Recap Chinese Drama "The Blood of Youth (2022)" Episode 24

Jan 16, 2023

On the day of the New Year Sacrifice Ceremony, everyone was ready to wait outside the Hall of Tai'an, waiting for Emperor Mingde to come out. However, the door opened slowly, and Emperor Mingde, who was dressed in the dragon costume, walked in front, and before he could speak, he suddenly passed out. He was diagnosed with a heart attack by the imperial hospital. Although it would not be life-threatening for the time being, he still couldn't find a cure.

For three consecutive days, Emperor Mingde was frequently in a coma, woke up three times in total, and issued three orders. The first decree is to have Xiao Yueli and Grand Master Dong Zhu jointly supervise the country and take charge of all the affairs of Beili; the second decree is to order Tianqi City to be closed for one month, and all officials below the second rank are not allowed to enter and leave, and officers above the second rank Do not leave the mansion; as for the third decree, it is a secret decree, handed over to General Ye's mansion by Supervisor Jinyan himself.

Both Xiao Chong and Xiao Yu had already guessed that Emperor Mingde was terminally ill, and the three decrees were passed on to the courtiers, which represented three meanings, which were supporting the country, preventing chaos and shocking people's hearts. It was also because Emperor Ming De's intentions were too obvious, even though he temporarily suppressed some people's agitation, it also revealed the fact that he was seriously ill.

Now the threshold of the general's mansion is almost broken, but no one knows that the content of this secret decree is blank. It is obvious that Emperor Mingde wanted Ye Xiaoying's power to frighten the ministers and make it hard for him to get off. On the other hand, the Imperial Hospital was helpless against Emperor Mingde's heart disease. Xiao Yueli first thought of Huajin, the little doctor, and then asked Dong Zhu to act as the government agent.

Because of the great changes in Apocalypse City, Xiao Se considered that it was time to return to his hometown. Sikong Qianluo wanted to follow but was rejected, Xiao Lingchen, the son of Prince Langya, suddenly appeared, and told about his experiences during this period of time, firmly determined Xiao Se to return to Tianqi to find out the truth, only in this way can he comfort the spirit of Uncle Wang in heaven.

Xiao Yueli got Huajin's consent and invited her to treat Emperor Mingde in person, and unexpectedly discovered that Lei Wujie's realm had improved greatly. Before leaving, Xiao Se went to see Sikong Changfeng alone, and found out the real reason for Xiao Lingchen's appearance. Although Sikong Changfeng hated Emperor Mingde, as an emperor, in recent years, he has left the country and the people in peace, and the world has been peaceful. He is only sorry for King Langya, at least he has a clear conscience for the people.

Xiao Chong and Xiao Yu confirmed through the news from their subordinates that Xiao Se had set off to return to Tianqi, and their attitudes towards this were completely opposite. Xiao Yu was ready to ambush Xiao Se, while Xiao Chong was more inclined to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, seemingly in the game but actually an outsider. At the same time, Hua Jin checked Emperor Mingde's heart disease and needed a month to recuperate him. Xiao Yueli heard that the assassin had sneaked into the palace, but he didn't know that this person was Wuxin. He was seriously injured in the fight with the chief supervisor, and hid alone, hoping that Xiao Se would come back to save himself soon.

After Xiao Se finished handling all the matters, he left the city alone. Sikong Changfeng knew that his trip would be full of ups and downs. Even if Xueyue City didn't like to participate in disputes, he would never allow himself to be slaughtered. Therefore, Sikong Changfeng and Yin Luoxia prepared a map and figured out who would stop Xiao Se.

The first is the Luocheng Army under Xiao Yu's orders. General Cheng Luoying received the news to prevent Xiao Se from returning to Tianqi, and the second is Wushuang City in the northeast. Compared with Anhe and Tangmen, they are more like Xiao Chong's trump cards. As for the hidden river ambush in the southwest, the Patriarch of the three surnames will inevitably be sent. Sikong Changfeng asked Yin Luoxia to release the order of Qiancheng, sent Sikong Qianhou away, and decided to deal with Luo Qingyang, the lord of Muliang City in the west alone. .

A moment later, a crimson firework bloomed in the sky. Tang Lian bid farewell to her master Tang Lianyue and set off on the road with seven bottles of wine. On Jianxin Cliff, Li Hanyi reminded Lei Wujie that if he wanted to enter the Sword Fairyland, he had to go through life and death to understand it. Instead of her father, Ye Ruoyi ordered all the generals to follow her to rescue Xiao Se.

Knowing that Xiao Se left Xueyue City alone, Xiao Yueli immediately summoned 800 Hu Benlang out of the city to meet him and clear the obstacles on the way. Commander Li Changqing hesitated for a moment, but was still willing to hand over Huben Lang and let him order troops. After Xiao Yueli left, Qi Tianchen was filled with emotion, and revealed to the chief supervisor, Jinxuan, that all the princes were sent to fiefdoms by the king, but Emperor Mingde left the youngest brother, Xiao Yueli, because he never wanted to To be emperor.