Back From the Brink (2023) Episode 20

May 25, 2023

When he came to the Qingqiu Palace, it was equivalent to arriving at Zhuli's home court. He ran to meet his second uncle, Chang Lan, and told Chang Lan about his experience of going out this time. Princess Yunxi took revenge, Chang Lan was a little displeased, and accused him of being too reckless, but did not reprimand him too much. Later, Zhuli introduced Yan Hui and Bai Xiaosheng to Chang Lan. Bai Xiaosheng saw that Chang Lan's eyes seemed to be unable to see, so he gestured in front of him with his hands. Yan Hui hurriedly apologized to Chang Lan for Bai Xiaosheng's behavior. Lan said it was nothing, he asked the two to go to rest, don't worry about Tian Yao, he has already arranged for Tian Yao to have dinner together later.

Chang Lan said that he and Tian Yao have been good friends for many years, Bai Xiaosheng felt it was very strange, because Tian Yao was born with a cold face, not everyone can make friends, but unexpectedly he met Chang Lan. Zhuli found that Huan Xiaoyan didn't come with him, he was noisy when he was with her, and he was not used to it without her, but the next second Huan Xiaoyan came out from his waist, Zhuli was very surprised, Huan Xiaoyan Xiao Yan explained the reason. She didn't want to do those meaningless etiquettes, and she might be searched if she attached to someone else, so it was safest to hide on Zhu Li's body. Now that he arrived in Qingqiu, Huan Xiaoyan immediately prepared to look for the Pupil Master, and Zhu Li warned the three of them. The body disappeared, so Qingqiu Guo stopped mentioning about the black gas, but Huan Xiaoyan didn't care. I also followed up and wanted to help, and the relationship between the two seemed to be much better.

Changlan and Tianyao are two good friends who have never seen each other. It is inevitable that they chatted for a while. Tianyao sealed Suying to avenge his dismemberment. Changlan was also happy for him. Tianyao was still as cold as ever. He expressed his troubles, and although he avenged blood, the price was to hurt a person he cared about, and that was Yan Hui who came with him. Changlan knows Tianyao's temperament, he was trapped by love and used by Suying back then, and now he likes another person, I hope he can't repeat the same mistakes. Tian Yao said that he came to Qingqiu to cure Yanhui's strange disease. He asked Chang Lan about the Nether Fu, because the method recorded above could cure Yan Hui. Chang Lan gave a wry smile. In Qingqiu, it was hidden in a screen, but unfortunately it disappeared more than ten years ago, and it is still missing.

On the other side, Bai Xiaosheng took Yanhui to a hidden tree hole, and he told Yanhui that this is where he hid the secret treasure, and the screen that Chang Lan mentioned was hidden in it, and the ghost gift they were looking for was in the screen. Inside, it's just that it's not easy to get it, a pair of Xuanyao lovers who cooperate tacitly must pass the three barriers, which is why he asked Tian Yao and Yan Hui to help in the first place. In the past ten years, he has searched almost all the lovers of Xuan Yao, and tried countless methods at the same time, but he failed even the first test, and he didn't know what the other two tests were like.

Yan Hui also understood the difficulty of clearing the level, she decided to cheat to pass the level, because Bai Xiaosheng collected all the answers to clear the level, as long as the two can recite the answers, they will have the opportunity to pass the level with Bai Xiaosheng pretending to be a couple. Bai Xiaosheng had no other choice but to do what Yan Hui said, so the two began to memorize the answers madly, almost never leaving the door. The noisy Huan Xiaoyan and Zhuli found the answer, and turned to look for Yanhui. Yanhui worked very hard, but Bai Xiaosheng was a little absent-minded. Yanhui planned to take the exam for Bai Xiaosheng, so he asked a random question about what he liked. Unforgettable scenes when people are together.

Yanhui felt that he was sure of passing the test, so he found Bai Xiaosheng and tried it in the tree hole. Bai Xiaosheng broke through a barrier in the screen, and the two met the old man who was the examiner inside. He was very familiar with Bai Xiaosheng. In 2010, he brought himself many troubles. After learning the status of Yanchen Xingshan disciples, he decided to give the two of them a chance. As a result, they only answered two questions correctly at the same time, and made a mistake when answering the third question. , Yan Buhuo waved his hand, and the two were kicked out. After Tian Yao saw this result, he wanted to help Yanhui, so he secretly suggested to Bai Xiaosheng to do what Yanhui likes to get a tacit understanding with her, and Yanhui also figured it out. You have to become a real lover with Bai Xiaosheng to pass the level, but the two are still a level away from the tacit understanding of a couple. The relationship depends on the accumulation of time, not overnight.