Nothing Uncovered (2024) K Drama Episode 3

Mar 27, 2024

Nothing Uncovered Episode 3 begins with a flashback. Woo-jae brings Jung-won to a theatre where musicians play just for them. She didn’t want a wedding so Jung-won organised this instead. They exchange rings and vows, it’s all incredibly romantic.

Back to the present. Just as Jung-won confronts Woo-jae, Tae-heon arrives and tells Woo-jae to come to the police station. Once there, Tae-heon narrates how in one of Woo-jae’s novels, a woman gets stabbed in the stomach and dies. As for Eun-sae, Woo-jae claims he was being stalked. He went to Leaders Palace only to get Chinese food. He didn’t know Eun-sae’s agency was there and implicated her sponsor instead. Woo-jae even allows a DNA sample to be taken.

Afterwards, Woo-jae thinks about the last phone call he had with Eun-sae. She tells him something but we don’t hear what it is. At Jung-won’s workplace, her colleague mentions that a rumour said Assemblyman Mo could be Eun-sae’s sponsor. Woo-jae comes to see Jung-won and starts to explain about the Chinese restaurant and the phone call. But he’s interrupted by Jung-won’s boss and forced to leave.

At the police station, Tae-heon still suspects Woo-jae. Meanwhile, Myung-soo has found that Eun-sae’s bank account is practically empty. There’s no proof of a sponsor.

Jung-won approaches Cha Geum-sae for an interview but he roughly declines. Tae-heon arrives as well. Along with Jung-won, both of them confront Geum-sae with all the evidence against him, like his threatening Eun-sae with a knife. Angrily, he reveals that Eun-sae was going to retire. Also, she knew she was going to die. While driving home, Geum-sae calls Assemblyman Mo.

Jung-won picks up the secret phone she had left at the shop but the man says he couldn’t restore the data. Then, she and Woo-jae go to the police station where Tae-heon reveals that the DNA sample is not a match.

Back home, Jung-won asks Woo-jae about the second phone. He says he’s always had it for convenience but it wasn’t important enough to tell her. Instead, he says that someone is trying to set them up.

Later, Jung-won speaks with the staff member at her therapist’s clinic — the woman who sent her the wrong number. She claims she sent the right one and isn’t sure how the mistake occurred. Just then, news breaks about the affair between Eun-sae and Woo-jae.

The article has a photograph of them as well. Jung-won realises that the man who was to fix Woo-jae’s second phone must have tipped off the reporter. Zeus sends Jung-won the man’s location and Tae-heon, who saw her go to the man’s store, follows her.

Woo-jae’s father asks him if he really did do it, insinuating that he has reason to believe so. Woo-jae angrily says he didn’t do it and leaves the house only to be faced with a crowd of reporters.

Jung-won finds the man at a cyber cafe and chases him. It’s Tae-heon who eventually holds him down though. He admits he sold a photograph to the reporter. He adds that Woo-jae tracked the phone and offered him money to destroy the evidence and lie to Jung-won. Jung-won finally sees irrefutable proof of her husband’s affair through a video of them being intimate.

At that moment, Woo-jae calls and rambles about someone setting both of them up through the article. Jung-won just laughs and puts the phone down. Later, she watches a clip of Woo-jae’s response to the reporters. He says he only loves his wife and will love her forever. The next scene shows Woo-jae killing Eun-sae but it’s unclear how real this is.

Tae-heon finds Woo-jae and tells him about the video. Before Tae-heon leaves, Woo-jae stops him to tell him something. He has an alibi. At home, Jung-won shouts at Woo-jae. Woo-jae admits that he felt lonely and wanted to be more loved. Jung-won stands up for herself, saying it’s not her fault. In fact, he’s now her prime suspect.

Elsewhere, Tae-heon and Myung-soo follow up on the alibi Woo-jae gave them. Security camera footage shows him fighting with a server at a café. The owner turns out to be Mo Soo-rin, Assemblyman Mo Hyeong-taek’s daughter.

Jung-won moves into a hotel room. Meanwhile, Woo-jae goes to another apartment and is soon joined by Geum-sae, who knows the passcode because Eun-sae told him. Geum-sae tries to blackmail Woo-jae but the latter turns the table on him. Woo-jae has images of Eun-sae’s injuries due to Geum-sae’s abuse and threatens to release them.

While scouring the videos from Woo-jae’s other phone, Tae-heon realises that Woo-jae was with a woman at the restaurant. Myung-soo then learns that the necklace they found at the crime scene was from a brand called Harry Joyce, which makes women’s necklaces.

At work, Jung-won tells her boss the whole truth. She says that she should continue the investigation, uncovering her own husband’s secrets if she has to. After all, it would definitely increase viewer ratings. Meanwhile, the waiter at the cafe is unable to remember the woman who came with Woo-jae but Tae-heon has another possible suspect.  

At work, Jung-won’s colleague mentions another case where a cult leader was arrested for neglecting one of his followers when he was injured, inevitably leading to his death. Jung-won freaks out, wondering if Eun-sae was also alive when she left her. She sees blood on her hands while washing them in the bathroom.

Later, she speaks to her therapist about it. The therapist assumes it’s because of Jung-won finding Jin Myung-sook’s body. Jung-won then talks about her husband’s affair, promising to make him feel the same way she does.

Tae-heon visits the crime scene again and this time, he finds something. Jung-won comes across him in the building’s parking lot. Tae-heon tells her to come to the police station for an interview. Over there, he shows her the necklace he found. It’s the same one Woo-jae gifted Jung-won. He asks her if she was at the crime scene at the end of Nothing Uncovered Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Nothing Uncovered Episode 3 heightens the mystery and intrigue with a fast-moving plot that keeps you engaged. It’s intriguing to watch Woo-jae’s secrets unravel and satisfying to see Jung-won find incriminating proof after all that uncertainty. Jang Seung-jo continues to do a great job as Woo-jae, who easily slides from innocent to defensive to vindictive. He gives Woo-jae an unhinged edge which works well with the mystery shrouding his character.

Kim Ha-neul also does a good job of portraying Jung-won’s feelings of betrayal and grief along with her unquenchable ambition. On the other hand, Yeon Woo-jin still feels a bit wooden while playing Tae-heon. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of range in his portrayal of the detective. Overall, the story remains engaging with several persons of interest and Jung-won herself caught in the middle of it all.