Castaway Diva (2023) K Drama Episode 8

Nov 19, 2023

Episode 8 of Castaway Diva starts with Bo-geol and Woo-hak driving together. As they talk, we’re taken back to the night Ki-ho’s father put Woo-hak into hospital. Whilst there, Jung Bong-Wan was assigned to Chunsan Island and he went there just with Ki-ho. There weren’t any big hospitals so they were unable to take Woo-hak with them, hence why the boys were split up.

In secret, Ki-ho spoke to his mum, who decided she’s going to write to him and let him know their new address. She’s going to change their identities completely and move on. However, she wants Bo-geol to join her when the time is right. Unfortunately, his father kept spotting him and it took him a long time to actually reunite with his mother. When Woo-hak came out the hospital, he was a completely different person so the family decided it best to play along.

Now that the truth is out of course, and with Mok-ha back as well, it seems things are on the up for our characters. Or are they? We pick up properly with Mok-ha hugging Bo-geol (Ki-ho) until Woo-hak appears. She points out that his father showed up and exactly why she’s been running away. Bo-geol reassures her and then hands over his blank postcard, asking her to sign it but also writing down exactly how she feels. And she says (which we find out later on) that she’s grateful for him being her first fan.

Afterward, the family head out and start camping. Whilst there, Woo-hak sits down with Bo-geol and Mok-ha, laying it all out on the line how everyone feels. While Mok-ha isn’t sure, Bo-geol is quick to say that he still has feelings for her and that hasn’t changed. Woo-hak also lays out exactly how everything is in their dynamic, but Mok-ha is a little more tentative now after this confession than she was beforehand.

When Mok-ha heads home, she finds the gift that Ran-joo was going to give her. The card inside is ripped into pieces, reading “Lrt’s withstand the typhoon. Let’s make a miracle happen.” It;s clear that Ran-joo has taken Mok-ha’s second rejection hard.

Elsewhere, Bo-geol heads home and finds his father at the salon getting a haircut from Kang Sang-doo. Thankfully, it’s just a bad dream. However, he still has conflicting thoughts. As for Ran-joo, she heads off to see her mum, who ends up mistaking herself as her daughter. She’s been looking Ran-joo up online a lot lately and this explains the final scenes during yesterday’s episode.

Bo-geol return to Chunsan Island and he’s immediately spotted as Ki-ho. In fact, Mr Jung is informed about it almost immediately and he tries to plot his next move. Speaking of next moves, Mok-ha shows up at the agency but no one seems to have found Ran-joo. This falls right into the hands of President Lee, who has been waiting for her. He offers Mok-ha a contract as an artist but of course, Mok-ha sticks to her guns and decides not to take it.

Instead, she gets some words of encouragement from Mo-rae, of all people. However, she also comes with a warning. Ran-joo has a tendency to suddenly flip and leave people out high and dry.

Elsewhere, Bo-geol heads back to the Island and learns that his father has been sniffing around and knows Ki-ho’s fame. Specifically about coming to the island to throw him off the scent of where their family is. Unfortunately, Mr Jung is way too smart to be fooled by this distraction.

While this is going on, Mok-ha and Woo-hak spend time together. As they drive, the radio happens to have picked up the first call-in that Mok-ha did back in middle school. Ran-joo’s mum is listening to this too and she comments how cute this is. In fact, she gets dressed up and heads out to town. In fact, she goes right up to the salon and intends to meet Mok-ha. The latter is taken aback by this bizarre encounter, but the parents decide to play along.

Meanwhile, Woo-hak receives a call at the station about Ran-joo’s mum but when his boss asks about it, he brushes it aside, intending to try and protect her. He then gets another call asking him to get in touch with Mok-ha. This happens to be someone from her school.

Ran-joo catches up with her mum, who happens to be over at Mok-ha’s sleeping soundly. It’s a tough pill to swallow and Mok-ha does her best to explain herself. However, Ran-joo snubs her and admits that betting her life on someone is not something she’s willing to continue to do. She rings President Lee and decides to rewrite her contract. Specifically, she’s going to outright cancel everything and is sick and tired of “looking after a talentless girl”.

Unfortunately, thing take a turn for the worst when Ki-ho’s father figures out where the family are staying. Bo-geol gets the jump first and shows up to see his dad. As they stare one another down, he shuts the door behind him… and the episode ends.

However, we do get an epilogue here. Mok-ha spies Bo-geol being sneaky and he claims that he’s looking at adult material on his laptop. He promises her that he’ll never do it again, and the pair smile.

The Episode Review

Castaway Diva returns with another good episode, although the plot is a tad contrived when it comes to Ran-joo and her erratic mood swings. The whole angle with her mum could have been fleshed out a bit better as well, but these are minor points in what’s otherwise an enjoyable drama.

There’s still not a clearly defined love triangle/angle here but it seems like we’re gearing up for Woo-hak getting closer to Mok-ha, especially if Bo-geol has outed himself to his father. The ending definitely sets everything up for a dramatic double-bill next week and quite hat will happen next is anyone’s guess!