Recap Korean Drama "Kiss Sixth Sense" Episode 8

Jun 16, 2022

Kiss Sixth Sense (키스 식스 센스) is a romantic-fantasy Korean drama series directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Ji-suk and Hwang Bo-ra, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes, each with a runtime of around an hour. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gatnyeo. Kiss Sixth Sense episode 8 has a runtime of 66 minutes.

– Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 8 review contains spoilers –

Kiss Sixth Sense episode 8 starts with a flashback of Ye-sool breaking up with Pil-yo. After the last episode’s annoying ending, the first scene of this episode explains how he got to know about Ye-sool’s abilities. He explains how he came about to believe it and asks her why she shared everything with Min-hu and not with him.

Meanwhile, Min-hu wonders where his girlfriend is and looks concerned when she does come back to the office looking preoccupied. He takes her out on the pretext of looking at locations for shooting the ad and asks her directly whether something happened with Pil-yo.

She answers him truthfully and he consoles her and asks her whether she will break up with him if he sees something bad with him in the future. However, he laughs and tells her to relax – he won’t let anything bad happen to their future in the first place. Meanwhile, Pil-yo sulks in his studio like an immature child.


kiss sixth sense episode 8

Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 8

Anyway, at their next meeting, Pil-yo suggests shooting at Jeju Island. After an exciting meeting, he takes Ye-sool to see someone – the woman whom Ye-sool saw to be Pil-yo’s wife in the future. She’s married with a child and turns out, she misinterpreted the future that she saw about him.


This, obviously, rattles Ye-sool who tries to walk away from the situation. However, Pil-yo stops her and asks her to talk to him about it. However, what could she say? It’s all in the past. Regardless, he confesses his feelings for her while a crowd records everything in the background.

She chooses to get away from the situation again and wonders about her past decisions while Min-hu tries to get in touch with her, concerned about what happened. When she does call him back, Ji-young picks up the call and obviously runs her mouth, resulting in another miscommunication. Ji-young then chooses to delete that call from Min-hu’s phone because she’s a manipulative, disgusting woman.

The next day, the video where Pil-yo confesses to Ye-sool is posted much to everyone’s shock. Obviously, Min-hu is also not thrilled about all of this and decides to talk to Ye-sool. The two have a fight because of Ji-young and Pil-yo, but at least they are not keeping things to themselves and letting it fester (ahem-Welcome to Wedding Hell-ahem). However, the fight doesn’t get resolved after people walk in the room.

kiss sixth sense episode 8

Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 8


As both the men apologise for their part in the mess later on, Ye-sool feels overwhelmed right before their trip to Jeju while the burglar from before stalks her house. Although she tries to ignore both of them in Jeju, Pil-yo does catch her on the road and tries to manipulate her into going on the remaining two dates, telling her that he will talk to Min-hu if required and asking her whether she’s scared he will swoon her. Obviously, Min-hu hears all of this.


In a similar situation, Ji-young asks to meet Min-hu that night where he tells her that he knows everything that has happened and he doesn’t want her to butt into his relationship anymore. Taking this as a challenge and not satisfied with Min-hu’s clear boundaries, Ji-young kisses him forcefully to discount his claim that only Ye-sool helps him ease the physical discomforts from his heightened senses.

Obviously, Ye-sool sees this and is distraught. Min-hu gets a headache anyway and after a fight full of misunderstandings, Ye-sool breaks up with him. Trying to tide over the symptoms, Min-hu overhears Eom-ji talking to herself about Ye-sool not being in bed and follows her realizing that something is wrong.

As Ye-sool walks around a desolate path all alone, a dark car follows her. It’s clearly Hae-jin in the car being creepy for some reason and an overwhelmed Min-hu, in a bid to save his girlfriend, pushes through the pain and runs towards them just as he’s about to apprehend her.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 8 Review

kiss sixth sense episode 8

Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 8


Ok now, is it weird that a couple who was playful two seconds ago decides to break up because of one misunderstanding? I also don’t understand why Min-hu can’t just tell Ye-sool his abilities considering he knows that she can see the damn future when she kisses someone. I mean, that’s pretty wild as well. What difference would it make?

Regardless, I think this particular episode tries to do too much and introduces a conflict that shouldn’t be an issue considering these two aren’t people who don’t communicate with each other. Again, I wish Min-hu just told Ye-sool that key part of his life – it would take away Ji-young’s power to manipulate him.


On the other hand, someone really needs to put Pil-yo in his place. Is it a thing that every show has to have at least one character who doesn’t understand boundaries? He’s just so entitled and thinks he can just bully his way into Ye-sool’s life again. I understand not getting closure, but this is a bit much.

I mean, I understand needing conflict in your show. But these two people literally have superpowers. I think that’s conflict enough for your average relationship. Plus, the politics in office is also quite good. So then why is this silly conflict necessary? It just comes out of the left field. I am constantly shocked as to how both of these people are ok with outsiders encroaching on their boundaries and insulting their partners. It’s so infantilising as if these two literal adults don’t know how to handle dating!

I get jealousy, but damn.

Moreover, I don’t particularly enjoy the burglar angle that the story seems to be taking. Why are we still holding on to that situation when it was mostly over and done with and gave us a moment of laughter previously?

Either way, I am interested to know the office politics that is taking place underneath everyone’s noses. Will it burst on Min-hu and Ye-sool’s faces? Also, will the two lovers be able to get over their differences and talk it out? That’s a question for next week!