Seong Joon (1990)

Seong Joon (1990)

Age: 34
Born: Jul 10, 1990
Nationality: South Korea
Height: 187 CM
Zodiac sign: Cancer

Seong Joon (born Bang Seong Joon) is a South Korean model-turned-actor under O& Entertainment. Sung Joon began his entertainment career as a model, but soon switched to acting and debuted from the drama White Christmas in 2011. In 2012, he was cast in a leading role in the teen drama "Flower Band". He won the 2012 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor in a One-Act Special (Swamp Ecology Report). On December 18, 2018, he quietly enlisted into the army, in the 2nd Infantry Division of the Nodosin Training Squadron and is scheduled to be discharged in July 2020. Before his enlistment, Sung Joon was in a relationship with his non-celebrity girlfriend, whom he married after she gave birth to their child.

(Source: Wikipedia)