footage of Woo-jae at a cafe with the woman in the red coat. She realises the woman is Yoon-young at the end of Nothing Uncovered Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Nothing Uncovered Episode 4 becomes a tad slow with the primary focus on Jung-won’s job and the woman in the red coat. The former feels a bit like just watching Jung-won run around, which isn’t that engaging. Everything with Secretary Song, Eun-sae’s manager and the stalker is dull and vague. Maybe it will be more interesting once the puzzle pieces come together.

The reveal about Yoon-yeong is definitely a good twist. It makes it so much more twisted that Woo-jae has even infiltrated this part of Jung-won’s life. Yoon-young’s character seems to be an intriguing one as well and her presence could add a bit of spice to the story.

Unfortunately, the connection between Jung-won and Tae-heon isn’t quite as sizzling as the show wants us to think it is. Despite the flashbacks, there’s a clear lack of chemistry here and it’s not convincing. This show is facing a few bumps but there’s still time for things to get better.